does guts natural recovery coincide with minds experience does the gut determine our mind’s actual experience..

Does shock simply collide with gut suppression..

At same time as when the gut actually suffers unnatural suppression..

When shock collides with the gut at same time as the gut suffers chemical suppression..

Does the actual impact which shock has on the gut which is unnaturally suppressed now rupture the gut..


Mind naturally communicates with human body through the gut itself…

But when chemical suppression actually suppresses the gut at the actual same time as shock..

Does shock simply now rupture the mind’s communication system within the gut..



Does the extent of the destruction within the mind actually now develop post shock..

Because of the extent of the unnatural suppression creating the rupture within gut during shock..

In which now simply exists within the gut itself..

In which now creates our mind’s disruption…

Mind’s underlying damage simply now develops after shock..

Due to the nature of how our gut suppression actually ruptures during shock.

Our guts chemical suppression is soulfully responsible for why gut develops suppression..

In which simply now ruptures the gut during shock..

The length of trauma..

In which unnaturally unfolds there after..

Will simply now depend on the length of time the gut naturally takes to heal it’s rupture on it’s own..

But bare this in mind..

Chemical suppression created the guts unnatural suppression..

In which was responsible for actually creating the rupture in first place..

So we have two main factors we have the chemical suppression and we have the rupture..

In which has occurred within gut itself..

So how do we give the gut the best chance to heal it’s rupture..

We simply relieve the gut of it’s chemical suppression..

In which kinda allows the gut to actually be in a reduced state of suppression..

In which simply allows the gut the best chance to naturally heal itself by itself..

Mind’s projection will always be in the shade of the gut..

What i’m portraying here is how the mysterious events unfolds..

If chemical suppression suppresses the gut at the same time..

As when we actually suffer shock..

Does the gut simply now damage itself by tearing itself by possibly rupturing itself..

When chemical suppression now creates the guts unnatural spasm..

The spasm which now ruptures at the very same time as we suffer shock..

Could extent of the damage which forms a rupture now simply depend..

On how much the gut was suffering from chemical suppression..

At the very same time as when human body actually goes into shock..

Does chemical suppression create the unnatural gut suppression which now creates hairline fractures..

Within the gut actually during shock..

Which is now responsible for disease, disability and multiple mental health disorders..

There is two thing’s in which we actually need to take into account here..

The chemical suppression..

In which tenses up the gut before creating the initial gut spasm..

Second is the extent the shock which actually dead ends itself within the gut…


But when chemicals unnaturally create the unnatural gut spasm at the same time..

As when the human body actually dead ends it’s shock within the gut..

Something simply had to actually give and our gut tears itself internally..

Now by taken these two thing’s into account..

The extent of chemical suppression and the actual shock in which dead ends itself within the gut itself..

This unfortunately creates the unforeseen circumstances which now unfolds within the mind itself..

The size or depth of the actual rupture in which unnaturally develops..

During when gut suppression creates the unnatural gut spasm which now ruptures during shock..

Within gut itself..

The extent of the rupture which forms within the gut will now simply determine the length of time the gut actually takes to heal itself..

If we don’t allow the gut to heal the mind inturn simply won’t follow suit..

Which will determine the road to recovery the actual experience the individual has whilst the mind waits for the guts to heal..

Gut can only naturally heal itself by itself..

The gut is the tale end of the brain and unnatural activity within the gut itself..

Shouldn’t be occurring..

Because if unnatural gut activity starts occurring we simply now play Russian roulette with the mind..

The experience our mind has on it’s road to recovery back is simply a very similar journey back..

To how human body recovers from bruising..

Only difference is the bruising which occurs within the gut..


Determines the lengh of time mind is actually out of depth with itself..

This is why if we were to understand how we create chemical suppression we also prevent how the gut..

Possibly creates guts unnatural ruptures which especially occur during shock..

If we understand what creates the unnatural rupture..

In which only has one way to healing that’s simply naturally by itself..

We also learn how we relieve the unnatural suppression..

In which simply prevents the gut from naturally healing itself by itself..

Which could be actually used for a tool for the gut if the gut ever suffered ruptures..

Which is kinda alike actually creating a reduced coma within the gut..

In which actually reverses guts unnatural suppression..

Which possibly allow the gut the best opportunity to actually heal any ruptures within itself by itself..

Shock during gut suppression could unnaturally bruise or rupture gut at any time for any length of time..

Up until the gut can put itself right naturally..

does guts natural recovery coincide with minds experience does the gut determine our mind’s actual experience..


It may have taken me 40 or so year’s…

To kinda fully understand how i could actually come back from my underlying disruption..

Which has plaqued my life all my life..

The unthinkable began..

When i became aware of how i could learn to understand manage how i could come back from the unthinkable..

The 10 to 15 year’s..

In which simply followed that my mind has simply just been able to actually process..

The unimaginable..

Can we fast track how the mind can naturally learn unnatural stages of our bodies unnatural rhythms..

Only way we possibly determine what is going on in the mind of a struggling individual..

Is to actually unravel the whole mess..

In which makes the struggling individual struggle from start to finish..

If we can understand the algorithm to how we reverse the struggle..

If this knowledge was ready available this would possibly show..

What makes the vulnerable individual possibly now vulnerable..

In which could help the individual’s who struggle understand..

Why the struggle..

In first place..

Which like myself could control the unnatural activity..

Which is unnaturally allowed to flow through..

Gut to mind..

On a daily basis..

If we learn how we defuse gut suppression..

We possibly then lower the long term effect that gut resistance has..

On human body..

This knowledge could create the awareness..

In which could actually keep on giving..

Which could help science clearly understand beneath origins to why disability and disease starts to form..

If we can see beneath human mechanics..

We could possibly foresee how we help prevent disability and disease developing..

By understanding how we don’t unnaturally..

Allow gut to unnaturally gain suppression..

Can chemicals force the gut to unknowingly stealthily become unnaturally wombded..

Which maybe responsible for chemical resistance..

In which possibly could create prevention..

For possibly why unnatural gut activity now slow cooks human function..

In which could be also why treatment for disease is needed there after..

To contain the actual long term effects of chemical resistance destroying..

Human function..

Can we understand disease dimensions in which are hidden beneath human nature’s quantum physics..

To how human degeneration starts to form..

By learning how we actually acknowledge my knowledge in which i’ve developed through myself..

Can we actually take advantage of my beliefs..

In which could inturn possibly save lives from been unnaturally destroyed..

Which could help create hope for other’s alike..

I’m willing..

To put my life’s natural resolve..

Into practice..

To help other’s understand how gut is responsible for actually starting..

A snowball effect..

In which can take it’s toll within human body by firstly creating suppression..

Which is stage 1..

Stage 2..

Is when chemical suppression forces gut to gain its chemical resistance..

Overtime overnight..

Stage 3..

Is when gut is unnaturally suffering it’s full blown chemical resistance..

Chemicals resistance takes over gut so much that guts unnatural activity..

Is now actually responsible for causing underlying damage within our human body beyond our gut..

Can we understand guts unnatural activity..

Which could possibly help diagnose disease before disease develops

Can we prevent degeneration before human degeneration starts to form into disease..

Could disease actually start to develop..

Through the unnatural progressive stage of guts actual chemical resistance..

Is chemicals resistance what eventually stealthily takes over the human body..

In which would limit time for natural intervention..

If this knowledge was available could this help control our bodies..

Underlying issue’s..

In which could allow human’s to actually understand how the can preserve..

The human body to naturally protect function of the human body..

In which our mind has no choice but manage..

Can we intervene within human body by acknowledging real life understandings..

Which possibly would have taken year’s of processing stats..

Possibly a lifetime..

To process reality in depth studies..

In which i’ve actually held in my hand..

Possibly long enough to watch how my bodies unnatural activity unfolds..

In which could naturally help provide..

Precision support..

In which could help slow down degeneration in which develops overtime..

In which could possibly create the blueprint..

To help save lives from suffering degeneration..

By acknowledging prevention methods..

Which could possibly save the human body..

Possibly suffering year’s of unforeseen negative activity from gut unnatural suppression..

By learning mind to understand algorithm..

In which could program mind awareness..

In which could help program the mind to naturally create it’s own diagnostic..


Create prevention for chronic disease..

Do human’s actually suffer pain from the way human body crumbles when guts unnatural activity..

Takes another step forward from suppression to resistance in which further damages human body..

Can we fast track how the mind can naturally learn unnatural stages of our bodies unnatural rhythms..

Which takes place..

Which possibly suppresses individual’s before disease develops..

Before disease possibly has the actually chance to unnaturally unfold..

When the gut isn’t really fully in control of itself the mind inturn really isn’t fully in control of itself either..

I’ve spent all my life struggling on the actual wrong end of the spectrum..

I spent all those year’s through school trying to develop..

If there was knowledge to acknowledge in the hands of the right individual’s..

This simply wouldn’t unnaturally be still occurring today..

People say we need to talk more about problems..

But i’m sorry to say gut suppression simply unnaturally withdraws the mind..

When the individual suffers emptiness due to the unknown how can this individual simply speak the truth about how he or she feels..

When the actual words really don’t exist to actually describe the unknown..

When the individual suffers emptiness the mechanic’s behind mind’s mindfulness..

Did once exist within the wealth of our gut..

Which inturn simply supports the mind..

When we not quite sure how we unnaturally interfere with how the gut..

Creates our minds disruption..

Chemicals suppress the gut itself so what occurs within struggling individual’s..

Is the suppressive state simply exists within the gut itself it’s human’s..

Who actually may not have quite understood this enough to fully understand this..

I wouldn’t even try and go against what’s what with how the human body should function..

But dysfunction has been apart of my life all my life..

I’m still an apprentice to myself and i’m going to gather the knowledge..

In which simply needs to be acknowledge..

Once the gut suffers chemical suppression for any length of time guts will, will create resistance..

Which forces the gut to malfunction in which inturn forces the gut to poorly support body and mind..

The human body is the human body for good reason..

But if we destroy how the gut supports body and mind by inducing human body with chemicals

The gut which supports the body and mind..

Manages all the strain involved when chemicals suppress human body..

Gut now isn’t fully in control of itself before gut supports body and mind..

This is simply the next stage to when gut degeneration and vascular degeneration..

Warps our mind..

The early signs that guts creating it’s unnatural activity can be seen in the individual’s.


Most individual’s who struggle unknowingly would prefer to be alone..

This is possibly only because the individual’s body and mind simply struggles to cope in the moment..

Especially around other individual’s..

If the gut isn’t fully in control of itself the mind will struggle to manage..

In the moment..

But if gut isn’t fully in control of itself gut can also flood our body and mind..

With negativity..

The main problem most struggling individual’s will have is when the mind is unknowingly warped..

The individual loses focus concentration what i mean by this is the individual is disturbed..

The loss of focus and concentration isn’t anything to do with how the individual needs to put more effort into how the focus and concentrate..

Because guts unnatural suppression disruption is responsible for warping the individual’s mind..

The individual’s focus and concentration levels simply deplete..

So the individual is trapped within a cyclone of unnatural activity..

In which will simply destroy them..

When the gut isn’t really fully in control of itself the mind inturn really isn’t fully in control of itself either..

Gut pushes mind to the limit before the mind controls human body..

The implications of why body eventually forms degeneration is possibly held..

Within the nature to how gut malfunctions..

Before the gut supports the human body..

Guts unnatural activity creates distress..

If we as individual’s suffer distress could gut be the key to how we understand how we destress..

 especially if something isn’t quite right..

But instead of having knowledge to acknowledge something isn’t right..

Lack of knowledge possibly now leaves the individual to go with the flow..

Of what i believe to be our guts self decline..

In which simply lands those individual’s who have underlying issues in deep water..

Should struggling individual’s have to take full responsibility for their actions..

If the individual is not fully in control of themselves..

Especially if gut is unnaturally overriding the mind before the individual uses mind..

This shouldn’t be happening..

It’s totally wrong..

That any individual could have an underlying issue in which no one quite understands..

Which simply can leave certain individual’s battling themself from within themselves..


Of course these individual’s are going to land themselves in deep water..

Because the themselves nor anyone else..

Especially individual’s who are possibly in the right frame of mind..

Cannot understand exactly what the problem is..

Only way we determine what is going on in the mind of the struggling individual..

Is to unravel the whole mess from start to finish..

If this knowledge was available this would show what makes the individual struggle..

In first place..

When guts unnatural activity warps the mind of a struggling individual..

How on earth are struggling individual’s supposed to get the right support and understand this..

Especially when someone who is possibly in the right frame of mind..

Is trying to say to the individual who is struggling..

Shouldn’t actually feel or think the way the do..

But when a mind has had a totally different support system in which poorly supports the mind..

How on earth can someone who is naturally in right frame of mind determine this..

If the we’re only actually fully aware of how a mind has been naturally..


The first must understand the terminology to what can warp the mind..

Mind creates madness..

When mind discusses underlying issues unknowingly from within itself..

Nerve suppression and tone and pitch of gut suppression creates mind suppression..

In which unnaturally transcends from gut to mind..

In which overrides mind disruption within the gut has to be understood first..

Before we know how we understand how we reset the mind..

When chemical suppression targets gut our guts resistance to chemicals now builds..

Once chemical resistance builds the will of the gut is actually tested..

This is why if chemical resistance goes unnoticed the will of gut doesn’t really get a chance to recover..

The gut is responsible for harnessing the mind through brain to body the existing bond which exists naturally unnaturally exists in the gut itself..

Gut possibly is responsible for soulfully supporting the whole of our bodies infrastructure..

Including the mind..

Disruption disturbs behaviour and the individual is actually under the kosh with his or her suppression..


Gut pushes the mind to limit before mind controls it’s human body..

If we push anything in a corner whatever we push in a corner will somehow find away to defend itself..

But when this actually occurs within the gut itself the only thing standing in our guts way is our body itself..

In which is possibly why our human body eventually gets destroyed..

If chemicals push gut in a corner gut increases it’s unnatural activity and acidity and inflammation..

Which eventually destroys what is in guts way..

In which is the whole of the human body including nervous system..

Which is responsible for why we self destruct..

Because the gut now actually causes our bodies unforeseen circumstances..

In which we actually have no choice but ride, manage before we self destruct..

The key is to decompress unnatural gut activity in which allows human body to function as it should..

I helped myself rediscover myself By using prune juice to understand how i could reverse my gut suppression..

Which helped me gain the right support..

To support my gut without my gut concentrating toxicity during gut malfunction..

Prune juice helped me to understand..

How i could change the course of how my gut was unnaturally behaving..

In which helped me recover my gut degeneration before my gut degeneration..

Possibly destroyed my human body..

Because my gut was now actually concentrating toxicity..

So my hidden toxicity was now flooding my body with poisonous methane..

Which must become lodged within faece during when the gut suffers chemical suppression..

As my gut was degenerating prune juice actually helped me hold off..

My gut degeneration..

Long enough to gain the knowledge to determine how i could naturally create a natural intervention..

I basically tuned into myself and learned how i could create intervention..

By most likely reversing the same procedure..

Which damaged my gut in the first place..

This intervention was actually understood..

Over the course of about 20 year’s for how chemicals suppress and destroy the gut..

The gut supporting body simply now has chance to intoxicate body..

In which ultimately finishes the body off..

When gut has had to manage chemicals..

The gut unknowingly is forced to suppress from how gut has had to manage chemicals..

It’s that simple..

The year’s which now go by with how the gut has been forced to suffer chemical suppression..

Are the same year’s which have gone by..

In which gut has unnaturally gained it’s resistance to chemicals but once gut builds it’s chemical resistance..

This resistance is actually now irreversible..

This is the point of no return when chemical resistance simply now overrides gut..

In which increases guts unnaturally activity which now takes body out..

Chemicals target gut then when chemicals breach will of gut guts will will suffer..

With own self decline..

The mind which struggles to control it’s body is actually the mind which is now losing control of itself..

Because guts intoxification damages pathways back and forth from gut to mind..

Chemicals suppression creates guts self decline which destroys body..

Longer gut sustains chemical suppression, bigger the resistance in which eventually unfolds..

The key is to decompress unnatural gut activity in which allows human body to function as it should..

But if we don’t intervene chemicals will keep going against guts will..

Which creates resistance and 20 year’s resistance is actually now a huge gut malfunction..

Which is irreversible..

So 20 year’s of chemicals interfering with the gut, gut now is starting to be controlled by chemical resistance..

Which creates our gut malfunction in which intoxicates our body..

Through digestive system..

Gut becomes alike a blocked sewer but the toxicity intoxicates body by re-entering body..

In which simply destroys how we now function from within human body..

Can we destroy a biological system which was once strong enough..

Using vaccines within human’s body is kinda alike using warfare within the human body..

But should this actually be a one size fits all..

Are there groups of individual’s which have biological systems which are simply different to one another..

Back in the day..

Before vaccines..

We’re there certain biological systems..

In which actually unknowingly possibly carried the human race forward..

Have we since now designed a world in which is simply a on size fit all..

Is this because we haven’t since then recognised that biological systems are possibly unique to one another..

Have we actually fully understood why biological systems actually vary..

But ultimately have we misunderstood why our biological systems..

Vary in strength in depth..

From one another..

Have we created a world which is a one size fits all..

When in reality only a percentage of people’s biological systems..

May need or not need added support..

To manage actual bacteria from the outside world..

If our bodies biological system had the right support from gut itself

All the way through our lives..

Our biological system possibly could manage bacteria from the outside world..

Much better..

But if we provoke a biological system..

In which already has strength in depth..

Can we destroy a biological system which was once strong enough..

To manage bacteria from outside world.

By interfering with the biological system which was once fit enough and strong enough..

To actually manage how the outside world actually invades the human body..

Is it possible that if we use what we think should be used as a one size fits all fix..

On all biological systems..

Is it possible that if we interfere with every biological system in the same way..

That we unnaturally could have turned the tide from back in the day..

Which possibly has made those biological systems..

Which we’re actually once strong possibly weak and the biological systems..

Which we’re weak possibly strong..

If this was the case and we understood why this was occurring..

We could possibly then create supreme biological wealth in everyone..

Instead of possibly one or the other..

I’m not not saying vaccines aren’t good tools..

But what i am saying is there could be a better approach in how we research..

The diversity of the biological system..

For instance..

If vaccines create a biological system in which once had strength in depth possibly now weaker..

Can everyday contamination from unnatural substance possibly also create the same impact..

In which suppresses the welfare of the individual’s biological system..

Before the biological system manages..

The biological system simply needs preserving and what better way..

Is there to support our biological system..

Than to have the wealth of the gut in which doesn’t suffer resistance to chemicals..

In which could help the gut dig deep enough and allow human’s to preserve..

Their biological system..

Because the gut which doesn’t suffer chemical resistance is the gut which doesn’t suffer from unnatural suppression..

Unnatural gut suppression simply intoxicates the biological system..

Because the gut is trying to support it’s biological system at the same time as the gut suffers degeneration..

So understanding this knowledge throughout one’s life would be a great protection..

To support individual biological systems..

In later life..