Could we create and learn the algorithm, to which could decompress chemical synthetic resistance, within the vascular skeleton..

I would like to help create a possible algorithm in which may start revealing how we better understand..

Just what we need, inorder to help better understand how we control chronic mood, chronic dis-ease..

Could our vascular skeleton be key to how we learn to actually decompress our bodies inner suppression by way of understanding what we need understand within the dangers of how we repetitively breach our bodies chemical synthetic load or our vascular immune systems load..

Can we understand what we need to understand inorder to reverse change chemical synthetic vascular immune suppression.. i think so..

Can we tune in within the mechanisms beneath the mechanics of a chronic mood, chronic dis-ease condition, by actually learning how to use chemical synthetic vascular decompression techniques.. i think so..

Can we learn how to protect the vascular skeleton enough, inorder to allow individual’s the power to turn back the bodies clock and actually allow individual’s the power to turn the tide to how we understand and learn just why chronic mood and chronic dis-ease may start to develop through how our vascular skeleton react to chemical synthetic overload.. i think so..

Rag immune response system, i believe is a way of showing, the strengh and resistance in which naturally exists within how well our bodies vascular skeletons are and to how our vascular skeleton is genetically and hereditary set in stone..

The strengh in which the body actually tolerates the bodies chemical synthetic load, before the strengh and strain of your chemical synthetic load, becomes detrimental to the health to within, how well our bodies inner body can naturally perform and function..

Your chemical synthetic load can directly push down and change how healthy our vascular skeletons are before our vascular skeleton is over powered, which unaturally forces a dead end gut suppression, in which creates a double edged sword = greater intolerance towards unatural food..

In which also directly alters how functionally well our digestive system allows our vascular skeleton to circulates it’s fuel to or around the bodies vital organs..

The strength in which the body actually reacts towards against chemicals synthetics, directly suppresses the vascular skeleton, our vascular skeleton directly suppresses and forces our gut to spasm in which directly forces gut bowl malfunction and gut bowl malfunction directly causes our inner bodies toxicity levels to rise..

Gut bowl malfunction increases the bodies inner toxicity, in which directly creates our bodies inner depression, a double edged sword = chronic dis-ease..

Inner piece inner harmony may create a world full of choice..

Im someone who struggled all there years as a child a teenager and a young adult..

Im someone who learned himself a small enough understanding inorder so he could allow himself to grow himself within himself..

A small noticeable change which blossomed and allowed me to tune in within myself and over time allowed me to learn from within myself what actually triggers progression inorder so i could gain the knowledge from within by tirelessly trying to understand myself within myself..

Im someone who unfortunately suffered ptst but fortunately allowed himself time, to tune in and learn within the condition, the quantum physics behind actually what fuelled his condition..

Im someone who understands his condition enough inorder to retune the actual mechanisms beneath the mechanics and change the whole structure within his condition..

I’ve helped myself change the force of strain to how i now manage the condition.. by actually learning from what fuels the fuel to within the underlying health condition..

Chemical synthetic immune suppression kinda spasms and revs up the gut, this allows toxicity to build up within ourselves, instead of allowing toxicity to pass out the body, toxicity enters within the body..

When chemical synthetic immune intolerance creates gut spasms, i believe fibre cannot penetrate beyond the actually spasm..

We need to reduce the bodies chemical synthetic immune resistance inorder to reduce the actual gut spasm, paralysis..

If we lower resistance towards chemicals synthetics, we naturally create reverse and change gut spasm paralysis, this i believe symomtamously allows fibre to proactively penetrate the gut and naturally help the bodies digestive system stay healthy enough to support the body beyond the gut.. 

There was a time when my mood actually won and over powered me a place in time when tention and stress undeniably already existed within me..

This is a time when i didn’t no anything about a potential health condition, never mind an underlying progressive health condition..

Looking back now, was my immune system forcing me and my body to be in a race against time.. before my immune system actually created a condition from within my gut in which actually slowly breaks down the body from within one’self..

😡 when we contain an everyday mood such as this, surely this mood is detrimental to how well we enable ourselves to challenge life beyond ourselves in the real world..

    Could our initial mood possibly be..

Clue to how we better understand why underlying health conditions exist, your mood set’s a tone and if your mood unaturally exists in a negative default mode, for no apparent reason..

Most of the time if not all of the time, this may well be the first signal in which we need to understand inorder to understand..

The depths we need to go inorder to understand the clues, to how underlying health conditions actually form, before the underlying health condition actually becomes an everyday chronic version of a condition, in which first showed itself, within the mind..

If we actually learn how to understand how we understand,how our immune system revs up and spasms the gut and we could learn how to reverse this action, i believe we could then enable ourselves the knowledge to learn how our immune system boggs down the whole body beyond the gut..

When our bodies are exposed to chemicals synthetics our immune system forces gut suppression in which directly interferes with natural gut bowl function..

If we can learn and understand the origin to where the actual underlying health condition originates in the first place and we learn to reverse this whole process..

Beneath this is a possible key to how we not only soathe and control our own needs but ultimately we can all learn how to enable ourselves the knowledge we need to learn to what it’s going to take inorder to reverse change social unrest in which exists within society today..

Could there be a straw, a time within the actually condition, in which breaks the camel’s back..

Could it be possible, to actually break and solve a chronic health condition, if we embrace the condition within ourselves, is it possible to actually learn how to tune in within ourselves and actually catch an underlying health condition early enough and study how the condition actually forms itself within ourself and kinda help hold up the progression within the actually condition.. i think so..

What if chemical synthetic immune supression symomtamously caused gut depression..

Could gut depression directly force gut suppression and could gut suppression be a kinda gut paralysis and does gut paralysis actually change the way fibre proactively works within our digestive system.. i believe so..

I’ve tried my best to create an understanding with how dangerous chemicals synthetics are and also an understanding to how chemicals synthetics are more damming to some as the are for other’s.. 

By creating a rag immune response system, in which could open up and possibly create a new fresh understanding to how chronic dis-ease may start to develop itself from within ourselves, from within our gut..

I believe my immune system’s response towards against chemicals synthetics  could well be genetically hereditary programmed set in stone, within the red in which is a whole lot more vulnerable than amber is and amber is a whole lot more vulnerable than green is towards against how my immune system can actually tolerate unaturally chemical synthetic man made substances..

The older you are, the worse your gut paralysis may become with age..

Could we actually learn an algorithm in which could help create an understanding to an aging process that speeds up the bodies clock, due to the initial strengh, in which our immune system genetically hereditary responds reacts towards against chemical synthetic intolerance, in which creates actually gut suppression.. i believe so..

If several chemical synthetic elements in which we directly come in contact with or either within or around our bodies at the same time, within hour’s of each other..

Red immune response systems aggressiveness cannot manage, tolerate or regulate chemical synthetic intolerance as well as the average individual..

Several chemical synthetic strains in which contaminate within or around the body of the red immune system may over time be an accident waiting to happen and when the Straw that breaks the camel’s back happens, this may well be the point where you actually live more indepth within yourself within the actual underlying health condition..

Could human’s actually create there own downfalls by cutting corners, by way of over using unatural chemicals synthetics and how we’ve created unatural shelf life,

Is shelf live slowly poisoning our inner soul’s and to add to that, are unatural chemical synthetic everyday products, actually creating a double edged sword..

Imagine a rag immune response system..

Three immune system’s in which act and react differently towards against chemicals synthetics with strain..

This rag immune response system may hold beneath itself a key to a method to a strategy, which could possibly help create the power to create an algorithm to what could able us to naturally help create understanding to how we learn what could reverse change, unlock the mystery for what fuels the fuel to chronic dis-ease and mood disorders..

A kinda elephant in the room, that may help create the key to an understanding to what could enable a fresh out look with how we learn to read within our own bodies and see what actually provoke the mechanics, within the actual condition..

What if we could learn how to interpret chronic dis-ease could we learn to better understand, what is responsible for what we desperately need to understand to enable us to learn from within ourselves how to actually develop ourselves within ourselves.. i think so..

Red immune system strain strength, may signify how certain individual’s may have an already existing immune system set up, in which symomtamously could cause negative gut suppression..

The greater your immune aggressiveness is, red immune strain strengh could naturally force the red immune system to unaturally force a dead ended gut suppression..

Red immune response, i believe simply could be a whole lot more vulnerable towards against chemicals synthetics than amber is and amber simply maybe a whole lot more vulnerable than the green..

I believe a genetically hereditary immune system that is set to red may actually struggle more, because the red immune system has a lower threshold whilst it tries to manage chemical synthetic immune strain..

Red is more easily over powered by unatural chemical synthetic immune intolerance = gut suppression..

The stronger your immune response is towards against chemicals synthetics, i believe the harder your immune system forcefully tries to manage and contain itself during a fight in which it has no way of winning = gut suppression..

No immune suppression = natural gut health = how good you feel your body actually feels from within yourself = your well-being..

I believe the green immune system can manage itself better during or whilst it’s being forced to contain it’s chemical synthetic intolerance, to unaturally man made contamination..

These waves we create by way of using unatural chemicals and synthetics, mess with immune system damage the gut, then beyond the gut..

Suppress our soul’s and in the end simply destroy our body vital organs, this maybe due to the neurological mess, in which we could have created beyond the gut..

We are lead to believe that all of these chemicals synthetics are safe, but have humans cut so so many corners that the initial reason for cutting the corner, ultimately has became the problem, i believe so..

When we actually stop and tot up all of these chemicals and synthetics, we may have actually created one big immense negative immune response..

In which creates gut suppression = responsible for a condition turning to a chronic condition and to how the bodies inner depression beyond the gut, may form..

Which is more dangerous in 10 year’s than it was in 5 year’s and more dangerous to some as it is for other’s..

Immune supression, may cause the bodies inner depression.. rag immune response system..

What if, we we’re able to tune in to the bodies inner adversity and somehow learn ourselves, how to reverse change the actual fuel in which started the fuel, in which fuelled the fuel to our chronic dis-ease..

I believe it maybe possible to learn ourselves a simple strategy, in which we could use as a tool, inorder so to help ourselves intervene and reverse change the fuel in which actually fuelled our chronic dis-ease..

What im saying here is, we could help learn ourselves a strategy to create a method, in which could help reverse change the actual fuel in which may have fuelled and created our chronic dis-ease, in the first place..

What if certain individual’s, unknowingly contain high amounts of negative fuel, in which is pump around there circulatory system..

High toxicity levels, may create or cause negative pressure points of weakness, within our circulatory system and over time, this negative fuel may infact cause pain or numbness, especially pain and numbness within the limbs, due to vascular dementia within the circulatory system..

What if increased level toxicity within the circulatory pathways caused pain..

These pathways could be the same pathways in which aspirin numb our pain..

Prune juice simply helped me recognise that i had a chemical synthetic immune system gut bowl malfunction, prune juice also helped me solve my intervention..

Wether or not my intervention work’s for you, as well as it does for me, i cannot answer..

What i would like to advise, is for you to try your own intervention by simply reducing all chemicals whether the are in your food or whether the are in your, everyday product’s..

Chemical free soaps..
Use natural deodorant.. in which do not contain aluminium.. etc

Use chemical free toothpaste.. In which does not contain fluoride..

fluoride is a bye product of aluminium..

Reduce sugar.. fizzy drinks, biscuits ets, as our bodies cannot regulate to much sugar.. chemical synthetic sugar substitute.. may only be adding to the initial intolerance..

Reduce already made meals and processed food..

A bag of rice goes a long way, jacket potatoes, salads, even chips, all vegetables, i used natural herbs, spice to flavour my food, pasta contains gluten, in which can also effect your immune response, i believe that gluten is a little alike chemicals or synthetics..

All chemical synthetic immune response towards against chemicals synthetics, add up as one, to create what i believe to be a chemical synthetic immune dis-ease within our gut..

Immune system gut bowl malfunction actually causes unaturally high level toxicity to build up and possibly enter within the circulatory system, i believe by reversing the immune system response towards against chemicals and synthetics, this may help replenish, reverse the wrong, beyond the gut..

This doesn’t just help change the fuel in which fuels the fuel, this may also help you take control of your chronic illness..

Our immune system should never have been treat as a one size fits all, especially when our bodies inner defence mechanism, could be genetically hereditary programmed, set in stone from birth..

A little of who actually made us is already part of our genetic make up..

A rag system.. red, amber, green..

Understanding your immune strain threshold, a rag system may hold the key to how we better understand why certain individual’s may suffer greater risk towards chemical synthetic overload..

If we can develop a good understanding..

A simple rag system, may help reveal a code, in which we could use inorder so we can better understand how the immune system struggles whilst trying to manage, chemical synthetic immune intolerance..

Red.. aggressive resistance.. heightened risk towards what could be responsible for why hereditary dis-ease forms itself within the body, beyond the gut..

Amber.. slightly less aggressive.. borderline..

Green.. little to no resistance towards against chemicals synthetics.. naturally healthier gut, before consuming food..

Immune system intolerance may force change, to how well the gut can provide sustainable healthy nutrition nutrients throughout the body, negative fuel i believe simply disturbs or damages the inner body and also our skin..

I believe if we change the fuel in which fuels dis-ease, we may learn ourselves to be a step closer to not only slowing down chronic pain, chronic dis-ease..

But a step closer to how chronic dis-ease may actually start to develop and slowly form itself within the body..

Understanding how our immune system is connected to within the gut is crucial, so we can help make change and prevent future generations, change the cycle to the revolving door to how chronic hereditary dis-ease develops..

I would also like to thank.. elganspo concinaitaly, whose sea food is, out of this world and for helping me understand that by swapping farm meat for small fish, anchovies, sardines, mackerel..

this has helped me reduce cardiovascular dis-ease..

My legs are full of energy again and more or less pain and numbness free, i feel ten year younger, amazing benifits, thanks again elanspo concinaitly, a fellow blogger..

large fish contain large amounts of mercury small fish contain little to no mercury..

Does poor emotional quality directly suppress and interfere with.. IQ..

Could certain individual’s actually suffer mood and empathy suppression year’s before any visual signs of a existing health condition show through..

low eq individual’s may unaturally carry low eq, because low eq may kinda be an unatural suppression, in which simply maybe the bye product to a much much bigger underlying health condition..

The sleeping giant, the human immune system, in which i believe we unaturally keep prodding each and everyday with chemicals synthetics..

High eq = little to no emotional interference = Natural emotion and empathy = good cognitive skill = a supporting individual..

If you are blessed with high eq, you may simply take this natural eq strengh for granted and unknowingly judge how you perform within your self with someone else who may unknowingly have an underlying health condition..

An underlying health condition in which i believe can suppress how well certain individual’s deal with themselves emotionally and empathise..

Individual’s who struggle with a lower eq, actually struggle to contain themselves emotionally and also struggle to contain unaturally hightened senses, around other’s..

Could social anxiety, actually be a by product to a bigger picture to a bigger health condition.. i think so..

The maths, if you find your self dealing with a negative version of your former true self, which forces you to unaturally feel uncomfortable from within your self..

How on earth are you supposed to fit in with other’s if the bigger picture is so so misunderstood, what if something actually is suppressing your emotional quality..

An unatural dulled down dysfunctional version, in which negatively grows in strengh and stays side by side with you every step of the way through out your life’s event’s, is simply inhumane and should not be occurring..

We need to connect ourselves within ourselves enough inorder to help ourselves understand how underlying health conditions cause mood and behaviour suppression..

Are we in infancy mode with how we understand underlying health conditions, i believe underlying health conditions are undeniably interfering with natural true emotions and empathy unknowingly..

Emotional strain = negatively preoccupies, how well the brain can naturally perceive the world around us..

It’s a little alike a mental block, in which creates low self-esteem and an unatural dulled down awkward suppressive fight from within the mind of one’self, in which i believe systematically overrides over power’s our natural true sensory connection within our conscious mind in which directly creates a dulled down awkward version of who we originally we’re, which simply get in the way interfere suppresses and may lower your iq..

Could a negative mindset, directly be more to do with, how the closest emotional part of you, within the body to within the mind is going wrong..

What if gut malfunction actually created a stealth underlying health condition in which directly causes our gut to send a kinda distress signal to within the mind and directly disturbs how well we feel positive emotions..

I believe we need to understand, tune ourselves in within the bigger picture enough to tune ourselves within the mechanical side within the picture..

Inorder so we can allow ourselves to understand that there is an algorithm waiting to be understood, to a much more serious problem..

In which disrupts our bodies beyond the gut..

Gut suppression directly may force change suppress and cause unatural brain activity, in which directly suppresses interferes and negatively preoccupie the mind with negativity and low self-esteem..

Which directly creates uncertainties and unatural suppressive feelings that become more apparent and override our natural true emotions and self worthiness..

the mind becomes damaged, the mind stuggles to gain it’s natural healthier logical side..

Immune depression = gut suppression in which may cause individual’s to sense and feel worsened scenario’s, rather than logic..

Suppressed individual’s struggle to find positive emotion, because positive emotions aren’t available, i believe this could be because negative suppression simply overrides true emotions and overwhelms positive emotion..