If we lack in knowledge and try to overwhelm existing elivated mood emotion stress with a third party we become dependent on the third and the third party can become our bodies addiction..

Mind controls body, thought creates memory, memory and thought supervises controls mind, unnatural substance suppresses vascular, vascular suppresses gut, gut damage creates dysfunction..

When we try take advantage of unnatural substance we simply need to understand risks before we able to measure advantage because when we force our subconscious body to struggle unnecessarily..

Unnatural substance forces our subconscious self to disconnect and derail itself from our conscious self by allowing subconscious body to contain unnatural substance ..

Subconscious body in time struggles to maintain it’s connection to mind because body becomes infected and body suppresses connection to mind from body which disturbs how well our mind connects itself to body..

When the human mind takes extra effort inorder to take charge of our human body this is because gut suppresses and therefore forces mind out mind struggles to connect itself and take charge of our human body, this isn’t natural..

Is brain relying on subconscious wealth to allow mind to operate efficiently process reality does mind need to be the same wave length as thought inorder to turn reality into thought does strengh of thought create quality of memory..

Can brain only comprehend quality of information which exist and filtered through mind to create thought to create memory..

Is memory only as good as the mind which supplies transfers the information to memory is depth in imagination only as deep as experience is mind structure only as well as our functional wealth is in our body..

Mind stability to motor body creates ability and ability is only as accurate as health of the mind in which takes control of body we only manage behaviour when the relationship suffers with mind to body ..

We only as wise as power in which supports the mind we only as smart as our mind interacts with thought our mind must connect itself to thought inorder to create intellect..

Human judgement is based on how we feel in the moment about someone or something but does how well our human body connects itself to mind change how well we feel before we judge.. absolutely..

What we need to grasp is human’s are only in control of our conscious self and our conscious only manage itself as well as subconscious self naturally manages to run itself..

Contamination creates vascular damage in which damages the way gut brain runs the human body our conscious self only is in control of existing mood emotion stress..

Our conscious self cannot regulate mood emotion nor stress in which exists already human’s consciously damage their own subconsciousnes..

We damage subconscious body our subconscious body doesn’t damage itself our consciousness actually manages damage we cause in our subconscious self..

Our conscious self manages the damage we do to subconscious self human intervention is based on what conscious self thinks best conscious self create a solution..

Which is totally lacking knowledge conscious self cannot see into depth of damage that unnatural has had on subconscious enough to reveal damage of year’s gone by..

If we don’t understand the true origin to underlying damage we won’t fully understand how suppression exists we go around in circles from within we try to manage our bodies elivated mood emotion and stress..

Which creates why the human body eventually creates it’s addiction because we never allow ourselves to tackle suppression head on by eliminating why our body manages suppression..

When we try overpower overwhelm existing stress to control stress mood and emotion with a third party the third party becomes our addiction

If we lack in knowledge and try to overwhelm existing elivated mood emotion stress with a third party we become dependent on the third and the third party can become our bodies addiction..

Underlying struggle keeps coming through so human’s use what the think is best option for them at the time but ultimately this won’t tackle subconscious suppression head on

Does gut suppression get in our way and disrupt how well our guts healing process naturally works comes together..

Vascular is a direct route through to our gut brain and when our gut brain is suffering a progressive stage to our already existing gut damage which either increases in time or suddenly.. IE ptsd..

Does unnatural substance suppress vascular then slowly suppress and damage gut brain could sudden impact of unnatural substance force irreversible damage to gut brain..

But is the straw in which breaks the camel’s back what turns mood emotion and distress to behavioural disorder an early stage to another progressive stage in which damages the way our subconscious body then functions with brain brain..

Without our conscious self sensing strain developing subconsciously if dysfunction is apparent yes we have a further progressive stage of our existing condition which existed in our gut..

Vascular depression may force existing gut brain to rupture by witnessing traumatic event our human body could develop ptsd because of fight or flight..

But could gut suppression at same time as our traumatic event kick in fight or flight and rupture already existing gut brain damage which is caused by unnatural suppression..

Which forces irreversible damage to gut brain so can recovery rate with ptsd be measured in length of time it takes for our second brain in time to naturally recover the rupture on it’s own and if this is the case..

Can we spead the gut brain recovery process up by learning how we understand how to reduce unatural substance in which helps reduce gut brain suppression during recovery of ptsd..

Vascular depression suppresses gut brain and as gut brain over exerts itself during flight or fight it ruptures itself because stress fractures in which already existed force our second brain to rupture more easily..

Could we create a human circuit breaker which allows our body not to be overloaded by unnatural substance during recovery of ptsd after a traumatic event..

Which could possibly allow gut brain enough time to help aid it’s natural recovery by releasing unnatural strain we release unnatural suppression from gut brain which also helps aid natural recovery ..

Gut brain rupture during traumatic experience, this rupture may only heal on it’s own naturally overtime..

Could best intervention be to not allow vascular depression to force gut suppression during second brain recovery..

Does gut brain rupture have to naturally heal on it’s own a little alike any other rupture but does amount of vascular depression force unnatural gut suppression..

Is gut suppression enough to get in the way and disrupt how well our guts natural healing process comes together, works..

If our body struggles our human body inturn struggles to adapt enough inorder to keep us up with the way of the world and we tare strips off one another along the way..

Bet some of us wish we had the patience we were born with Impatience is our bodies way of telling us something isn’t quite right with the way our human body connects with our brain brain..

Is sensible opposite to careless but is sensible more to do with how our human body is in sinc before we channel what we do..

Does our human body work better when our bodies are aligned does this allow our subconscious body to play ball with our brain..

Patience helps ourselves maintain calmness which helps us stay in control of ourself in the moment especially around other’s..

But does our competitive side get the better us as individual’s around other’s i was going to say the way the world is going but it’s no fault of the world..

For the way we are with one another do we lose control of ourselves far to easily in a moment in the modern world can we pounce and cut each other’s throats for little to no reason..

Sad but true..

But is this more to do with how we struggle before we adapt in the world while connecting within ourselves before we connect with one another..

the world hasn’t changed human’s are the one’s who change we simply cannot see past ourselves our human body simply adopts silly careless strategies as a co sider to help us in the moment..

We become ruthless in the moment but the real problem maybe the way we’ve changed doesn’t allow us to adjust ourselves around other’s way we once adapted slips..

When our human body struggles our body inturn struggles to adapt enough to keep us up with the way of the world and we tare strips off one another along the way..

Our body and mind creates our soul but our body and brain brain sing there own hymns in which allows natural balance..

But if we interfere with their balance we simply interfere with the way our body creates togetherness..

In which reflects in the way we behave we weren’t impressed enough with a bike so we made car when that wasn’t enough we made planes and when that wasn’t enough came along space ships be fucked..

What we are helps maintain what we have we lose everything without our bodies wealth and everything is nothing without bodies health..

If we understand what’s needed to provide what makes a difference surely this knowledge would go along way to learning how we prevent disorders not becoming normality.

Once our human body becomes damage either in beginning of life or over time our human body becomes limited in response to how our human body manages unnatural..

If we not careful how we choose what we chase our human bodies hunger destroys will and may give humans the need to be hungrier with one another..

Gut malfunction is a progressive stage of how the human body breaks our brain brain simply cannot play ball with our body when our body malfunctions..

Vascular depression causes gut brain depression which creates gut bowl malfunction and unnatural toxicity and gas simply suppresses our human body and damages functional wealth..

Gut malfunction destroys the way our gut supposed to break down the food we eat gut malfunction forces our gut to break down food in an unusual manner..

Which creates toxicity in which increases our bodies inner toxicity greater effect unnatural substance has on our vascular system greater the impact vascular depression has on gut brain function..

Greater gut malfunction greater gut toxicity we must defuse gut malfunctions in order to defuse the human bodies hidden toxicity we need to reverse how our human bodies manage unnatural substance to relieve gut depression..

By alleviating vascular depression we simply release stress strain from gut brain which helps relieve reduce defuse gut depression which reduces gut malfunction..

Gut malfunction forces food to be broken down differently to how food should be broken down which make our faeces contain more unnatural toxicity gas than faeces would if gut wasn’t malfunctioning..

We need to allow our gut and our subconscious body enough time to break the unnatural cycle this allows human’s enough time to manage control gut malfunction..

If we don’t allow enough time we cannot break our subconscious bodies unnatural cycle and we simply won’t allow enough time to allow us enough time to penetrate gut malfunction which doesn’t allow us enough time to release unnatural gas from faeces..

Unnatural gas toxicity in faeces damages our vascular system so if we dont break the source the source to the cycle the unnatural cycle will break us and we wonder why we dysfunctional step in my shoes for a day..

Prune juice help break down faeces release unnatural gas from faeces but prune juice won’t penetrate the gut when we don’t help defuse the malfunction..

Gut malfunction is a progressive stage of how the human body breaks our brain brain simply cannot play ball with our body when our body malfunctions..

Defuse unnatural simply creates intervention clearing unnatural gas faeces is only part of a cycle we need to break the unnatural cycle down all together to allow our human to come together as one..

Break our bodies deathly cycle defuses our gut strain which allows the gut to develop our human body by reversing gut malfunction which may also help human’s come close to creating natural fountain of youth..

Our bodies natural balance lives in how effective our bodies natural resource work so more we break our body more broken we become in ourselves overtime.

There is reason why a car interior is concealed our human body may be weather proof but our human body is not contamination proof..

Our human body won’t allow us to contaminate our body all our lives and allow us to get away with it scot free contamination catches up with us and our human body starts the ball rolling for our fall our self decline..

In which gradually fazes our bodies inner deficit in little by little until the deficit eventually takes over and over power’s our human body..

Our bodies self decline forces natural resource to struggle and suffer suppression then our bodies resources become over active under active..

Our human body simply tries to compensate for all the unnatural things we do, unnatural suppresses our body and time alters the way our bodies natural resources work and operate efficiently in time..

Until our body has no choice but be insufficient in the way it runs itself by itself..

Our mood emotion behaviour is our early warning sirens our bodies cry for help, human intervention is best intervention we need to understand interpret where our body goes wrong..

If we study mood emotion we interpret mood emotion behaviour is a byproduct of mood emotion when we understand early warning signs..

Elivated mood emotion forces individual’s to control behaviour alone before the manage but ultimately the end product to reversing our bodies unnatural suppressed state calms our human body but helps preserve our human body through time..

Elivated mood emotion is simply a disorder for a reason and when we ignore our bodies cry for help our human body will depreciate all the more..

Our human body has no choice but break so it’s up to us to allow ourselves to put our wrongs right and read into why our body actually suffers..

More we contaminate more our human body suffers because our brain behind our body cannot contain unnatural..

More we use unnatural greater our struggle and somehow our subconscious self simply has to emerge from this struggle on it’s own while running itself by itself..

We cannot sense recognize human self decline because when our human body crumbles we go with the flow of our bodies self decline..

Could we learn how we recognize if we understand dysfunction enough to allow function in which could also allow functional individual’s to become so much more functional..

The biggest thing in which may come out of this would honestly be human’s could possibly unite and come together with one another if we learn how to understand each other clearer..

Synthetic substitute does not resolve why our body needs a substitute and synthetic substitute ultimately has no way of artificially known how to balance itself within the complexity of our human bodies system..

Our bodies natural balance lives in how effective our bodies natural resource work so more we break our body more broken we become in ourselves overtime.

Our brain brain is a game of to halfs and our conscious self cannot be itself when we suppress the way our subconscious body behaves..

Is mood emotion behaviour a little unpredictable like weather..

Or is our human body containing it’s own self a little alike the weather in which directly changes mood emotion behaviour depending on intensity of the weather of our bodies natural self unnatural self..

The way we fit in our world around us triggers mood emotion behaviour but our sensitivity of mood emotion effects behaviour the way we fit in..

So if we consciously adjusting ourselves to our world around us does this mean our subconscious body symoutanosly adjusts itself to..

What we unnatural do to our human body inturn provokes subconscious body which intensifies sensitivity of our mood emotion which effects our human behaviour..

When we provoke our subconscious body human’s inturn struggle to adapt aswel to the world around us because we disturb the functional wealth of our inner self..

Our brain brain is a game of to halfs and our conscious self cannot be itself when we suppress the way our subconscious body behaves..