It’s total madness that we actually think we can lace products with chemicals then actually think the good for us..

Everything which is beneficial to the body isn’t really as beneficial as it should be..

To our human body..

When we actually lace what is beneficial to human body with chemicals..

Chemicals suppress the natural function of the gut..

At the actual same time as the gut is now trying to receive what we think is beneficial to our human body..

It’s total madness that we actually think we can lace products with chemicals..

Then we add a label..

In which now suggests what’s in the bottle besides these chemicals is actually good for us..

When everything in which would of been naturally good for us in the product..


When chemicals suppress gut the gut creates resistance..

In which now unnaturally shuts down the gut..

Before the body had the chance to gain what was beneficial from the product..

When gut suppression actually builds the actual resistance occurs..

Chemicals overload became reason why the gut now suffers chemical resistance overtime overnight..

Any combination of chemicals in which actually predominantly targets gut..

Must actually be taken into account because resistance is overload..

Chemical overload is any chemicals in which bounce off each other..

In which ultimately creates one gut suppression..

In which unknowingly creates guts resistance..

Greater guts resistance is to chemicals..

The longer the gut takes to naturally decompress this resistance..

This is possibly the reason why the gut eventually suffers degeneration..

Chemical suppression is actually any 24 hours..

In which human body doesn’t get a break from managing chemicals..

When gut suppression actually builds the actual resistance occurs..

Then chemicals get in the way and disrupt gut before gut has chance..

To supports it’s body..

Gut needs at least 48 hrs time out from chemicals..

So gut can decompress reduce it’s chemical resistance..

In which allows gut necessary time to reverse chemical resistance..

Or our gut won’t be allowed necessary time needed..

To naturally decompress from within itself..

By freeing chemical resistance this can actually alter weight of strain..

Strain which now shows itself within a persons persona..

When alcohol eventually takes effect alcohol eventually overwhelms state of play within the human body..

This unnatural state of play will only naturally come back into play..

When gut has had enough time to recover..

The human body..

When chemicals suppress gut does chemical resistance now mimic..

The actual recovery the gut has when the gut has been drench in alcohol..

But is chemical suppression so much more potent and dangerous than the actual suppression..

Gut has from alcohol..

At least we can understand when we take advantage of alcohol..

Because the actual consequences of using alcohol is actually well documented..

Where as on the other hand chemicals..

In which unnaturally overtime unknowingly..

Create guts unnatural resistance which is a hidden danger..

This is why we as people simply have no recognition..

When the chemical suppression builds the chemical resistance creeps in..

Is narrativity of persona inward outward..

In which we experience in personality..

The weight of strain which now exists within people is possibly the reflection..

To how our gut manages chemicals..

Around the clock..

In which possibly now creates our bodies depression..

The energy left in tank for human body..

Is possibly the energy which is only left over after gut manages resistance..

Which is what is responsible for now breathing life into human life..

When we allow the gut to manage maintain it’s daily dose chemical suppression..

This actually forces us as individual’s..

To keep on unnaturally maintaining how our gut gains it’s chemical resistance..

Chemicals now maintain how gut struggles to cope, this is why gut creates resistance..

Gut simply isn’t supposed to actually manage unnatural suppression..

By the time gut actually has tolerated year’s of chemical suppression..

Has the gut also unnaturally been ill supporting the human body aswel..

Can gut resistance make human body more prone to retain weight fluids as gut contracts..

During chemical resistance can fluids and energy now..

Simply now become trapped around body..

Can human body now become starved of it’s energy..

Does the body now become like a sponge..

In which stores energy instead of using energy..

Can body now become starved of energy as vessels become empty vessels..

When gut actually suffers resistance..

Can the human body now store food before the human body actually has chance to use food for fuel..

If gut struggles to use food for fuel is this because we actually force the gut..

To suffer from chemical suppression..

Chemical suppression..

In which actually now mimics hibernation..

Does human body now have issues receiving it’s energy because energy is now stored as fuel for later..

Around body..

We wonder why we become tired and disorientated..

But if gut actually gains resistance from chemicals overtime overnight..

Do chemicals apply indirect pressure..

Which unnaturally suppresses gut function..

Does gut now suffer chemical suppression unknowingly in which suppresses natural gut function..

If this is case..

Then surely to god we can learn how we recognise how gut increases the levels of energy to it’s body..

If we understand how we can release the guts suppressive shackles..

We simply also notice how we gain back a natural break aswell from the unnatural effects..

Of suppression..

What if minds depression was actually caused by suppression of gut..

Which simply suppresses how well we now operate within ourselves..

cope as individual’s..

Do chemicals overload gut when guts resistance to chemicals builds, can this shut human body down..

But is mental health actually based around..

How the mind which is actually in charge of it’s body indirectly struggles..

To control unnatural activity within it’s body..

Can mind struggle to connect itself through body through suppression which now exists within body..

As gut eventually suffers resistance our mind inturn suffers..

Can gut degeneration actually force mind to struggle all the more..

In which simply applies more mental pressure..

In which actually becomes the reason why we struggle as individual’s

More and more..


If we struggle as individual’s are we simply now unaware how the mind..

Is struggling to connect itself through it’s body..


Do we further struggle as individual’s when chemical resistance..

Becomes more apparent..

In which force gut malfunction in which then intoxicates human body..

Which is then responsible for actually creating our bodies ailments..

The gut is the heart of what manages chemicals and when gut has had enough of managing chemicals gut simply then resists chemicals..

My human body actually suffered an overnight sudden impact from unnatural substance..

In which suddenly shattered any natural resistance i now have to unnatural substance..

Any resistance that my human body did have to unnatural substance had now been simply destroyed..

So what does this tell us as human beings..

This simply tells us human body isn’t actually supposed to manage unnatural substance..

At all and if we actually force human body to manage chemical suppression..

The human body will simply now depreciate..

By itself..

When we put the gut on it’s back foot..

With it’s actual chemical suppression..

The human body simply has a clock work rhythm..

In which naturally supports the human body..

Now when chemical suppression suppresses gut function this now interferes with productivity..

In which human body naturally has within itself to support itself by itself..

Without disruption..

The overnight destruction of how my body managed unnatural substance..

Was actually destroyed overnight..

In which allowed me to work within myself..

To possibly work this out before my human body was further destroyed..

By my guts unnatural activity from my guts increased sensitivity..

To chemicals..

Now if i never suffered the total destruction of how my human body..

Actually now struggled to manage..

Unnatural substance..


I would never have been able to somehow engage myself enough and actually then naturally recognise..

How my human body was stripped..

Of any chemical tolerance which I thought my human body used to naturally have..

The gut is at the heart which manages chemicals and when the gut has had enough of managing chemicals..

The gut simply then resists chemicals..

So what would have happened if my body didn’t suffer a overnight sudden impact..


My human body would have slowly depreciated at the same speed..

To which my gut actually also depreciated..

In which simply wouldn’t have allowed me the added time needed to naturally create intervention..

In which would have destroyed my human body..

With a slight delay with the speed to which my chemical suppression actually destroyed my gut..

Can gut disperse it’s unnatural activity to within or around our body As actual fat with increased toxicity..

When gut actually suffers from unnatural suppression does the food we eat..

Possibly now get stored more as fat than energy..

But does guts unnatural suppression..

In which now exists actually dispurse increase toxicity as well as fat..

In which now literally gets underneath the skin of certain individual’s..

In which could possibly be responsible for actual start of an autoimmune disease..

When chemicals actually suppress gut we now alter our guts natural environment..

In which unnaturally supports the human body..

There is actually a natural system which is in place within our human body..

In which naturally supports human body..

But if we unnaturally suppress this natural system..

In which is supposed to naturally support human body..

Do we actually dispose the human body and mind which is in control of the body..

With our guts actual unnatural toxicity activity..

In which possibly now actually increases our bodies unnatural activity..

Which simply now exists on a day to day basis..

Can gut disperse it’s unnatural activity to within or around our body..

As actual fat with increased toxicity..

Can we possibly now line the underside of our bodies human flesh..

With fat in which now consists of guts actual hidden unnatural toxicity..


Can the immune system now pick up..

The actual activity..

In which is now possibly responsible for human bodies autoimmune reaction..

But at the same time..

Whilst the gut is actually suppressed does gut possibly also struggle..

To naturally support our bodies natural needs..

In house..

Within our human body..

So does chemical suppression actually twist..

How well gut provides it’s actual natural energy to within around body..

Without unnatural increase in toxicity..


In which may now naturally possibly trigger our immune system..

So can the immune system naturally now attack the actual hidden toxicity..

In which now exists within our body..

Within fat

Which could possibly seem like the immune system..

Is attacking the actual tissue within our body..

But is the actual immune only trying to protect the human body from the unnatural toxicity..

In which was unnaturally dispersed within around body within our fat..

In which is now actually unknowingly absolved within flesh and tissue..

Does the actual immune system actually now mistake..

The actual activity..

In which the gut has unnaturally created..

In which..

Is a third party..

In which the immune possibly now thinks is now invading the human body..

We must return law in order within our body to actually allow our mind to communicate with our body..

The mind decides when to actually pull the trigger to engage the body into action..

But is it much easier for the mind to engage with it’s body to put it’s body into action..

If the human body doesn’t suffer from an unnatural underlying struggle..


Is human ability based around how easy mind engages itself with it’s body..


The gut is a living organism gut is also responsible for incubation system..

To actually billions more living organisms..


Is the gut actually the centre stage of life itself..

When we allow human body to suffer from chemical suppression the gut..

In which supports it’s human body..

Will slowly but surely now go on it’s own journey with it’s own self decline..

What seems to occur here is overall impact of how human body manages chemical substance..

Creates our bodies chemical resistance..

Which simply applies unnatural pressure indirectly to within the gut itself..

Which simply now forces gut to create it’s own suppression..

In which damages the environment which sustains microbiome..

If chemicals have the chance chemicals will unnaturally apply the unnecessary pressure..

In which damages the natural communication system..

In which the mind naturally uses to maintain control it’s human body..

So let’s say chemicals create 10 year’s of unnatural suppression in which now actually puts our gut on it’s back foot..

Also for 10 year’s..


That’s also possibly 10 year’s of chemical resistance..

In which could now eventually destroy how the mind can naturally communicate with it’s human body..

As it should..

If chemicals we’re responsible for now increasing the guts unnatural activity..

Which now simply exists within the gut itself..

On day to day basis..

Could this actually be responsible for now slow cooking human function..

Could guts unnaturally activity now destroy our human body by destroying function..

Can chemicals unnaturally pressurise our natural function within our gut..


Do chemicals eventually break down the gut when the chemical resistance became greater and greater..


In which also destroys the functional wealth of the body over the year’s..

In which go by..

Whilst the gut suffers from it’s unnatural activity..

The support system which sustains wealth of life to human body, depreciates..

Along with the natural environment which sustains microbiome..

The only bacteria in which now can sustain itself within the new environment..

Is the actual bacteria in which can sustain itself in the new environment..

Chemicals eventually override natural function..

In which once naturally existed within human body..

When chemicals suppress the gut does guts will eventually diminish..

Along with the wealth of human body as gut unnaturally is broken down..

Natural resources within body possibly also now unnaturally diminish..

Because chemicals slowly but surely have now unnaturally created..

A poor support system..

In which is now responsible for ultimately destroying the natural support..

To within and around our human body..

Does guts unnatural wealth now destroy the natural wealth of body and mind..


Gut stability creates our bodies natural ability..

Our bodies instability is possibly actually controlled by amount of resistance..

The gut has now developed from chemicals..

Overnight of overtime..

Which could be good enough reason..

To suspect as to why chemicals now take over the functional wealth of human body..

Slowly but surely..

On a day to day basis..

Chemicals force guts unnatural activity in which inturn forces the gut..

To actually become alike a loose cannon..

Then mind in charge of it’s body isn’t really fully in control of itself or it’s body..

We must return law in order within the human body to actually allow our mind to resume good communication..

Within mind itself and with it’s body..

By returning law in order within our body by possibly allowing gut to regain it’s full consciousness within itself..

That’s no actual suppression in which suppresses guts natural function..


In which simply allows human body to be naturally supportive to itself..

As its should..

If gut looses control of how it regulates itself from within itself then how on earth is gut supposed to regulate it’s human body..

The vascular skeleton is a skeleton upon a skeleton..

Are joints and ligaments now poorly supported when vascular system suffers..

Unnatural activity..

Is this because guts unnatural activity creates activity in which now increases inflammation..

Within gut itself..

Can gut inflammation now increase inflammation in which now circulates..

Through vascular system..

In which possibly destroys the actual welfare..

In which naturally exists within human body..

Especially if we consume large amounts of sugar on a regular basis..

During the time’s when unnatural gut activity already creates actual activity..

Which creates increased level of inflammation..

Adding sugar is possibly alike adding increased oxygen to gas..

Can the vascular skeleton..

In which sits upon the human skeleton possibly now rupture quite easily..

But can ruptures possibly now create our bodies hidden scar tissue..

Which maybe responsible for ailments such as arthritis and chronic disease..

Could joints and ligaments struggle to cope with guts unnatural activity..

In which actually creates increase in gut inflammation..

In which possibly now challenges damages or destroys the natural reproduction of new tissue within the human body..

Within joints and ligaments..

If the vascular vessels tightens up do actual joints ligaments seize up..

Could this be because there is actually to much unnatural gut inflammation..

In which may simply now attack our bodies underlying ware and tare..

So can increase in gut inflammation..

Because gut now has no way of monitoring..

It’s precision to have just enough inflammation..

To manage it’s bodies ailments ware and tare..

If inflammation increases itself to an unnatural level..

Can the source which produces inflammation now have no way of properly regulating..

Human bodies natural inflammation..

Can gut now lose control of how it now regulates it’s own body with precision..

When gut suffers from chemical suppression..

Can gut also struggle to now transfer inflammation around it’s body..

To actual parts of human body with precision without possibly overloading body..

With inflammation..

Gut needs to maintain..

The welfare..

Of ware and tare..

This could be responsible for why increase inflammation contracts vascular vessels..

But at the same time joints and ligaments possibly seize up, swell up..

In which imobilises human body by possibly creating chronic pain and discomfort..

With the actions of human body in which we’ve repetitively used most over the year’s..

We must try to naturally restore the law in order from within body..

Chemical suppression created the gut suppression..

In which created the gut malfunction..

In which increased guts unnatural activity..

In which is now responsible for how the gut became a lose cannon..

In which increases our bodies unnatural inflammation..

If gut loses control of itself natural self..

The gut may also lose control of how it regulates it’s body from within itself..

So how on earth is the gut supposed to now regulate it’s human body..

Especially if the body now actually gets knocked off guts natural axis..