The chemicals eventually become the virus overtime when year’s go by, unnatural becomes the hidden threat, our neurological condition..

When gut disturbs the mind we struggle to process information at speed especially in the moment in which prevents us fitting in because other’s judge, far to prematurely..

When gut disturbs the mind the mind struggles and information doesn’t resight in mind because mind lags little a like a computer which has a virus..

As body unnaturally suffers the reaction we receive body to mind suppresses brain function when malfunction intoxicates the gut..

If we intoxicate the human body repetitively over long periods of time we slowly damage the way gut runs and supports the body by itself..

In which creates the degenerative condition, vascular to gut but overtime damage gut to vascular go a step closer and enters the mind..

Vascular depression creates gut depression which inturn creates gut malfunction, the hidden malfunction waxes and wanes overtime the more body is in contact with chemicals..

Once we suppress relationship through vascular through to gut to the point of no return gut creates malfunction and we gradually suppress the speed to which the human mind processes..

What we’ve created is an underlying illness which turns degenerative overtime caused by amalgamation of unnatural in which slowly overides bodies natural function..

We create a relationship gut to mind which literally is toxic unnatural substance has similarities to a virus but a chemical synthetic virus..

The chemicals eventually become the virus overtime when year’s go by, unnatural becomes the hidden threat, our neurological condition..

We top up existing damage of year’s gone by, on a day to day basis, when unatural suppresses gut to point of no return, gut suppression creates gut malfunction..

In which disturbs minds ability to process information on the go multitask..

My minds ability to process information diminishes as my gut now overwhelms my mind a whole lot easier than say thirty year’s previous..

Unnatural is the third party which damages the human body overtime when unnatural eventually damages human body, unnatural becomes the virus, which comes in form of how our body rejects overtime..

Unnatural suppression effects how we feel before we fit in or manage not everyone’s challenge is seen or heard when we try to fit in but body prevents us fitting in..

This doesn’t make us less of a person but this doesn’t tell full story either..

When we disrupt the gut the mind has to manage progression which occurs overtime conditions like this come into play from know where..

Individual’s have no choice other than stick it out discover ways around hidden conditions like these, that’s only if the don’t give up..

The processing side of my mind struggles in the moment, especially whilst motor body to mind is in use..

When gut disturbs mind this damages cognition, individual’s who struggle suffer alone, we cannot see hidden conditions..

There is no words to describe how we feel as we manage underlying condition, because when unnatural suppresses the body the condition body to mind takes over..

It’s not good when we need a little more time to interpret and settle in we not thick, brains preoccupied and suppressed..

In which slows down the process to how well we process information needs running past us a few extra times but this doesn’t tell full story either..

Once information sinks in we are no different to anyone else we manage the job in hand as good as anyone manages their job overtime..

If the life that certain individual’s maybe forced to live wasn’t bad enough what if these individual’s did get judged off the back of a hidden underlying condition..

When we struggle unknowingly every day can be challenging this especially shows going to and from a comfortable environment to an unusual environment..

This added pressure in which exists which overwhelms us isn’t always to do with environment..

Our human body to mind the reaction the experience we receive when we find ourself going to and from comfort zone to an unusual environment is what turns nothing to violence..

When individual’s are unknowingly trapped within a broken body this creates brokenness because underlying condition which exists gut to mind no one can see..

The hidden condition forces and pushes individual’s to suffer but only individual’s who struggle can feel sense the hidden condition, ultimately these individual’s suffer alone..

When gut overwhelms mind the hidden condition stops the individual enjoying the life the were given the environment isn’t always the problem but the added pressure of environment could tip the individual over the edge..

It’s the fact unnatural suppression body to mind may force body to mind to be out of touch with reality that is the problem this may even force struggling individual’s to feel the need to commit suicide..

If the life that certain individual’s maybe forced to live wasn’t bad enough what if these individual’s did get judged off the back of a hidden underlying condition..

Which cannot be seen or heard which forces certain individual’s to possibly end up in prison when these individual’s eventually lose control of themselves..

Is there any wonder why repeat offenses keep on repeating themselves from generation to generation this maybe through no fault of their own, unnatural substance is simply not a one size fits all..

Certain individual’s may lose control because their body is out of control if body pushes out mind until mind is overwhelmed these individual’s may well be fighting a fight from within themself which the eventually lose..

The then lose control but losing control isn’t always about the little things tipping us over the edge what about the hidden condition..

In which forces individual’s to over react in the first place it’s wrong that individual’s have no choice, than suffer live this way..

It’s wrong, imagine if genetics are creating underlying illness and hidden ailments are so so misunderstood are individual’s eventually made to believe that everything is their fault..

When the underlying condition pushed their boundaries from day one..

When body overwhelms mind every action taken body to mind can leave trail strain in mind and creates nervous disposition which interferes with self conscious..

Hidden actually forces the individual to cope like a fish out of water when underlying forces individual’s to struggle the individual eventually will lose control of themselves..

Hidden condition may slowly drive certain individual’s to become mad within themselves from beginning of time all because the individual lives aside a much more sensitive body in which overwhelms their mind..

Sensory overload could be due to how mind is already suffering from suppression gut to mind a simply change in environment is enough to add pressure to existing pressure in mind..

When we unnatural suppress our vascular vascular dis-ease forms  forces gut depression gut depression creates low mood which we struggle to rise from..

Mind inturn struggles to process information in the moment..

Nervous disposition shows but shows even more when we involve movement of body as mind uses thought this further overwhelms mind as mind multitasks..

Nervous disposition shows as mind struggles to concentrate connect mind to sensory which paves the way to how mind struggles, mind struggles to process during thought which increases intensity in mind..

Gut malfunction Intensity to mind shows more in mind when gut overwhelms brain function during motor body use gut pressures mind interferes with how mind controls body with precision..

Mind creates dysfunction and our conscious self struggles to get past minds hidden pressure unless we learn how to alleviate pressure body to mind gut suppression is alike a trapped nerve which runs through mind ..

Gut suppression creates nervous disposition motor body to mind as mind controls body this leaves a strain trail through mind which interferes overwhelms thought..

We become confused self conscious as gut disrupts mind this creates nervous disposition which runs body to mind which ineffect effects minds control of motor body..

This interferes with coordination mind to body our relationship with awareness relys on optimum health body to mind when gut overwhelms mind and let’s say we carry out tasks which use motor body..

Greater the gut malfunction the greater minds strain which effects mind ability to concentrate as body overwhelms mind this especially shows..

When we in an environment which is an unusual environment this creates added pressure but added pressure is not caused by sensory to mind already existing pressure in mind exists from gut to mind..

This disturbs how we connect ourselves to sensory what seems like sensory pressure isn’t sensory pressure because when body overwhelms mind..

This overwhelms thought but pushes sensory to mind out aswell we struggle to connect sensory to mind through minds existing strain..

When we unnaturally interfere with the human body this leaves a trail of destruction vascular interferes with gut, gut suppresses the way mind adapts to using it’s sensory tools..

We must reduce gut friction to mind to enable mind to work as it should with precision..

Motor body to mind leaves trail of strain behind in mind creates tension in mind during when mind controls movement of body every action taken body to mind creates nervous disposition in mind..

Sensory overload could be due to how mind is already suffering from suppression gut to mind a simply change in environment is enough to add pressure to existing pressure in mind..

Degenerative conditions force human body to create deficiency which forces our human body to become self insufficient, fall from reality deteriorates overtime..

Can we learn how we understand underlying conditions a little better because exercise may seem best solution..

But is exercise best solution for a healthy body a unhealthy body may not always be due to lack of exercise..

When behaviours unpredictable i some how turned around a poor relationship body to mind enough to create quite a good relationship body to mind, imagine that lol..

I’ve somehow enabled myself to tune into myself whilst interacting with a new profound imagination which slowly came in play whilst working out disruption within body to mind..

It’s a very dangerous condition if a condition takes over without us knowing which at the same time pushes family friends boundaries it’s total madness we experience this today ..

When body overwhelms mind and we knowingly fall out of touch with reality now that is a dangerous condition to self manage..

Degenerative conditions force human body to create deficiency which force human body to become self insufficient, fall from reality deteriorates overtime..

Tension running to mind, body to mind creates nervous disposition mind manages body whilst body interferes with mind..

The mind is the crossroads to how we create imagination when mind lacks imagination same mind lacks creativity becomes with drawn mind struggles to empathize..

If we don’t take advantage every opportunity is opportunity missed if the little things bothers us so much is it really the little things which really bother us..

Or is something much deeper bothering us which eye cannot tell something that challenges way we feel before we see..

Does how we feel change how we interpret what we take away from what we see, existing experience turns to knowledge in which lives on in containment of memory..

Body reports consequence body to mind we feel before we see, body senses consequence before during and after any event..

We use consequence unknowingly consequence guides works as inner barrier, instinct protects helps mind determine safety..

Physical action shouldn’t leave a negative trail behind in mind when relationship body to mind suffers this can leave unrest behind in mind, due to gut malfunction..

Mood, emotion, hormones creates bodies constellation, gut instinct exists body to mind gut suppression lowers mood emotion but increases stress tension in mind..

Tension running to mind, body to mind creates nervous disposition mind manages body whilst body interferes with mind..

When we have one of them day’s nothing seems to go right is this because minds overwhelmed and body isn’t quite doing what mind wants it to..

When mind rushes body why did I do that, body overwhelms mind and minds poor concentration disrupts minds alliance with memory to mind and sensory to mind..

Minds memory and sensory connection becomes weak, we become selfish..

Mind must have good relationship body to mind so mind can understand itself enough within itself to understand self worth inorder to represent self worth..

How are we supposed connect with other’s when we vaguely own don’t own much value from within oneself to enable create our own self worth..

Mind needs to consider what’s relative to us inorder to create logic to a self given relationship in which allows oneself to make more sense beyond oneself..

Mind must stay tuned stay relative inorder to program itself answer questions of itself inorder to learn itself how to understand other’s..

Mind of humanity creates own mark bench which allows unique logic to itself inorder to feel understand self empowerment..

Mind needs to be above board in control of constellation of gut to mind memory to mind mind to memory and sensory to mind..

Degenerative gut overwhelms human mind gut degeneration starts to control override mind instead of mind living in harmony with gut..

The human minds relationship body to mind is serious threat to the human mind when bodies friction is enough strain to overwhelm way mind runs..

Mind has no choice but to go with the flow of a slip stream we unnaturally create body to mind..

Mind must have good relationship body to mind to enable mind to understand itself enough within itself to understand self worth inorder to represent self worth..

Mind must live in harmony with gut when gut overwhelms mind this forces depth of thought in mind to change and symoutanosly pushes minds memory, sensory attention out..

Which forces mind to juggle thought in which creates anxiety depression panic attacks..

When mind loses stability this is the judge in you and symoutanosly represents you..