Does science have the power to detect occurring situations before the occur is disease a progressive stage of an occurring situation..

Is science occurring or has science already occurred if it’s already occurred does this mean much of science is hind sight..

Does science have the power to detect occurring situations before the occur is disease a progressive stage of an occurring situation..

If we understood more about what we need to understand from what is occurring..

Could we create a prevention in which saves millions of human’s unnecessarily suffering from mood emotional behaviour issues which is an unknown fight struggle for so many individual’s from within one’s self..

To top that off is elivated levels in mood and emotional behaviour a tell tale sign to what is to come over the horizon but did we could we not learn in time how we interpret before progression of disease sets in, in time..

When unnatural takes over the way the human body supposed to run itself by itself isn’t this big enough sign we may be allowing material wealth before our nations health..

What sort of a life is a life if the life we live isn’t ours to live this is the way so many individual’s have no choice but live then individual’s in the end are plagued with disease..

What im saying here is there are major signs that our human bodies are suffering and more functional individual’s cannot see the wood for the trees..

More needs to be done it’s how we learn how to provide functional wealth in which allows struggling individuals the massive stride forward the so desperately need..

Creating functional wealth could help tortured individual’s reverse mood emotional behaviour issues and dysfunction which i am almost certain is responsible for torturing soul’s of struggling individual’s..

Struggling individual’s are simply made to cope with unnecessary mood emotion and behaviour issues which overtime simply overwhelms overrides natural true self state of these individual’s in time..

We wouldn’t need to work our human body inorder to wake up our human body because our human body would naturally be extracting goodness from gut to body on a regular basis..

exerting our human body by exercise may work the human body in the short term..

But does exercise actually draw more toxicity from gut to body to muscle by exerting muscle overtime which prematurely may age human muscle tissue in time..

Our bodies support system may provide superior support when our human body operates to it’s full potential let’s say we suppress our human body..

We inturn unknowingly create a struggle in our human body we then create a disadvantage in our body with the way our human body manages itself..

Which in effect ill effects how well our brain communicates controls gut brain, our human body..

Gut wealth maintains our human bodies health which determines how far we go through life before our human body breaks..

There’s mechanism before mechanic’s which creates superior gut health in which helps support how well the human body receives nutrition..

let’s say a 20 year old kid trains the support system in the 20 year kid has twice the support system of that of a 40 year old..

Is the support system of a 20 year old twice as fresh of that of a 40 year old or is there a self decline in which is due to aged or has the 40 year old had twice the unnatural damage..


Some 20 year olds may genetically have twice the support system of that of some 20 year olds is this difference in support due to how our gut brain is manager to our genetics..

Can we understand how we create a 20 year old kids support system to be equal as each other if this is actually possible can we help 40 year old individual’s..

Create the best 40 year old support system humanely possible for a 40 year old if we learn to support our human body by not suppressing our body could we change the way nutrients was carried through body..

By elviating unnatural from in or around our human body we simply relieve revive the gut brain in which allows gut to naturally operate more efficiently..

Before we exert muscle in which could save the human body from burn out can we create awareness which prolongs the health of our body..

Natural strategy which prolongs our human bodies performance by releasing unnecessary strain from gut brain in which allows gut to play ball with muscle our gut would provide superior goodness to muscle and body..

Which improves performance and also could enable a safety device which allows human’s to understand we won’t over exert our human body..

We would naturally feel this benefit before exercise in the wealth of our functional wealth the human spirit..

We wouldn’t need to work our human body inorder to wake up our human body because our human body would naturally be extracting goodness from gut to body on a regular basis..

Which would also help our human body to be so much more efficient in how our human body desposes fat instead of storing fat..

Unnatural substance suppresses gut function but also changes how well food is broken down the down side to this is when food decomposes food creates gas..

Can we be superior caretakers to ourselves by Enabling our human body to be better supported by a superior engine in which also helps create superior body to brain brain to body connection..

By learning to understand our human body so much better than before our human body surely would carry us through our journey of life so much better than we imagined before..

Yes our body benefits from type of food we eat but way food’s broken down depends on how well the mechanisms beneath mechanic’s actually work..

Vascular depression causes gut brain depression in which suppresses gut function which changes the way our gut operates and how well food is broken down which inturn also changes how well food decomposes..

Basically unnatural damages our human body our human body is simply trying it’s best to run itself by itself unnatural interferes with the way the brain behind our body works our bodies second brain is the gut..

Unnatural substance suppresses gut function but also changes how well food is broken down the down side to this is when food decomposes food create gas..

Vascular depression creates gut depression which forces gut malfunction which creates bowl malfunction and also dangerous unnatural gas..

Unnatural gas which becomes lodged within our gut due to gut spasm this unnatural gas may weep through the wall of our gut to within our bodies..

The way our gut struggles causes our human body to manage unnatural gas this unnatural gas is a byproduct to how we suppress our human body our gut simply tries to control itself as we poison the human body..

Unnatural suppresses our human body which inturn overwhelms our bodies weakest link our gut the mechanisms beneath the struggle is our gut and more we provoke the vascular more we provoke gut brain and more we struggle in ourselves..

Vascular derails gut function gut function derails natural function throughout our human body in which snowballs our bodies unnatural self state our bodies balance our gut brain, brain brain and brain mind alliance..

This journey from dysfunction has helped me understand how functional wealth helps support our conscious self..

We wouldn’t compare complain if we understood how the other half had no choice but live..

Underlying struggle is the byproduct of how our human body suffers we suppress our human bodies with unnatural then the brain behind our bodies which controls our body suffers..

Then we consciously suffer i guess most of the time we don’t understand no the extent to how we suffer or how much we suffer..

I would like to be remembered for applying the knowledge in right direction of the more functional which helps the more functional understand what is unnaturally going on with the less functional..

Let’s create a world full of choice with equal opportunity as each other i’ve had no choice but live a life dysfunctional but i’ve learned to turn this dysfunctional life around..

Reeducated myself tell a story within a lifetime which isn’t bad going for someone who only two year ago struggled to read and write..

I had no support so I’ve had no choice other than manage my struggle but stood tow to tow with the struggle and somehow overcome the underlying struggle on my own..

This journey’s been a challenge a cross country challenge back and forth from within myself and i would like to thank all my wordpress followers who followed this journey..

This journey from dysfunction has helped me understand how functional wealth helps support our conscious self..

My own experiences with dysfunction to functional wealth has guided me throughout this journey..

This journey has intervened and taken the edge away from a struggle which I wouldn’t of had any choice but to live aside the rest of my life..

I didn’t understand how serious this condition was but let’s be honest the depth of what i’ve had to go through to come through to find this knowledge..

Is a story which I’ve not written but I will in time let’s say there was a time in time when time was the only choice I had to recover..

But now im wiser and my knowledge is understandable so i guess you could say you couldn’t write it but in the end i did..

I’ve had to gather information and do the maths as i’ve gone along and to make more sense i have simple had to fix and regain my own senses..

If you no what i mean.. 🙃🙂😉

Do incompetent individual’s lose control of themselves far too easily unknowingly..

Functional wealth naturally allows human’s to live a life with competence, functional wealth helps our conscious self take better control of our body..

Because the human body is ablely well enough to therefore work as it should do incompetent individual’s lose self control of themselves too easy unknowingly..

I won’t mention keep labeling individual’s with competence or incompetence let’s switch the subject to functional wealth..

Functional wealth helps counter determine good from bad what we badly do to our human body is detrimental to our functional wealth and destroys wellbeing..

Functional wealth changes how comfortable well we are as individual’s and changes diversity of our mood emotion around other’s..

Functional wealth helps maintain our bodies calmness around other’s and allows our human body to measure and naturally boss pressure kinda like second nature..

How functionally well we are shows itself in how ablely well we stay in control of ourselves whilst we maintain control of our car bare in mind our car is designed to get us from a to b..

When we take control of our car and behaviour overrides how safe we drive our car from a’b the car becomes as unsafe as the driver..

Cars should not be used to bridge the gap which functional wealth should fill this gap will never be filled..

There is one method which could fill the gap of how the human body is carrying a deplete in functional wealth and that is to reverse change how it occurred in the first place..

But what we must bare in mind is a deplete in functional wealth is a man made disease which simply unnaturally shuts down our guts brain overtime..

The method we use to bring our bodies functional wealth back into play simply targets revives the functional wealth wellness of our second brain in our gut..

The functional wellness wellbeing of our bodies second brain is crucial because this second brain is our bodies control unit to our bodies functional wealth..

Other than that misbehaviour will slowly creep in becomes the risk because functional wealth decline is the reason behind as to why the human body struggles and why we inturn misbehave..

Struggling individual’s don’t necessarily feel the urge need to misbehave the just live a life which is simply caught up in all the madness of their dysfunction of body, brain and mind..

Functional wealth relaxes allows our human body to chilax brain function which ultimately allows brain mind alliance to naturally tether connect play ball with our brain naturally as it should..

Which allows human’s to observe take in read more info from the bigger picture and virtually read volume of traffic approaching vehicles speed wise and also boss their own vehicle.

Functional wealth helps senses act around drivers ahead.. it’s that simply..

Could dysfunction cause driver’s to drive in straight lines when functional wealth is depleted and does not allow individual’s to tune in enough to sense the danger around themselves..

As well as functional driver’s do are functional driver’s naturally better equipped is dysfunction part of the make up of suppressed persons nature.. absolutely..

Are certain individual’s unable to help themselves who maintain suppressive nature throughout their life like the car which drives in straight lines..

Functionality is a key part of communication understanding knowing danger acknowledging danger is key to avoiding danger making most from opportunity throughout life becomes an art..

Functional wealth increases skill human persona helps gauge feelings emotion regulates stress fear, suppressed persona creates nervous disposition..

Is our second brain our bodies persona absolutely but is the health of our second brain what could make the difference to how we feel about one another how we feel about someone shows itself in insecurity..

Is insecurity a suppressed unatural state which is false feeling which disturbs suppresses how well our body brain balance naturally works feels.. absolutely..

Can we become lost in our bodies balance because unatural friction between gut brain, brain, brain mind alliance disturbs behaviour and sometimes it’s to late when we physically act the damage is done..

Relieve hidden friction from our body gives our human body the power to pull itself together like the functional individual would say in the heat of the moment after the event..

This could make more sense out the saying why the f..k did i do that because our body ultimately rules our head in the moment..

Our gut brain, brain, brain, brain mind alliance is simply balancing act and if the struggle to play ball with one another the human body doesn’t function as it should..

We easily become overwhelmed struggling individual’s struggle because the struggle the also don’t feel how well the do as an individual..

Because the manage diversity the struggle of mixed mood emotion in which challenges one’s attitude each and everyday..

The human brain, brain mind alliance is a game of two halfs and our bodies healthy persona simply exists within our human gut itself..

The other end of any conversation occurs within how we feel manage in the moment within oneself..

Gut health is how our body creates it’s functional wealth and supports the diversity of our mood emotion around each other before during after any conversation confrontation we have with one another..

Our gut brain and brain, brain mind mind alliance is a balancing act and how well we put life in perspective throughout our lives is all to do with how well this balancing act works..

Our attitude towards someone or life itself depends on balance between the two three including brain mind alliance and narcissists are a classic example of an out of sinc balance between the two three our gut brain and brain, brain mind alliance..

The way our bodies are heading narcissistic trates is the way we all heading if we not careful..

Narcissism is a clue that we not careful enough with what we do to our human body unnaturally do matters this maybe complex but if we don’t act soon mankind will become more and more divided..

The key is work on an algorithm which calms the storm in which creates natural balance within the individual who contains narcissistic traits and when we reverse as to why narcissistic traits form.

We simply then implemented this very same strategy into everyone lives and believe me the world would become safer brighter better place for everyone..

The human brain, brain mind alliance is a game of two halfs and our bodies healthy persona simply exists within our human gut itself..

Vascular depression forces gut depression which inturn suppresses brain function in which damages how well our brain connects itself to our brain mind alliance..