Could chemically enhanced food methods possibly be causing early addiction within our children..

What if, certain children we’re kinda suffering from a raw deal or a negative effect in which may cause symptoms of withdrawal or powerful side effect in which maybe due to how we use unsafe methods to enhance food flavour within the modern world..

Chemical synthetic flavour enhancers, in which are added within our food, may kinda hypnotize or coaxed young children, into feeling the urge or the need to eat chemically enhanced food..

I believe chemical synthetic flavour enhancing methods, may directly cause our children to make poor food choice..

What if, powerful flavour enhancing methods, actually trick our children into coping with an early addiction, in which may force our children to prefer, chemically enhanced food choices, rather than natural whole some food..

Could this be responsible for as to why certain children are drawn to certain food..

(Especially processed food)

What if, unatural chemical synthetic flavouring methods, we’re actually causing our children to suffer early addiction..

Someone is responsible for actually adding these chemical synthetic compounds into our food, these flavour enhancing methods simply entice our children to make poor food choices, the change the way our children are drawn in by these foods..

Chemical synthetic compounds, may trick children to kinda struggle with a pull in effect, in which may change how well certain children cope or manage themselves..

This may open up a debate, in which could actually show that certain food flavour enhancing agents, kinda cause early addiction, children are lead to believe these chemicals are safe..

These chemical enhancing agents tickle taste buds and may overwhelm our children’s taste towards healthier food in which may result in our children possibly suffering addiction towards certain food, in which contain these flavour enhancing agents..

Could this be a big factor, to how children start to suffer from obesity and ill health or to what maybe is responsible for what is creating unecercery behaviour issue’s..

Could flavour enhancing agents, actually set the ball away and directly cause change to how well certain children control or manage themselves from within themselves..

I think so, i believe children may soothe or actually try to self fix there eliviated needs, by using food, in which may have caused there eliviated needs in the first place..


A-Fight-from-within one’self

Increased level toxicity, could be responsible for what may pave the way (to a fight) from within one’self..

Elevated unatural negative emotion, is an everyday struggle, in which certain individual’s, have little or no choice, but to try there best to (contain) destructive negative feelings ..

These negative feelings, simply get in the way and change how well we are able to cope during our life events..

I believe this fight, may only exist from within one’self, (pls-listen) if we feel overwhelmed or we suffer dulled down negative (emotions) these negative emotions (simply) set a negative (tone) in which distorts and negatively preoccupies the (mind)..

Negative (processing ability) in which may negatively effect how well our (brain) is able to process our (brains train of thoughts) within the conscious (mind) towards (subconscious) mind or vice versa, i believe this may also be responsible for increase in..


high level toxicity within the (gut bowl) may deepen mood and actually cause create (louder thoughts)..


Inwhich creates your (destructive personality disorder)..

Negative train of thoughts, in which i believe is due to when (something) forcefully dulls down our, true emotion..

(Negative-emotion) simply magnifie negative (experience) and may ill effect change how well we able to control, self control..

This is simply a fight in which should not be happening..

Self control should not be a (fight) which we are (left) to fight from within one’s self..

Crime rate may have rocketed, with the introduction of lead pipes and also when lead was introduced in house hold paint (4 star petrol)..

Our bodies intolerance towards against chemicals synthetics, i believe is pushing down or testing our bodies inner defence mechanism, each and everyday..

(Gut bowl malfunction) is one thing..

But how on earth hasn’t someone, understood that, the immune system may have a (control mechanism) of it’s own, a second (brain) inwhich could be governed from within the (gut) is beyond me..

I believe all response towards immune intolerance, go back to within the gut, the gut is simply trying to deal with the intolerance..

I believe unatural immune intolerance, simply forces (change) (strain) or (stress) from within the (gut)..

Eliviate unatural (strain) from within your (gut) or from within your (second brain) and this may naturally help you, support (change) with to how well your body can naturally absolve sustainable healthy nutrition nutrients, in which your body so so desperately needs..

Dulled down emotion, inwhich magnifies negative
True emotions..

Could-increased-levels-of toxicity-within-the-gut-be-linked-to-how-chronic-dis-ease-may-develop-(especially-during-shock)..

Could unaturally high immune response towards against chemicals synthetics, actually create high level toxicity within the (gut)..

Yes Poor recovery from (traumatic experience) or a (traumatic event) maybe caused due to how certain individuals, may unknowingly have unaturally high level toxicity, within their (gut)..

Unaturally high levels of toxicity within the (gut) may systematically then directly increase toxicity within the (brain) during (traumatic events)..

Unatural toxicity, inwhich i believe maybe due to chemical synthetic immune system intolerance, inwhich i believe may disrupt (damage) or directly cause (gut bowl malfunction)..

Unatural toxicity within the (gut bowl) may increase or create unatural (Toxicity levels to (rise) and actually cause (toxic shock) within our brain) which may directly be responsible for negatively changing how well our bodies are then able to recover from (trauma)..

Unusually high toxicity, within the (gut) at the time of (shock) doesn’t just cause mental health (conditions)..

Unatural high toxicity within the (gut) may prop up existing condition like (ptsd-anxiety-depression)..

Unaturally high level toxicity within the (gut) may negatively twist or (create) unnatural fuel, this unnatural (toxicity) within the fuel inwhich fuels our bodies, may also directly be responsible for what props up (autoimmune dis-ease)..

This is why i believe it is so essential, to (eliviate) unatural compounds all together.. (whilst trying to recover)..

Eliviatin unatural compounds, i believe naturally helps reduce unatural toxicity and may natural help aid (create) natural sustainable healthier (nutrition nutrients) inwhich i believe naturally helps.. (aid-or-repair-chonic-conditions)Shock is triggered within the body while we suffer a traumatic experience or whilst we suffer from a traumatic event, (shock) is kinda stealth but is also apparent)..

(toxicity is stealth)I believe we blame most conditions like (ptsd-anxiety-depression) on the more obvious reason rather than the less apparent (stealth) reason..

What if we’ve become focused (fixated) much to much on the actual aftermath of a traumatic event, imagine if unaturally high toxicity levels were kinda causing unatural unsustainable level of toxicity, within the (gut) in which may then kinda cause our bodies (vital organs) and our (brain) to sustain irreversible unsustainable (×10 shock) i believe high level toxicity may create a kinda (super shock) rather than a more natural sustainable (shock)..

This may possibly help answer some unanswered questions and may help explain, as to why certain individual’s may naturally recover better, than other’s when dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event..

Traumatic experience may force change or negatively (suppress disrupt) and cause irreversible (damage) within our (brain)..

I believe we can help (change) reverse unatural (toxicity levels) by simple learning ourselves how to reduce chemical synthetic (immune intolerance)..

We may either have unaturally (high toxicity level) which is generated within the (gut) or we kinda have a (natural neutral) toxicity level which is within the (gut)..

High levels of toxicity, i believe may lengthen the time scale, inwhich it can take our bodies to naturally recover..

Natural products dont soothe the help you sustain your natural stability again from within yourself..

Natural products dont cure, natural products simply help (change) (prevent) any further unatural immune intolerance from further damaging our (gut) inwhich i believe may slow down progression and also help replenish the negative fuel inwhich fuels our bodies vital organs from within, inwhich i believe may help (steady the ship) and help create a healthier (mind-body and also naturally help soothe replenish our soul’s..


In regards to plastic (contamination)

Most plastic bottles we buy, actually contain large amounts of chemicals and also (carcengenics) inwhich we are lead to believe are simply safe to flush away..

Contaminating the world around us maybe reaching breaking point, what if how we were contaminating the world around us, was at an all time high..

Could chemicals (carcengenics) be responsible for also contaminating our ocean’s and for what may well be damaging marine life and to what is damaging life on earth.. (i believe so)..

Subconscious-and-the-conscious-mind..We blame the (world) around us for (stress or strain) but really, we are the ones, who are really struggling and who are losing touch with our sense of reality from within..

The subconscious mind may need to relie on the conscious mind..

A little alike a helicopter copter, inwhich relies on two engine mechanisms, these two engine mechanisms allow the helicopter to have purpose, coordination and direction..

I believe that all our brain’s sensory tools, (eye’s) (ear’s) (nose) and also the emotional side of who we are, may all be connected symomtamously, as one within the frontal lobe, inwhich may help create the conscious mind..

I believe the conscious mind, maybe logically set to (default) or programmed, set in stone, to create logic..

If say for instance something obstructs the tail rotor engine mechanism or this rotor happens to faulter, the main engine may kinda loose its natural (stability) (balance) and also it’s sense of (direction)..

This may help explain, when chemical synthetic immune system intolerance (grows) (gut bowl malfunction) toxicity increases, then unnatural toxicity within the (gut bowl) may systematically dull down and negatively interfere with to how well our frontal lobe can naturally operate..

Unnatural toxicity within the (gut) may cause a kinda mental block, inwhich may directly cause negative change, with how well our frontal lobe can naturally process clear precise information (thought) a healthy (frontal lobe) i believe may also be responsible for how well our brain can transfer clear information from experience back and forth within the subconscious mind (judgment) to which we create memories..

The (frontal lobe) maybe a little alike a human computer, the conscious mind could be responsible for delving into how we actually gather thought and may also be responsible for the mechanism to how we actually gather memory from within the subconscious mind..

I believe the gut brain axis is one, the (gut) may directly be connected up within the frontal lobe, to create (emotions)..

When our bodies naturally have fight or flight.. (if we feel in danger)..

Fight or flight May cause serious consequences, i believe if (gut bowl malfunction increases in toxicity) this may directly result or cause irreversible toxic shock, inwhich may damage, how well the (frontal lobe) can then naturally function..

Inwhich maybe a little alike blowing a circuit by putting 415 volts through a 240 volt circuit, inwhich over time may cause a kinda brain disorder inwhich may dull down an individual’s processing ability and could be a possibly link to (dementia).. (i think so)..

Our immune system may cause unnatural (gut) function, unnatural (gut) function may cause unnaturally toxicity to build within the (gut bowl) unnatural toxicity may then dull down true emotion and cause toxicity to run through from the (gut) directly to within the frontal lobe.. (dumbs down brain function)

(the gut brain axis is one)..

I believe, the frontal lobe can only process to the best of it’s ability, when the brain has no hidden tension, hidden tension may directly interfere with how well other sensory tools can actually process provide clear precise information..

I believe unnecessary strain stress within the frontal lobe may also cause short term memory loss or (brain fog)..

Anxiety i believe is when (gut bowl malfunction) (toxicity) is constantly plaguing or distorting the conscious mind inwhich may then directly cause change or effect, how well the conscious mind can naturally operate.. (let go of thoughts)

Gut malfunction may directly cause tension within the frontol lobe, tension within the frontal lobe may directly be responsible for sensory delay within the (frontal lobe) ,(unnatural tension) may also cause serious damage, inwhich may dumb down the brain’s ability or change the way that our frontal lobe can naturally process and delve into our sub memories inwhich i believe we naturally store within the subconscious mind..