It’s how we understand where to support the body, which helps our bodies vital organs maintain our bodies true health..

I may not have been the most functional and well equipped individual..

But believe me when i say I’ve understood my body is extremely sensitive towards against unatural substance, this has not been easy for me to comprehend..

The way I’ve understood how my human body now struggles is knowledge which is off the back of how I’ve learned to reverse change how my body creates it’s own disfunction..

My body would have slowly broken itself a long time before now if i didn’t understand how to create my own intervention..

I have learned to service my body Dailey, which inturn has allowed me to naturally change the way my body subconsciously runs on it’s own..

By tuning into what creates my bodies adversity I’ve simply allowed myself to slowly work out my bodies adversity and kinda enable my conscious self to stand along side and aid my subconscious self during it’s hardship..

My subconscious body needed me to consciously work out just what i needed to do to help my subconscious body regain it’s natural true rhythm..

Understanding what creates my bodies true natural rhythm, inturn simply helps my body create it’s true natural balance..

My body benifits when i reverse change because my body simply regains it’s natural true rhythm..

I slowly learned how to give back more and more control to my subconscious body as i learned how to steady my ship, i could feel my body steadily kick itself back in..

I’ve helped my subconscious body create it’s natural state which also allows our conscious self to balance itself..

I’ve understood my bodies vital organs only natural support me when i don’t suppress the way the run..

I’ve given my body back it’s natural state, which symomtamously takes away the strain from our conscious self..

I’ve simply learned from within myself, what we do to the body matters..

When we interfere and suppress how our gut naturally runs, we slowly change the source of how well our body receives it’s goodness because we’ve cut short how well our gut naturally operates..

We therefore unknowingly cut back the quantity and the quality of goodness, in which our body can receive..

Believe me I’ve tuned in within myself and understood what created my body to become unwell..

I learned from within myself to reverse change how my body creates negative experience, by understanding what creates my body to have an unatural subconscious rhythm..

When we interfere with how well the subconscious body runs we slowly suppress how well the body works to it’s full effect and we create why our body slowly creates disfunction..

Could i have exposed the biggest soul reason for as to why the human body slowly breaks over time.. absolutely..

I believe that when we contaminate the human body with unatural substance we dont directly create the reason for as to why our bodies vital organs actually suffer..

We simply change the way our bodies vital organs live as we suppress the flow of quality goodness our vital organs receive..

This also includes the strengh which our immune system naturally functions..

Gut malfunction simply forces our gut to destroy the body from inside out..

The human body is subconsciously very clever with how it manages to actually emerge from it’s own subconscious adversity..

But we need to understand that our body is a finely tuned instrument which only runs as it should when we allow our body to create it’s own natural balance..

We should never have contaminated the human body because we slowly create a degenerative support system..

When we disrupt the source which supports how well our body and it’s vital organs naturally run when we contaminate the human body over long enough periods..

We actually create vascular depression which directly then creates gut depression and gut depression directly suppresses the way the gut breaks down the food, which we eat…

Which simply changes how well our body receives good enough goodness over long periods, so we disturb and shut down how well our bodies vital organs run as the should without disruption, on their own..

It’s how well we understand where we support the body, which helps our bodies vital organs maintain our bodies true health..

Did i simply break my body or have i actually created my body too have it’s own big bang, which simply mimics how a vaccine work’s and takes effect on the human body..

Everyday chemical synthetic intolerance is one thing, but when we drop a bomb in the mix with extreme toxicity whilst our body is already trying to tolerate contain other unatural chemical synthetic substance..

This is a grave concern, because the human body cannot find a way to tolerate unatural chemical synthetic substance..

Our bodies are genetically hereditary tuned to simply act against what our bodies do not deem safe, we cannot change that, our bodies are set in stone..

Our body can only tolerate chemical synthetic unatural substance the best it humanly can..

Some individual’s simply tolerate unatural substance better than other individual’s, it’s as simple as that..

Everyone’s body-body slowly breaks depending on the strengh which their body fights back = how well our body can manage to tolerate unatural chemical synthetic substance..

Could i have exelled the way that my body now tolerates chemical synthetic unatural substance by 20 to 30 year over night.. absolutely..

The way the human body slowly deteriorates simply depends upon how well our body manages during and when we contaminate our body..

Before our body struggles and is forced to distort = how much we contaminate our body before our body shows it’s chemical synthetic resistance = which eventually creates our bodies disfunction..

Does our body actually filter through unatural substance in which increases how much we simply contaminate our body at any one time.. absolutely..

Was my body crushed or actually exceld or did my body actually simply create It’s own big bang..

It’s how we interfere with our subconscious body which eventually disturbs distorts how well the human body can eventually run by it’s own..

Did i create an extreme version of what my body was already subconsciously trying to manage.. absolutely..

If we force the human body to manage unatural chemical synthetic resistance for 10 to 20 years and then we further expose the human body like i did to something as toxic as co proximal pain killer’s and add ecstasy tablet to the mix at 20 years old..

Did i break my body or have i create my body too have it’s own big bang, which simply mimics how a vaccine work’s, takes effect on the human body..

Either way the aftermath to this was when i reintroduced chemical synthetic unatural substance to my body..

My body now simply reacts 3 to 4 to 5 times stronger than when my body originally did before my body was first introduced to unatural substance..

Our frontal lobe is simply our bodies virtual reality control system, which relies on the health of subconscious body to motor brain to have superior function..

Can the human brain actually pick up on our bodies gut disfunction and when our brain does pick up on our bodies gut disfunction can this simply disturb how well our brain functions.. absolutely..

Enough to simply disrupt how well our brain naturally operates and does our brain kinda operate in two halves.. absolutely..

Does our subconsciousness only operate correctly when our subconscious body actually play’s ball with our motor brain..

Our conscious mind the frontal lobe, i believe can only operate well when our subconscious motor brain is in good health..

Mental health issues are formed when we create strain within our subconscious motor brain, this strain we create within the motor brain..

Simply forces out and disrupts the way the conscious mind can stay connected and in sink to within the subconscious motor brain..

This is why healthy gut creates a healthier motor brain in which simply then creates clearer concentration which inturn creates our bodies superior body to mind experience..

When our frontal lobe struggles to stay connected to our subconscious motor brain..

We simply disrupt how we feel before we manage, so we create how our body distorts which directly then creates our mental health issues..

When we disrupt how the brain naturally function we simply overwhelm how well our frontal lobe stays connected with our motor brain and it’s hard drive..

Gut depression unknowingly dulls us down with a overwhelming negative force which pushes through the body which inturn forces us to manage a broken mind because we’ve simply broken the way our body subconsciously runs..

Our bodies soul is how well we subconsciously feel and fit into one’self..

When we allow the subconscious body to naturally run without disruption we help free the shackles from within one’self..

Each unatural substance carries weight so when our body creates resistance to unatural substance from the start, what damage do you think the end result will be in say 20 year’s from when we first introduced our body to unatural substance..

Are we living in the same world but have we change how well we feel before we fit into the world.. absolutely..

Could the human brain and it’s brain mind alliance act a little alike a rc car does when the rc car loses signal from it’s controller, the rc car becomes disfunctional..

Our frontal lobe is simply our bodies virtual reality control system, which relies on the health of subconscious body to motor brain to have superior function..

Can our brain actually lose the bodies sense of direction and make the human body disfunctional in a similar way to how rc car loses it’s direction when something interferes with the rc car’s control signal.. absolutely..

Does vascular depression cause gut depression and does gut depression force gut malfunction to suppress brain function in which eventually interferes disrupts brain mind alliance = possible link to ms.. Parkinson’s dis ease and dementia..

The way humans suffer is simply a scaled down version to how we contaminate the world..

When we disrupt how the body runs we eventually change how well our body subconsciously takes care of itself..

We blame the age process on our bodies decline but do we fully understand ourselves enough to understand how we actually interfere and speed up this whole process..

Vulnerable individual’s who’s bodies are on the decline simply cannot do enough for themselves to enable themselves to stay on right side of their decline..

When we interfere with the epicentre too how the body supports itself during one’s life we gradually faze in why the human body slowly deteriorates..

This whole process is very similar too how we’ve seen the weather change in recent years..

The mad thing about the human body is that we’ve created the bodies own chemical synthetic storm..

What im saying here is when we overwhelm the world in which we live with contamination we simply disrupt distort and then get a negative response from mother nature all because we simply disrupt the nature of her natural rhythm..

When we contaminate mother nature we simply change the balance of her natural self state and just like when we overwhelm mother nature..

We also overwhelm the human body with the same contamination and when we change the natural true state to how our bodies control’s it’s natural rhythm = because when we slowly break how our bodies can control chemical synthetic tolerance..

We simply force and change the way our body can naturally run on it’s own..

The world has underlying struggles due to contamination and we also have the same underlying struggles due to contamination..

Everything is on the decline and we will all end up one way if we don’t do something fast about how we contaminate ourselves and the world in which we live..

Humans are suffering in a very similar way to how the world is suffering..

We can all learn something from the way the world is struggling and if we take the same precautions which we are starting to take with the world around us and we implement those changes within our bodies..

The world could be great again and so could the human race..

The way humans suffer is simply a scaled down version to how we contaminate the world..

Disrupt the nature to how the body subconsciously runs and we actually create a storm in which we cannot see through = dis-ease..

Can chemical synthetic unatural substance simply disrupt how well the bodies subconscious body runs on it’s own..

Could understanding how the body tolerates unatural substance, change the way our body actually manages our bodies underlying subconscious struggles.. absolutely..

Are we simply suppressing and changing the way the human body can naturally operate on it’s own during when our body subconsciously manages itself during when our body subconsciously runs.. absolutely..

Can we force our body to tolerate a kinda chemical synthetic man made virus which forces the human body too actually self contain a chemical synthetic fight which slowly takes it’s grip which actually changes how well the body runs one’self by itself during when our body subconsciously runs.. absolutely..

Can we create a reverse change to why the body starts developing our bodies underlying subconscious struggle, if we understood the origin to where the body starts deteriorating first.. absolutely..

Can we simply reverse change this whole process to how a degenerative condition forms and solve as to why our body struggled in the the first place.. absolutely..

Yes if we learn to understand what interferes and actually suppresses the way the human body subconsciously struggles to run by itself..

We maybe able to reverse change and create a strategy which recreates a simple reverse change to why our body slowly deteriorates, can we learn what creates our bodies dis-ease.. absolutely..

Is it possible to actually catch slow down and create a reverse change to why our body forms dis-ease, before the body actually became broken.. absolutely..

Can we reverse change why dis-ease forms if we understood how our bodies suffer subconsciously, could we learn how to dismantle disfunction and dis-ease if we understood how our body contains our bodies unatural subconscious rhythm..

Can we recreate how the body starts to form our bodies underlying health condition, if we study how we directly interfered with the body in first place.. absolutely..

Can we recreate and possible reverse change the reason why the human body suffers decline by understanding why our bodies suffer in the first place.. absolutely..

A reverse change which soulfully lay’s within what we do to our body which directly interferes disrupt distorts the way our subconscious body naturally runs..

Can we learn how to tone down our bodies disfunction dis-ease if we learn how we change the volume to how we interfere and disrupt the subconscious body through out the bodies subconscious life.. absolutely..

Can we distort our bodies natural subconscious state enough to allow our bodies to subconsciously becomes more apparent within our conscious self.. absolutely..

when the body carries an underlying health condition we simply disrupt how our body subconsciously feels which also disrupt how well we control how well our body behaves..

When our body subconsciously struggles we simply may create an underlying health condition which we are left to manage consciously..

When we put something with a little value in our pocket for safe keeping then we put our hand back in our pocket and we feel for what we put in our pocket and it’s not there..

The brain can create an assumption that we’ve lost the item in which we put in our pocket, this assumption which our brain creates is actually created within the motor side of our subconscious body to our subconsciousness within our subconscious motor brain..

So when we interfere with the health and wealth to where one makes these assumptions this can dramatically changes one’s mental health..

When we damage or Tinker with our bodies subconsciousness, we inturn tinker and negatively distort and mess with our subconscious minds stability..

Which inturn also lowers how well the brain’s conscious mind keeps concentration connection with our subconscious motor brain mind alliance..

Is there any wonder, that when we contaminate our bodies subconscious body we inturn create our bodies disfunction, when we unaturally contaminate our body we simply get in the way to how well our body subconsciously run on it’s own..

Can the bodies hunger create a destructive personality disorder..

More we feed fix our bodies hunger bigger our feed fix hunger impulse becomes do we need to disperse the bodies hunger in a sensible manner to overcome our bodies demons..

Our bodies may have a different level of consciousness red amber green which may also signify create a different level of hunger too..

Is the bodies hunger simply responsible for what eventually forces individual’s to break their own body by impulse, impulses which are greater for red to manage resist than the are for green to manage resist.. i think so..

Taste ultimately creates power’s our bodies hunger..

Why on earth, have we introduced food enhancing agents is beyond beyond our child cannot see past their taste which simply cause children to cope with early onslaught of addiction..

Drink drugs also create a mechanism which creates a coping device which interacts beneath the mechanism beneath the mechanics of where our troubles exist, this is why i believe individual’s may self medicate..

Decompress the source the origin to where our bodies troubles originate from, you inturn eliviate control create and manage you and not you and some underlying condition which negatively coincide with you..

But drink or drugs aren’t sustainably because our body reacts rejects this is why our bodies need time to recover which also become a viscious circle cycle of self destruction..

Red creates a hazed tunnel which inturn seams never ending and amber green creates less hazy tunnel which shows light at the end of the tunnel

Self medication kinda turns red to green momentarily but after effects of drink and drugs ware thin, this can kick your underlying troubles back in with evengeance..

We really haven’t fully understood how underlying health conditions form in the first place..

Do we need to understand how underlying health conditions form to understand where underlying health condition originate from.. i think so..

Can we understand the human body a little more so we understand where our mood emotion and behaviour actually originates stem’s from.. i think so..

Can we understand that interfering with the bodies hunger simply changes our mood emotions and behaviour in the first place..

This is our bodies subconsciousness in which we have no alternative other than to manage which we playing Russian roulette with..

When individual’s persist on feeding their bodies hunger..

Can individual’s create destructive personality disorder which creates a trail of destruction, which actually originated from how well individual’s manage resist during their bodies hunger.. i think so..