When unnatural forces the gut our gut will slowly break and the life crumbles from beneath the life we live, stealthily..

When the gut is crushed by unnatural substance, the hole which forms within this life will never be filled, nor solved unless we learn how we strip it back..

We must learn why unnatural activity first forms within our human body or we will never fully understand how we learn why this hole forms..

We need to understand the origin to how we create something, when we damage the gut we damage the brain which manages the human body..

Gut suppression suppresses how body functions, the mind can only stay in control of the body as well as body maintains, functional wealth..

We don’t fully understand our human body until we learn how we understand how our functional wealth is created..

Functional wealth is created by not interfering with the nature of our human nature, what supports the human body whilst the human body maintains itself.

Conscious mind relies on the nature of our bodies natural function this helps mind interact through body..

A body without hidden friction is a human body in which has functional wealth and a body is simply allowed to live in harmony with it’s mind..

The mind manages human body as well as mind connects with human body, as gut suffers suppression gut is forced to create unatural activity..

As human body starts suffering self decline, do we try to fix the way a struggling body maintains itself..

By trying to stabilise the bodies needs by trying to support body with an alternative to what we believe, human body is lacking..

When we believe we can fix the human body with a synthetic version of what our human bodies own natural resource lacks..

But what we struggle to observe is how the human body starts to suffer underlying damage, this is created when unnatural damages the gut..

Guts unnatural activity slowly suppresses how our natural resource, functions..

We are only touching the surface when we use a synthetic substitute to replace our bodies stability, there is a whole dimension, which must be first understood..

Inorder to reveal what’s responsible for disrupting, functional wellness..

The mind struggles to control the body when body is suffering from poor functional wealth, this block’s how the mindset, controls the body..

But does the brain within our head regulate how body controls stability in which stabilizes way vital organs operate efficiently..

Gut is responsible for transferring food we eat to goodness which is then transported around our bodies..

Vital organs receive goodness but when the gut doesn’t work efficiently, this process diminishes..

When unnatural forces the gut our gut will slowly break and the life crumbles from beneath the life we live, stealthily..

This suppresses how well gut then supports our body beyond our gut gut is designed to live and support our human body..

Gut should be allowed to live and support the human body, without our gut suffering suppression, which helps create our bodies natural energy efficiency..

A gut without suppression is a gut which supports the human body as it should, human’s should only be responsible for the choice of food which the eat..

If gut approves, the food we eat turns to fuel and is transported around our circulatory system body receives goodness, but is gut interconnected within thè mind..

From now on the human body will suffer a lot of bad things but their isn’t anything to cure gut suppression, once gut is broken..

We simply must take extreme precaution with how we now contaminate the human body..

This is the only way we naturally can learn to transform a broken body back into natural self..

We must preserve not suppress mind and body is not a one way system but work together best if body is ablely well enough to stay in it’s own lane..

Our body and mind must live in harmony by default, the designed to live within each other, mind relies on bodies natural function, to help control natural flow to the body..

Mind must stay in touch of human body at all times, when body is unnaturally forced, our mind will slowly lose touch with it’s body ..

Body has to fit within the plan within the mind, which controls the body but how on earth does a mind control the body if body suffers..

Hidden suppression body to mind mind cannot reestablish natural activity on it’s own within body we must learn, how we intervene..

We must learn how to create an intervention so we learn to change how unnatural activity first forms within our human body..

Before gut malfunction destroys our body as gut suffers we suppress the mind which takes stock of body mind will struggle to control, take charge of the body..

When we contaminate the human body we will slowly damage natural gut function to a point of no return..

Human body has a natural default when we religiously provoke this default we damage the way the gut supports the body, beyond the gut..

Going against grain of our bodies default self, this forces hidden strain to develop, gut through to mind..

Mind manages guts unnatural activity which creates the friction in which the mind is forced to control..

Minds forced to cope and control within itself while symoutanosly managing the human body through friction, which develops within gut to body..

Hidden friction damages how mind sends signals to motivate the human body when our guts forced to create malfunction, this gut malfunction eventually snowballs the body..

Gut suppression is an unnatural suppression, in which alters how we feel in ourself in that moment..

Negative feelings are trapped feelings, feelings live within us all we simply don’t understand how we create our bodies interference..

Our interference is caused when we unnaturally provoke, human body when body struggles this simply indirectly forces strain back to gut in which forces gut suppression..

Gut malfunction creates, disposition this becomes self state which mind is forced to control body through the unnatural suppression..

We struggle as individual’s when guts unnatural activity disturbs the mind, mind needs to live and let live that’s without unnatural gut activity suppressing our mind..

We shouldn’t believe we need to force train our human mind to control our human body, mind shouldn’t feel unnatural pressure..

The human body functions best when the mind stays in control of the body but as we unnaturally disrupt the human body..

We use unnatural force to create gut suppression, as gut suffers we feel danger when contamination suppresses the human body this cuts short our bodies natural function..

mind and body are designed to live in harmony as one, live, sync and sense of each other, as one..

Body 🤝 mind may not be as independent as we think our gut could dictate the tone of mood as we live the life we live..

Last thing we want to do to the human body is force degenerative condition within the gut which starts to firstly destroys tone of mood which we have no choice other than contain live with..

Which further more destroys our body in which dictates quality of the life which we live, our default self state which is our companion and stays a companion all the way through life..

We must preserve not suppress mind and body is not a one way system but work together best if body is ablely well enough to stay in it’s own lane..

That’s a human body without activity which is unnatural activity that creates bodies suppression and friction, which disrupts our bodies natural function..

In 1996 my human body was crushed and from that day on i had to learn a trade and rebuild my life..

In 1996 my human body was crushed and from that day on i had to learn a trade and rebuild my life..

Learn myself slowly but surely how to live aside the unnatural impact that destroyed my inner self..

A combination of co proximal pain killers + ecstasy in a moment had taken the wind out of my sales..

Part of the life away from how my bodies inner support system now performs, which has left my inner self frail and sensitive..

This is what we must understand about the human body..

I suppressed the natural existence from myself in same way that us human’s are suppressing life away from the world in which we live.. 

A picture speaks, thousand words this may turn into two thousand words when our mind struggles to process, sound and speech..

I now need to live a side a body in which is now always going to be sensitively wired to chemicals, my body now reacts aggressively to chemicals..

Chemicals nearly destroyed my human body my gut brain is now scarred for life, alleviating chemicals allows my body to cope..

My gut brain must now be extremely sensitive chemicals which has left my body extremely vulnerable, but the beauty of understanding this..

Is what i’ve understood has simply helped me learn how to preserve what’s left of my broken body..

Surely if we can preserve mend a broken body from further damage surely to god the same procedure could prevent the body becoming degenerative in first place..

Im trapped in brokenness of what destroyed my human body all those year’s ago, my body is now ultra sensitive to unnatural..

I’ve enabled myself to learn myself observe the nature of the unnatural impact in which ruined my gut destroyed the life within my system..

Unnatural now penetrates through vascular to gut, i’ve read the signs..

But i can honestly say what occurred was a living nightmare but what occurred was a blessing in disguise which had a silver lining..

My body may now be ultra sensitive but has this saved me from slowly damaging my bodies vital organs beyond the gut, over time..

This over night impact was never going to go away so ive simply had to live with the unnatural impact that occured, within my body..

This sudden over night impact may have saved me from going mad..

I’ve learned how to change the dynamics of my suppression in which helps me alleviate suppression and has helped me create a better support system..

To support my body my body is always going to be damage and i always will feel danger because my body is damaged my body is not robust anymore..

Unnatural feelings become immense and overwhelming but if we learn algorithm to which brings calmness to the storm..

When we understand where we control how we control we learn to control, bodies unnatural activity in which creates our bodies negativity..

The human body naturally diverts itself around danger, when an individual’s body doesn’t divert around danger..

This is because their human body is already in danger, this is why certain individual’s become a danger to themselves..

Perfecting expressing affection, good and bad bacteria is nature’s way of twisting or turning our bodies good and bad intention..

Human’s are responsible for creating the effects of contamination human’s contaminate just about everything on the earth..

But we only seam to only mention plastic are we simply over looking the danger of unnatural and brushing off the consequence of the effect that chemical contamination has..

What about the chemicals which contaminate our human body don’t these chemicals also contribute to how we contaminate the earth..

When we suppress the human body won’t this create unnatural activity which bad bacteria thrives in..

Won’t this unnatural activity which we create within our body suppress the bacteria which exists within our body as we contaminate our body..

We simply are suppressing our bodies inner environment and we force ourselves to actually suffer the consequence of bodies unnatural suppression..

When we suppress the human body we force the body to have unnatural environment in which becomes an incubator for bad bacterial to thrive..

Do we suppress good bacteria more easily than bad bacteria when we contaminate the human body..

Does good bacteria naturally have the power to regulate bad bacteria do we damage the good bacteria in which regulates the bad bacteria..

Are we fighting wrong kind of fight against bacteria if we stop suppressing bacteria can good bacteria help calm the storm helps regain back control of bad bacteria..

If we didn’t provoke bacteria could we increase balance of the good bacteria, would this help human’s regain back control, regulate the bad bacteria..

Could this help us regain the fight against bacteria which may help us naturally settle the score against bacteria..

Can human’s tame the bad bacteria by learning how we overwhelm bad bacteria by increasing good bacteria can we naturally help to counteract the bad bacteria..

What we must remember is as we suppress our human body we also significantly suppress the good bacteria, which may help counteract the bad bacteria..

Are we creating super bacteria by allowing bad bacteria to incubate in our bodies unnatural environment..

Is contamination altering the life expectancy of the human body by creating unnatural activity within our human body in which changes the dynamics and diversity of bad bacteria, over good bacteria..

Do we need to change our tactics and help the good bacteria aid the fight against the bad bacteria around the world, in which has simply been suppressed, over the year’s..

Should we of learned to live with bacteria instead of suppressing all bacteria when we suppress bacteria this can leave the bad bacteria behind to manifest..

Have we created incubation system by suppressing the human body can bad bacteria sustain itself more easy and transfer itself from one another with ease because our body has a suppressed state..

Could it be possible to reestablish the sustainability of good bacteria and allow good bacteria thrive in which may help human’s understand how we regulate bad bacteria..

We all have good intentions, when our human body is in good spirit but is the sustainability of good bacteria which exists within our body..

Preventing us as individual’s from achieving how we express good intention because when we suppress the mechanism to how we represent our bodies good intention..

Our human behaviour becomes a little a like the reckless behaviour of a grey squirrel over the red squirrel..

Perfecting expressing affection, good and bad bacteria is nature’s way of twisting or turning our bodies good and bad intention..

We create environments which bacterial struggles to survive but we push the good bacteria out which may regulate the bad bacteria, then bad bacteria may become strongest..

The mind has no alternative other than manage our bodies underlying struggle the mind has to stay in control of the animal within us..

We speak the tone of our gut, the tone we speak is the reflection to how we feel as gut anguish forms the mood we speak is deep..

When we force body to resist unnatural this creates unnatural activity which travels vascular to gut and gut becomes the degenerative condition which forms overtime..

Chemicals damage our body and unnatural activity forces the gut to malfunction, overtime this restricts flow of goodness body now receives..

Gut depression becomes the hidden condition in which slowly forms overtime as we suppress the human body we create underlying damage..

We simply inherit a degenerative condition which forms when unnatural slowly damages gut this creates a disorder which targets our support system beyond our gut..

When we unnaturally suppress the human body we slowly alter our bodies system which alters how gut supports body the same activity snowballs, gut to body overtime..

When unnatural activity suppresses the way the gut runs the body gut malfunction became degenerative condition which determines the health of our human body..

The human body simply has delayed response our bodies degeneration eventually follows same blueprint as gut degeneration, over time..

When gut suppression forms gut feelings become trapped this enters a transition stage which creates the strain in our mind, our subconscious suppression suppresses natural self state, we manage disruption..

The mind has no alternative other than manage our bodies underlying struggle the mind has to stay in control of the animal within us..

When we unnaturally provoke the human body the animal in us is like a wombded animal we inturn cut short minds control when we unnaturally create, dysfunction..

When human body suffers suppression this unknowingly forces pressure unknowingly with how we manage to fit in with the presence..

Is how we connect with presence more to do with how body stays tuned to what’s relevant to itself when body doesn’t stray from itself mind won’t stray from relitivity..

Can we interfere with how much we enjoy of what we enjoy, does this slowly change how much we enjoy living life in the presence..

When human body suffers suppression this unknowingly forces pressure unknowingly with how we manage to fit in with the presence..

Pressure of the presence becomes immense when unnatural suppression forces us as individual’s to suffer from self doubt when we create our bodies overall sadness..