Could we all be living with misconceptions, when really it’s our body that has simply been forced to become unwell..

For instance, we may all be starting to live with the misconception that meat is bad for us when it really isn’t all that bad..

Our bodies don’t need farm meat everyday, we maybe should have a three day rule (a gap) in which allows our body enough time to regroup from the last we ate farm meat..

Fish is a whole lot more natural than farm meat is these day’s, i eat small fish anchovies, mackerel or sardines most day’s, the benefits that eating small fish has is, small fish decrease the amount of mercury found within large fish..

Chemical synthetic vascular compression simply disturbs and creates gut bowl malfunction..

Gut bowl malfunction, creates unatural toxicity in which, wax and wane..

The gut is the motor and emotional side of the brain..

Unatural toxicity within the gut simply forces an explosive effect of toxicity to travel if or when our body has fight or flight, which i believe also intoxicate our brain and mind alliance = which creates sensory overload..

Sensory overload isn’t caused by the outside world, sensory overload, i believe is actually caused when the gut actually overloads the brain..

What if it is our bodies that are suffering and turning bad, because we over use and rely for too much on the use of chemicals and synthetics..

We may have created a kinda broken body syndrome in which directly targets our gut, which could ultimately change the health and condition of how well our gut supports our bodies beyond the gut..

Most of us are fighting a fight from within one’self, which should not be happening, the rest are judgmental, this actually could stop individual’s from been the very best version of themselves..

Could food industries and the cosmetic industries apply a red amber green label on packaging, so products clearly state aggressiveness to vulnerable individual’s..

Could governing bodies actually have over looked the effects of using chemicals, synthetics say in 10 or 20 year’s time, could governing bodies not have foresee how the human inturnal system becomes damage and..

That we all eventually suffer emotional effects down the line, because of their foolish choices, our bodies simply unaturally break over time, some actually may break more rapidly than the other’s do, it’s as simple as that..

The negative cry that is within us is a cry for help, from how unwell our bodies soul has actually become..

Our bodies are simply trying to emerge from a chemically synthetic suppression each and every time we use them and when our bodies damage increases this create effects how well our bodies emerge and our soul’s gradually become deeper and deeper..

Bob and weave..

Bob smoked chemical free marijuana..

Folk these day’s smoke marijuana with chemical feed in which becomes embedded within the plant and no amount of flush actually helps create this plant’s true natural self..

Once these chemicals interact and interfere with the plant’s growth, part of the chemical compound actually stays embedded..

These chemical are a little alike a body builder using steroids

These chemicals negatively counteract the bodies actual health benefits..

Body builder’s who use steroids look good but the start to rely on how the look to feel good..

Individual’s actually chase the dragon and go around in circles with negativity..

When marijuana is naturally grown this plant is an incredible conditioner for our bodies inner body the vascular tree, i believe marijuana c-b-d is a little alike the benefits we gain from fiber but more powerful than fiber could ever be gram for gram..

Destructive personality disorder..

Destructive personality disorder, need to be understood for what the really are on all levels red amber green, this is the strengh in which i believe, ones body reacts towards unatural substances..

I believe there are far too many individual’s judging mental health through experience..

The trail of destruction of not quite understanding the power of the reaction of where the body starts going wrong is crucial to how we help individual’s change negative feelings before negative experience changes their lives..

Unatural negative feelings destroy lives, negativity changes the course to how hard individual’s actually manage and put their foot down on their own gas..

In which also changes the reaction time to when the best time these individual’s feel the need to take the foot off the own gas..

When we understand what creates fuels and increase levels of negativity, we may have learned how to reverse change and tone down destructive negative feelings..

In which could potentially change the course to where so so many struggling individual’s lives go, before destructive negative feelings actually turn to bad experience..

can we help reshape struggling individual’s lives, with the right intervention..

Before bad experience destroy lives.. i think so..

Destructive personality disorder need understanding for what the really are so we can nip them in the bud..

Regulating mood and emotions derive from the gut our brain simply manage the experience derived from our unatural gut emotions..

When we understand what creates negativity we actually learn how we change ones experience..

The gut play’s an important role and helps regulate our bodies emotion, in which can make the difference to how comfortably well we fit in and engage with other’s..

The gut is also responsible for how well we manage and deal with pressure, the thing’s in which bother us the most..

Our gut health is responsible for how well we allow negative experience to go over our head’s..

Could chemical synthetic vascular strain, create an alcohol effect, which could interfere with our bodies in a similar way to alcohol..

The bodies inner hunger comes in all shapes and sizes, for instance..

Alcohol disconnects our gut brain axis alignment by causing alcohol to drench and over power our guts natural state, which interferes, disrupts how well our brain can look over on the effect that alcohol has on our body..

I believe our mental health issues are very similar to how alcohol effects our gut brain alignment, only i believe our mental health issues are caused by..

When our bodies chemical synthetic vascular safe load strain is breached and passes down through our vascular tree in which directly upsets our natural gut function, in which directly causes gut bowl malfunction, which creates unatural toxicity and gases within the gut..

Unatural toxicity, unatural gases, i believe create similarities to how alcohol effects the brain, but in a more toxic negative way..

Which narcissistically disrupts our body and further disrupts how our brain naturally function and work in harmony with our body, in which directly interferes off set’s how well we feel self worth..

Chemical synthetic free products are not the answer too a silver bullet.. Chemical synthetic free products simply free the damage sustained within the vascular tree..

When our bodies are under unaturally strain our body can become suppressed drained and unwell this forces our brain to focus through strain within the actual condition, which exists within our body..

Our bodies illness disrupts, offsets and interferes with our gut brain axis, which inturn interferes with brain mind alliance = brain fog = in which directly disrupts your body experience with the outside world..

When our gut is forced to deal with chemical synthetic vascular strain, this actually forces gut bowl malfuction, in which increases our bodies toxicity..

I believe our bodies inner strengh is directly linked to how healthy our bodies vascular tree actually lives and breathes..

When the vascular tree suffers everything else seems to have an irregular beat..

I believe this journey I’ve been on has kinda been about me tuning within myself and actually feeling my own bodies inner strengh and well-being increase or decrease..

My inner body strengh and well-being has been my guide to how i helped myself adjust my own mood and emotional feelings..

Which led me too understand that by using chemical synthetic vascular decompression techniques..

This has simply helped me revive my own body..

Part of my journey has been about me tuning in within me and understanding a feel good factor that exists when we understand reverse change, I’ve simply benifit from that..

Pulling your body around when it’s been unwell has an ability to give a natural feel good factor..

I’ve learned to tune myself within my own adversity, which has not been easy..

My gut is now ultra sensitive towards chemicals synthetics and is kinda broken, which directly changes, my bodies inner strengh and my bodies negative aura or positive aura..

Blessed, I’ve simply understood that my bodies intolerance towards against chemicals synthetics isn’t the same as it once was, i believe all my bodies intolerance dead ends itself within my gut = my body stress levels strain and lack of motivational effort come from how fit and healthy my gut lives and manage itself..

My gut can still support, beyond the gut = when i take good care of what i do to my body = this natural helps revive my body..

I’m going to try and help you understand chemical synthetic free products are not a silver bullet..

Chemical synthetic free products simply free the damage sustained within the vascular tree..

In which helps change the volume of strain and goodness or negativity produced by the gut to support the whole body beyond the gut, without strain..

The key is too use natural products for a least 3 days, along with inulin fibre too condition our bodies through the gut.. inorder too allow your vascular tree too reset.. then continue using chemical free products too maintain..

Prune juice also help shift toxicity, a glass a day..