(Cronic-illness) intolerance-has-no-place-within-the-body..

Could.. chemical synthetic immune system intolerance be responsible for (sclerosis) that is caused within millions of lives..

The gut is responsible for supporting how well we meet our bodies natural needs..

Should we really be allowing the (gut) to absorb unatural food or drinks in which other airborne bacteria cannot even penetrate.. (preservatives)..

Live bacteria within the (gut) is no different to how other airborne bacteria penetrates preservatives..

The (gut) is responsible for actually supporting good quality healthy sustainable nutrients nutrition (energy) throughout or around our bodies during the good times and also through the hardest times (traumatic event’s)..

Immune system intolerance strengh towards against how well our immune system actually tolerate nasty chemicals or synthetics, could simply cause gut malfunction and toxicity to wax and wane and build up within..

Trauma or traumatic events, may simply then cause fight or flight in which i believe induces our brain and our bodies to sustain a kinda irreversibly toxic shock..

I believe it could be possible that we may be able to reduce progression or slow down cronic dis-ease, chronic pain and learn ourselves to naturally control mood disorders, if we learn how to reduce the negative fuel and nasty gases in which we unknowingly contain within the (gut)..

This may enable you to create a (tool) in which could help you control the amount of negative fuel (energy) in which then enter’s within your own circulatory system..

The gut, the second brain may well be responsible for change with how well the internal mechanics naturally work within you or to how well these three key hidden stages can naturally function within the body, in this prominent fashion..

First…immune response…

Second…digestion of food…


Depending upon how well your immune system deal’s with strain strengh towards against chemical synthetic intolerance, this may directly interfere or change your natural gut function long enough to actually cause, gut bowl malfunction..

This gut bowl malfunction increases toxicity, in which may also cause a kinda snowball effect, in which directly could interfere or cause change with to how well we emotionally feel from within one’s self, motivation strain..

I believe if we learn to take stock and relieve release our own toxicity we may be able to reduce immune system gut bowl malfunction and help ourselves learn how to releave toxicity build up and nasty trapped gases, before unatural gases and negative energy has the chance to intoxicate and enter within our bodies..

There is only one way for toxic energy and nasty trapped gases to go and that is to enter within the circulatory system, in which i believe further disrupt how well vital organs actually operate, vital organ may become under active or over active, due to unatural levels of toxicity..

Chemical synthetic immune intolerance, may cause muscle spasm or paralysis within the gut, in which i believe also causes the gut to produce excessively strong acid..

Aggressive acid within the gut which may directly cause or leed to greater risk of intolerance towards against how well equipped the gut actually then is able to deal with unaturally processed food and drinks..

Im positively sure that chemical synthetic immune intolerance’s variesĀ  from person to person, but could the variant for as to who may suffer the most, from chemical synthetic immune intolerance..

Directly be down to how well pharmaceutical companies back in the day actually measured individual’s for chemical synthetic sensitivity..

Have pharmaceutical companies simply miss judge how individual immune systems in years gone by actually differentiate nasty response towards against these chemicals synthetics..

Because in say 5 or 10 years time from now, unatural immune sensitivity may well be responsible for as to why so so many individual’s suffer with chronic dis-ease..

This could be the case, im positively sure, when certain individual’s have intolerance, chemical synthetic intolerance wont go away on it’s own..

If we keep putting these chemicals synthetics in the way of the immune the strengh simply builds, grows more and more resistance over time..

In 10 or 20 year’s gone by i believe the damage sustained within the human body is irreversible..

The only way, i believe we can naturally reduce any further progression is to actually help ourselves eliminate or reduce all unatural compounds altogether..

Natural healthier nutrition nutrients, in which reenters within the circulatory system, i believe will also help individual’s who have shortened career in physical sport and allow these individual’s to actually proactive there bodies can carry themselves throughout there sporting careers..