(Could-it-be-possible) to-naturally-turn around-our-bodies own-Natural-resource and-help-ourselves-prevent-or-slow-down-hereditary dis-ease


I believe chemical synthetic, immune intolerance can lead to stress within the (gut)

Immune system stress within the (gut) can lead to (gut malfunction) (Gut malfunction) also paves the way and may well be responsible for poor negative emotions and also hidden tension within the body, negative (strain) (stress) within the brain..

I believe it may be a good idea to try and solve as to why certain vital organs become under active or over active..

Instead of creating, unnatural synthetic reuptake, inwhich i believe simply has no way of naturally balancing  the correct weighing out process to naturally cator for our bodies needs..

What if we could naturally spark our bodies own natural resources back into life..

Which inturn could also naturally take away our negative (strain)..

If we keep ignoring as to why, our bodies own vital organ poorly perform and we keep trying to quick (fix) the problem, we may slowly be allowing certain vital organs to slowly slip away and fail altogether..

I believe we maybe able to solve (fix) or naturally pull around our existing vital organs, inwhich may then result, in us been able to naturally balance our bodies natural (reuptake) inwhich could create or reverse natural stability from within, to enable our bodies vital organs to naturally cater for the bodies needs..

What if unnatural food or drinks we’re designed for healthy (guts)..

(gut malfunction) may cause unnatural food or drinks to kinda exel a secondary malfunction, inwhich i believe may further disrupt the already existing (gut bowl) malfunction and possibly cause extra negative fuel to (turbo) fuel the already existing fuel inwhich fuels (sclerosis and fibromyalgia)..

Inwhich may then directly cause aggressiveness with symptoms to wax and wane and create a possible link..

For to how or why, (genetically hereditary dis-ease) may develop..

(Cronic-illness) intolerance-has-no-place-within-the-body..

Could.. chemical synthetic immune system intolerance be responsible for (sclerosis) that is caused within millions of lives..

The gut is responsible for supporting how well we meet our bodies natural needs..

Should we really be allowing the (gut) to absorb unatural food or drinks in which other airborne bacteria cannot even penetrate.. (preservatives)..

Live bacteria within the (gut) is no different to how other airborne bacteria penetrates preservatives..

The (gut) is responsible for actually supporting good quality healthy sustainable nutrients nutrition (energy) throughout or around our bodies during the good times and also through the hardest times (traumatic event’s)..

Immune system intolerance strengh towards against how well our immune system actually tolerate nasty chemicals or synthetics, could simply cause gut malfunction and toxicity to wax and wane and build up within..

Trauma or traumatic events, may simply then cause fight or flight in which i believe induces our brain and our bodies to sustain a kinda irreversibly toxic shock..

I believe it could be possible that we may be able to reduce progression or slow down cronic dis-ease, chronic pain and learn ourselves to naturally control mood disorders, if we learn how to reduce the negative fuel and nasty gases in which we unknowingly contain within the (gut)..

This may enable you to create a (tool) in which could help you control the amount of negative fuel (energy) in which then enter’s within your own circulatory system..

The gut, the second brain may well be responsible for change with how well the internal mechanics naturally work within you or to how well these three key hidden stages can naturally function within the body, in this prominent fashion..

First…immune response…

Second…digestion of food…


Depending upon how well your immune system deal’s with strain strengh towards against chemical synthetic intolerance, this may directly interfere or change your natural gut function long enough to actually cause, gut bowl malfunction..

This gut bowl malfunction increases toxicity, in which may also cause a kinda snowball effect, in which directly could interfere or cause change with to how well we emotionally feel from within one’s self, motivation strain..

I believe if we learn to take stock and relieve release our own toxicity we may be able to reduce immune system gut bowl malfunction and help ourselves learn how to releave toxicity build up and nasty trapped gases, before unatural gases and negative energy has the chance to intoxicate and enter within our bodies..

There is only one way for toxic energy and nasty trapped gases to go and that is to enter within the circulatory system, in which i believe further disrupt how well vital organs actually operate, vital organ may become under active or over active, due to unatural levels of toxicity..

Chemical synthetic immune intolerance, may cause muscle spasm or paralysis within the gut, in which i believe also causes the gut to produce excessively strong acid..

Aggressive acid within the gut which may directly cause or leed to greater risk of intolerance towards against how well equipped the gut actually then is able to deal with unaturally processed food and drinks..

Im positively sure that chemical synthetic immune intolerance’s variesĀ  from person to person, but could the variant for as to who may suffer the most, from chemical synthetic immune intolerance..

Directly be down to how well pharmaceutical companies back in the day actually measured individual’s for chemical synthetic sensitivity..

Have pharmaceutical companies simply miss judge how individual immune systems in years gone by actually differentiate nasty response towards against these chemicals synthetics..

Because in say 5 or 10 years time from now, unatural immune sensitivity may well be responsible for as to why so so many individual’s suffer with chronic dis-ease..

This could be the case, im positively sure, when certain individual’s have intolerance, chemical synthetic intolerance wont go away on it’s own..

If we keep putting these chemicals synthetics in the way of the immune the strengh simply builds, grows more and more resistance over time..

In 10 or 20 year’s gone by i believe the damage sustained within the human body is irreversible..

The only way, i believe we can naturally reduce any further progression is to actually help ourselves eliminate or reduce all unatural compounds altogether..

Natural healthier nutrition nutrients, in which reenters within the circulatory system, i believe will also help individual’s who have shortened career in physical sport and allow these individual’s to actually proactive there bodies can carry themselves throughout there sporting careers..


What if poor mental health was simply a distortion within our bodies and from within our brain’s..

A distortion in which may have simply dulled down who we originally were and gradually fazed in a more negatively emotional version of who we once we’re..

Negative emotions don’t directly make you physically make decisions..

Negative emotion, simply change the tone with how you already feel, (dulled down) feelings from within yourself, in which directly impacts as to how well you are then able to deal with yourself, whilst living throughout your lifes events..

I believe there could be struggling individual’s out there, that may not no the actually have a underlying health conditions,

(Imagine) suffering from a life changing mental health condition, inwhich slowly came to stay with you, in which progressively got worse over time..

One year on, two year on, three year on..

Each and every day, week, month, year in which then goes by..

This distortion (strain) wares our soul’s down down down..

Have we taken the human body for granted..

I believe the only true time our body can take time out, is when we sleep..

Our bodies obviously gain rest, as we sleep, but most of all, i believe our body may have a well deserved break from how we negatively corrupt our bodies to deal unecessary, with chemical synthetic intolerance..

Most toothpaste, even kids toothpaste, now contain fluoride, in which is a aluminium based by product (madness) certain shower gels and shampoos contain carcengenics (madness) deodorant also contains (aluminium) we then contaminate our whole living space (our house) with detergent (madness)..

I would love some of you who suffer from either mental strain or chronic pain, fatigue or disease, to replace your nasty products with more naturally safer products..

A little prune juice also helps, a little glass with each meal, this helps to m condition the gut..

A chemical synthetic illness, i believe is simply propt up, when we use nasty chemicals or synthetics..

Reduce these nastys and allow your body to be disfunctional free inorder so that your gut can naturally support your mind, body and your soul’s..


We may have shed a little light, in the right direction, in which i believe may have helped reveal, we may all be suffering the consequences of chemical synthetic intolerance..

The human body is robust and has stood up to the test of time..

But have we somehow falling foul and simply over looked or (ignored) the pro’s and con’s, with to how we take a safe approach, with how we actually use chemicals synthetics and to what we actually use nasty chemicals or synthetics for..

Have we become blind to how we actually measure chemical synthetic intolerance, i believe that certain individual’s say in 5 years from now, may have had, quite alot of unnecessary chemical synthetic immune intolerance..

Could it be possible that our chemical synthetic immune sensitivity towards against how well equipped our immune system’s can actually manage to tolerate, response towards against chemicals synthetics..

Our immune system is our bodies first line of defence, our immune system is also responsible for negative change or interference within to how well the (gut) can naturally support the bodies (vital organs) with sustainable good quality healthy nutrition nutrients..

The gut is so much more than our digestive system..

The gut is alike a human generator, a generator inwhich also has feelings, the gut also shows remorse towards against negative strain, inwhich is a response from within the gut, in which i believe we more commonly no as, our immune response..

Unnecessary immune intolerance may kinda cause certain individual’s (guts) to actually (react) a little alike a (car engine) inwhich goes into (limp mode) i believe immune system intolerance may cause the (gut) to kinda shut down the bodies natural supply of sustainable good quality healthy nutrition nutrients..

There may also be plenty signs that when our bodies suffer from mental health issues, the rest of our bodies also suffer symomtamously..

If and when we use chemical or synthetics..

All we are doing is testing our bodies inner defence mechanisms (robustness)..

Should we really be ignoring stress or tension and unatural strain in which already exists within us, in which could directly be interfering with our mental health..

What if, Negative emotions were actually an early warning sign, that our bodies were in distress..

Has anyone thought, that our bodies own vital organs may have the natural ability to answer alot of unanswered questions, that need to be answered, inorder so we can naturally support and maintain a healthy balance throughout or within our bodies..

To cater for the bodies needs..

(Imagine) if we could work along side our immune system and we could ensure our (immune systems needs) we’re met, just by lowering to what our immune system do not deam safe..

This maybe the kick up the arse that our body needs inorder to help better understand that we may need to help replenish the (gut) to enable the (gut) to revitalise and help naturally support or allow the bodies vital organs to operate (efficiently) and not under active or over active..

We could also help create an (algorithm) in which may help our body to be naturally stabilized, i believe the bodies vital organs may need to operate naturally to accomplish this..

Has anyone thought, that when the (gut) unaturally supports the bodies vital organs, this may unsettle how productive our vital organs may systematically then deal with change..

Eg..this change maywell take effect, when one or more vital organs are actually suffering..

Im positively sure, our bodies vital organs unaturally become bogged down..

Due to unnecessary chemical synthetic (strain) inwhich i believe simply cause (deterioration) to how well the (bodies) vital organs can naturally operate (regulate) change from within one’s self..

Especially when we take little to no caution with how we cut corners by way of unecessarily relying on chemicals or synthetics, in which may have catastrophic consequences with to how well our bodies vital organs can naturally operate..

I believe that if our (gut) unaturally becomes bogged down, our bodies vital organs may also become under active or over active..

This may also change the way that our bodies can naturally maintain itself, from within one’s self..

My recovery-from-ptsd-explained..

In (1996) At the age of 20 years old..
I was prescribe co (proxamol pain) killers, for damage that i had sustained to my ankle, these (co proxamol) pain killers were actually taken away in (1996) this same year and taken off the prescribe market, due to fear, (co proximol) pain killer’s were highly toxic..

I did not take (co proxamal) together with ecstasy table, (co proxamal) was already in my system..

These (co proxamol) pain killer’s, may have already been reaping havoc, within my body, on the night in which i had taken the ecstasy tablet..

The night in which i had taken the ecstasy tablet, i was taken away in an ambulance, inwhich i Nearly (died) the nxt day i was discharged from hospital, a little shaky and still not my true self..

Two weeks later, i (relapsed) i had my first major (panic attack) i was alone, in a hotel lobby in london..

I was actually taken away in another ambulance and later discharged..

Little did i no that, this night would unknowingly stay with me forever..

Four year’s on i was still actually suffering from (ptsd) and with the usual panic attacks, inwhich were a total out of body experience..

My guts were getting more and more bunged up and also attached were low moods inwhich i could not actually rise from and then something happened..

This something was (sun sweet prune juice) i drank about half a bottle inwhich totally emptied me a little alike what we may more commonly no as a colon cleanse..

This actually helped me reduce the negative shift pattern in which i had previously had no control..

At this point i found i had understood i may have found a tool, in which i could later use inorder to help myself reduce my negative suffering, inwhich i also now believe helped me reduce my bodies (toxicity level) toxic build up..

I used volume of (sun sweet prune juice) to over power what i now believe to be, a seriously aggressive immune system intolerance toward against chemicals synthetics (my body will never come back from how my immune system now reacts towards against nasty chemicals or synthetics..

I’ve somehow been able to tune into my bodies adversity and learn myself, that when i reduce my nasty chemical synthetic overload, the volume or the amount of (sunaweet prune juice) in which i then use, has symomtamously also been reduced and now penetrates my gut to releave release my immune system gut bowl toxicity, so much better than before..

In which once forced my body to be intoxicated, i am now more functionally better in control of myself and positively better in control of how well i can now deal with the outside world..

I no longer suffer (panic attacks) nor have i suffered any further episodes of (ptsd)

I keep a bottle of (sun sweet prune juice) by my side (its my medication) and i believe (sun sweet prune juice( always will be..

Clipped wings

Growing up as a kid..
I believe my immune system response may have been genetically and hereditary programmed from birth set in stone..

Yes my immune system response may well have been genetically and hereditary programmed from birth, set in stone this is our bodies inner defence mechanism we are talking about here, in which the human body naturally uses automatically towards fighting against invading dis-ease or infections..

My immune system may have always been slightly more sensitive to intolerance towards nasty chemicals or synthetics, all my life..

I believe my gut the (my second brain) may have become considerably bogged down due to unnecessary immune system response (strain) towards against chemicals synthetics..

Could the fight that ive been fighting from such an early age, been prevented.. (i think so)

My immune intolerance to response to nasty chemicals or synthetics, may have resulted in my immune system slowly negatively interfering with to how well my gut could naturally support healthy sustainable fuel energy towards supporting my mind my body and my soul..

Immune system agression towards what your immune system does not deam safe, i believe simply prevents the gut supporting the bodies vital organs with good enough nutrition nutrients to naturally support the bodies vital organs, enough to stay fit and healthy..

Something was kinda negatively over powering me and was getting in the way, this something was kinda dumbing me down functionally and emotionally..

This something was kinda stealth in which caused stress, aggression, low moods (rage) and also tension within the (brain) this tension within the (brain) i believe also interferes directly with motivation and then behaviour..

Negative moods (emotions) inwhich already exist within you, in which you find yourself struggling to control on a day to day basis..

I believe these negative mood emotions are realy a negative strain inwhich overpowers and dull down your natural true emotions..

Negative moods (emotions) can also interfere with the amount of strain in which exists within you, which i believe can directly interfere with as to how much effort you feel like it will take from within yourself (motivation strain) in which may change how well we able to turn emotion thought into physicall motion without need to feel forced..

These mood stages simply got in the way, to the direction how this young kid could actually move himself forward..

A hidden mood disorder in which only i could feel, a hidden mood disorder in which made less hostile environment feel hostile..

We feel the world through our bodies..

Immune response is from within the gut..

I believe synthetic immune intolerance directly causes immune system gut bowl malfunction inwhich results in intoxication within the gut and also the bowl, in which i believe then floods the body with negativity..

By understanding what first drives vulnerability in how well young kids can spread there wings and by learning more about these stages early enough..

Before these stages take grip, i believe we could learn how to intervene and create the right strategy, before the future of certain individual’s are destroyed forever..

I believe we could create and learn ourselves how to (reverse) a behavioural condition, in which i believe kids are unknowingly left to deal with, these kids have little to no choice other than to fight a fight of self control within themselves day in day out..

Let’s come together and give these kids a choice, in which may naturally ease there pain..

I believe Kids who struggle with development (issue’s) problems, maybe somewhat kinda having a harder ride throughout there lifes events..

This could be because of a condition that exists within certain kids, in which i believe is so so miss understood..

Kids need a better resolve, in which could help change the direction and ease the pain, in which may already exist from within these kids, i believe with the right intervention we could help change, as to how hostile the environment actually feels from within these kids..

The mechanism behind natural gut function.. is second brain comfort..

The strengh in which our immune system tolerates chemicals synthetics and to how regular we actually provoke our bodies, by way of chemical synthetic immune intolerance, i believe may directly cause unatural gut toxicity to wax and wane within our digestive tract..

Which eventually could cause increase in toxicity, enough to intoxicate our gut and it’s bowl, to kinda negatively over power your bodies own natural feelings, a little alike (alcohol)..

There are three key stages, which are hidden in which we need to learn and better understand, inorder so we learn to help ourselves change the deathly cycle of immune system gut bowl malfunction..

Could it be possible to actually learn ourselves a strategy inorder to so we could create the method, in which our bodies are crying out for, inorder to naturally help aid and support the bodies vital organs and simply learn ourselves to turn the tide with how we combat chonic dis-ease..

To do this, i believe we may need to learn and understand these three key stages hidden beneath the immune system within the gut..

Could it possible to change the way we view, as to what may fuel the fuel to our chonic dis-ease, hereditary dis-ease and learn ourselves to better understand how mood disorders and chronic illness, actually develop..

I believe If we can learn and understand these three key hidden stages, maybe then it could be possible to help diffuse the negative fuel inwhich fuels the fuel to chonic dis-ease..

What if, we could help develop better strategies in which we could use to help create develop natural methods so we learn ourselves a save resolve for how we combat chonic dis-ease hereditary dis-ease..

Stage one i believe is the initial strengh generated by immune response towards intolerance or the actual amount of strain, in which the immune system can tolerate chemical synthetic intolerance, before the amount of strain caused by chemicals synthetics then becomes a problem..

A problem Inwhich systematically forces the gut to go to spasm or malfunction, in which causes gut paralysis, in which restricts the quality and the quantity of natural healthy nutrients nutrition, in which can enter within the circulatory system..

I’ve learned to use sun sweet prune juice to help relieve gut bowl malfunction, in which i believe has help relieve and release toxicity build up, prune juice has also helped me relieve release any nasty trapped gasses, which became lodged within my digestive tract, these nasty trapped gasses may also be responsible for penetrating the gut in which directly may cause unatural mood and unatural negative shift patterns to occur, nip with negative emotions..

Stage two, i believe may directly be caused, due to when the initial immune intolerance is prolonged and when ther variation of chemical synthetic overload towards nastys which is enough inorder to turn natural gut function to gut malfunction, which symomtamously may then pave the way to an unstable environment within the gut for healthy bacteria to thrive microbioter..

Stage three i believe is when malfunction increases enough to change the course to how well the food in which we eat is then broken down, which may cause poorly digested food to create negative fuel, in which fuels the bodies vital organs..

Stage two and three would not occur if we could actually tune in and learn to better control the initial immune response towards chemical synthetic intolerance..

we could even help learn ourselves the algorithm, in which we to help learn a strategy to help control how (inflammatory dis-ease) may form itself within our bodies..

By lowering the initial chemical synthetic intolerance this may systematically then help stabilise improve a healthy environment for healthy bacteria to thrive (our gut microbioter)..

By lowering the initial immune system chemical synthetic intolerance this may also help stability with natural digestion and help pave the way to how good quality healthy nutrition can naturally help replenish our bodies vital organs..

My disfunctional journey.. a world apart..

A disfunctional journey inwhich i can hounestly say has turned into great pleasure..

I believe ive somehow learned and gained a dossier of great knowledge inwhich my body was so desperately crying out for me to solve, who could believe, that i could somehow help learn myself to resolve my own bodies adversity to my mental strain (pstd) and then somehow learn a strategy to create a method, to help change promote the way my gut can now provide the rest of my body with healthy nutrition..

All i can say is that this journey ive been on to gain this knowledge, has simply been a blessing in disguise and god only knows the true extent of what would have become of me if i didnt enter myself into, what could have been a race against time, against my chronic dis-ease..

I may have somehow learned myself to tune into my bodies negative sufferering and actually help learn myself a strategy enough to figure out a method, inwhich i believe has helped me to reduce any further progression just in the nick of time..

(I figured out my own resolve) and i believe this method is certainly relevant to every single one of us, who may have (mental) or a (physical) chronic condition or (circulatory dis-ease) and this is also relevant for pharmaceutical companies, who for sometime now have surely been (blind) to as to finding cure.. Instead of trying to make bridges and massive amounts of money..

What if we could learn how to intervene and change reduce, control the amount of toxic fuel inwhich enters into our circulatory system..

I believe we may have a solution to help better understand the origin of how (hereditary dis-ease may develop)

We are now having a crisis, an (epidemic)
I believe dis-ease manifests itself slowly but surely from the gut and then to the rest of the body..

i believe prolonged amounts of negative fuel inwhich maybe caused by if or when we have immune system intolerance..

chemical synthetic immune intolerance maybe simple enough to disrupt natural gut function, inwhich i believe symomtamously then causes gut malfunction (paralysis of the gut)..

immune system gut malfunction further disrupts how well the gut can naturally provide a healthy balance of sustainable good quality (nutrients) energy to or around our bodys vital organs..

unnatural food, processed food or drinks simply further disrupts the already existing immune system gut malfunction..

I believe by reducing chemical synthetic overload this can systematically then help improve the way our gut can then provide a sustainable amount of good quality nutrition to or around our circulatory system..

Inwhich i believe will help control or prevent (dis-ease)..

Origins of disease..

The gut can only support the bodies vital organs with good enough nutrition when there is little to no obstruction or interference with natural gut function..

Gut malfunction changes the way the gut can naturally support sustainable nutrients to the mind the body and the soul.

When we have an aggressive immune system intolerance towards against chemicals synthetics, believe me there is a lot of obstruction, the obstacles are just hidden away within our bodies, out of sight, the cannot be seen..

The gut may have its own brain mechanism in which helps regulate and control natural gut function.. i also believe our second brain helps support immune response..

I believe our immune system response is a reaction from within the gut or (the-second-brain)..

Synthetic chemical immune resistance may directly obstruct or cause tension strain within the second brain.. (nip with negative emotion)

Chemical synthetic immune intolerance may systematically then cause the gut to go into spasm and kinda cause gut paralysis, in which then fprces gut to malfunction, this may also damage or interfere with healthy bacteria (gut flora)..

Gut malfunction can wax and wane, depending on the variation of nasty chemicals synthetics in which we use at any one time..

We also need to take stock, take note with to how often we actually use nasty products..

i believe our immune system response to each nasty chemical or synthetic may last as long as 24 hours from start to finish..

We have three problems here, the gut malfunction in which paves the way to how sustainable healthy gut bacteria can thrive (gut microbioter) we then have (poor quality) digestive system in which i believe causes toxicity to wax and wane in our digestive tract and also within our bowl and then we have lack of natural absorption of good quality nutrition..

I believe gut malfunction directly causes negative fuel which is distributed around our circulatory system (the guts vital organs) i believe negative fuel that is distributed around our bodies vital organs could directly be responsible for what maybe fuelling hereditary disease (high cholesterol) and a whole host of other (dis-ease) within our circulatory system especially cell degenerative (dis-ease) and (arthritis)..

Im almost certain that i have slowly chipped away and broke down the code we so desperately need to help (solve prevent) dis-ease..

Natural function maybe within us all we just need to allow ourselves to set it free..

Are functional individual’s naturally more gifted and are functional individual’s naturally well equipped..

In which, enables a more functional individual’s to be sharper more accurate and more in control of their natural processing ability.. absolutely..

Is functional a total opposite version to our negative self and is unatural strain directly responsible for when we struggle..

Are disfunctional individual’s unknowingly being forced to push through unatural strain in which co exists and simply gets in the way to how well the manage..

Unatural strain directly interferes with focus one’s ability to zoom into a bigger picture enough to grasp an opportunity, when it really matters..

Is this due to how a functional frontal lobe, has little to no strain or interference from the gut through to the brain, in which naturally allows superior processing ability and optimum sensory skills.. unknowingly..

Our brain’s sensory tools, our eyes and ears, nose and emotional feelings..

Is how well the brain connects it’s sensory tools, depend on the health of our gut to simply enable less strain but greater natural power to power up the frontal lobe, in which all our sensory tools are attached..

The gut is obviously our bodies digestive system but is the gut also the emotional epicentre to what makes us who we are and ultimately the gut may also be the brain behind how the immune system responds..

The gut and our immune system go hand in hand so when unatural substance suppresses our vascular system we inturn simply suppress how well our immune system, actually responds..

Because when we force our gut to create it’s depression, which is directly caused through vascular depression..

Gut depression directly interferes with how well our gut supports the immune system, which also creates a nip with true emotional spirit..

Inorder to sustain natural gut function and create natural straight forward composure and feel true emotion, we first need to learn how to create less tension strain within our body..

So we enable our frontal lobe to co inside and better connect itself to the brain, in which allows the brain to create optimum processing ability..

we need to understand how to take care of our vascular system so our immune system is powerful enough to take better care of our bodies..

We need to take contamination more serious because we can learn something very special from decompressing unatural substance from the vascular system..

because decompression, helps to reverse change and rid our bodies of chronic pain dis-ease and other hereditary dis-ease..

By cutting off unatural strain and exactly what is responsible for fueling the fuel to why the human body unaturally creates it’s hidden underlying health condition..

A glimmer of hope, which could allow us all to learn knowledge mother nature intended..

Reverse contamination and learn us how to natural create a way for natural intervention, in which could ultimately allow the human body to gain superior a naturally stable inner support system..

Closing-the-gap-between-disfunctional and-functional

Closing the gap between dysfunctional and functional could be a major player..
I believe this could be possible..

I also believe we in need of change, we need believe and we need a better understanding, in order so we can get the right support, we may need to rally around and unite..

because right now the support we receive at the bottom of the pack is from the major players at the top of the pack and correct me if im wrong, but are these major players at the top, just guessing at whats wrong at the bottom of the pack.. when it comes to dysfunctional disorders, mood disorders and chonic disease..

There has been a total disregard towards the use chemicals synthetics, cutting corners by way of using chemicals or synthetics ,has simply had damming effects within our bodies, i believe the consequences to having a total disregard to chemicals synthetics has for sometime now caused an epidemic..

Immune system intolerance may vary from person to person..

I believe we can learn so much from intolerance..This intolerance could be something to nothing or a more serious combination overload and depending on which one you are..

This in time could make the difference between if you are in good health or if you are in need of help..

So what if chemical sythetic immune intolerance was simple enough to shut down your gut and stop your gut from naturally supporting you..

the more intolerant you are to what the major players at the top deam safe.. could be paving the way to a gut malfunction that simply is not sufficient enough over time to support your mind your body and your soul with good enough nutrition..

Gut malfunction could be causing negative fuel that is distributed within our bodies inwhich i believe, may also be fuelling and slowly destroying and dividing families..