When kids cover ears, is this not a sign to a much bigger health condition..

If kids cover their ear’s are kids physically trying to reach out and tell us about their underlying struggle..

is this an early sign that a child’s gut could be over loading how well a child’s brain manages sound..

What if vascular depression caused unatural gut function which directly created unatural brain function which further disrupts the child’s brain mind alliance which causes sound to aggravate the childs already existing hidden condition..

natural brain mind alliance is essential, especially for children who have cognitive issues and behavioural issue’s..

Our children may miss behave because the struggle unknowingly, do we interpret their behaviour issue’s wrong..

Do we give our kids a hard time..

When behavioural issue’s are a clear sign that a child has underlying struggles..

do we simply add to how the child struggles, when we get on to them..


Do we need to get back to the drawing board and understand that our kids struggle with underlying behaviour issue’s for a reason..

We need to understand why behaviour issue’s form so we understand using force won’t support the children, this only further disrupts upsets how the child behaves..

How well kid’s deal with themselves actually helps shape the childs path in which the walk..

Can we help pevent why kids struggle by understanding what fuels their struggles.. i think so..

Gut health.. creates the bodies wealth..

Does the of length time, which it takes the body to naturally heal, lay within the health and wealth, which supports the body..

Does a decline in gut health, simple change the way our bodies illnesses form in the first place..

Can gut health decline, change the way our gut naturally transport supports goodness to within or around our bodies vital organs..

Does gut health decline actually change the lengh of time, which it takes in time for our body to recover naturally..

When gut health is in optimum health can optimum gut health naturally help support, allow our bodies vital organs to function as the should..

Could solving and preventing gut dis-ease actually help prevent illness..

Can we learn directly from where our body stuggles and learn how we create what the body needs, by understanding why the body has adversity..

Understanding why our bodies have adversity, could enable the body to create it’s own natural coping mechanism, which could help our body control how well our body copes on it’s own..

Could how we learn how we control degenerative illnesses, lay within our bodies inner health and wealth..

It is essential to maintain the bodies inner health and wealth, so it is essential for everyone to maintain a healthy gut function around the clock..

Does gut dis-ease allow illness to grow and form over time.. i think so..

Hibernation.. obesity..

What if, the amount of fat, in which our body stores today, simply depends upon the health and wealth of our digestive system and to how well the digestive system actually functions..

How functionally well our bodies digestive system works performs may actually help control the amount of fat, which our bodies are able to control, before fat is absorbed and stored within our body..

What if chemicals synthetics simply suppress interupt and interfere with how well our gut can naturally perform and work..

Could chemical synthetic intolerance create certain individual’s body to create similarities to animals, which put their body into hibernation..

What if, we’re allowing the human body to create a chemical synthetic resistance, which mimics creates human hibernation, which may force the body to store fat, weeken the bodies natural resource and opens the door to how our body struggles to fight infection..

Could chemical synthetic vascular decompression, help obesity.. i think so..

Optimistic spirit vs narcissistic spirit..

Good spirit lay’s within our bodies natural balance, our bodies inner wealth is responsible for how we feel before we functionally operate or physically operate..

Our bodies inner wealth paves the way to how we learn our body to naturally function with natural balance..

Dis-ease free healthy gut simply helps create and shape a healthy brain..

Healthy brain = helps create..

Healthy brain mind alliance, healthy brain mind alliance actually helps create our bodies true spirit..

Our bodies vascular skeleton tree breathes life itself and has it’s own resistance and sensitivity which is closely connected and supported by the gut..

what im saying here is the gut can help reshape stabilise the way our brain mind alliance naturally operates..

Which helps reshape how well our brain mind alliance deals with pressure, so inorder to keep ourselves in good spirit, we actually need our gut brain axis to be pure, that’s no interference with one another..

More natural the gut brain axis is better the gut and brain can work in harmony with one another, which helps shape how good our spirits are..

When the bodies vascular skeleton tree struggles whilst carrying toxic chemical synthetic load, over long periods, this creates imbalance not only in how well we regulate our mood, emotions..

This interrupts, offsets, interferes with the bodies natural gut brain mind alliance, which inturn changes how well we connect, engage one’self in the world around us..

Gut = negative emotion, nip with negative emotions = tension..

Tension physically changes motivation and mood..

Our brain mind alliance actually focusses through the bodies negative transition..

At the same time as when we judge and focus in on the world around us = creates negative experience..

Could our bodies vasculular tree, actually help create another dimension for health care beyond the one we understand today..

Could creating optimum health, at least be a one step back from where we are today..

Are we so close yet so far away from creating a major break through that medical and mental health research so desperately needs..

What if today’s research was missing crucial facts, in which could help control and create our bodies inner health and wealth..

A new dimension in which could help understand how our bodies inner health, directly interferes with our mood and emotion..

Could the vascular tree create another dimension alike a fourth dimension in which could take us far beyond the dimension in which we understand today..

Could it be possible to understand our vascular tree in a way that could actually help create another dimension, so research could clearly see beyond today’s current dimensions..

Is the current health research only able to manage our bodies current progressive state of health..

Limited knowledge which we use today could be holding everything back..

What if early research, studied far too much on creating synthetic substitute for a means to where our bodies start going wrong..

Could another dimension always have been there waiting to be revealed but was it a bridge too far, for research too have foreseen, back in the day..

I believe research may have missed vital clues for as to why our bodies start deteriorating and simply may have tried too tackle the bodies deterioration, instead of trying to understand why our bodies vital organs actually deteriorated enough too bring them back to life..

Could chemical synthetic vascular decompression actually reverse change why our bodies vital organs start to go wrong..

Research may have thought we needed to create a synthetic version of we’re the body starts to fail, which i believe may have allowed our bodies natural resources too struggle all the more..

Maybe if we could have foreseen another dimension beyond the one we now no, back in the day we may have actually seen why our bodies natural resource starts to struggle and this may have allowed us to simply reverse and revive the bodies lagging natural resources, back into life..

What if we could help explain with clarity where the body starts to struggle before the body eventually starts to break..

Another dimension, which could help explain and fill in the gaps, with what we first need to learn about the body before we can understand what fuels the fuel to how underlying mental health conditions form..

What if today’s health care only had so much benifit and what if today’s dimension health care didn’t contain mental health as well as it could if say a four dimension system was created and put in place..

What if another dimension could help change tone down the negative energy in which flowed throughout our bodies throughout our lives..

If another dimension was understood could we simplify and help research understand, we may well be able to prevent dis-ease instead of simply trying to contain dis-ease.. i think so..

This post is for you ooi zao may.. hope this helps..

Picture the film men in back, the little alien inside the robotic human who says prevent war this is alike a symbolic symbol of how our body actually needs a healthy gut microbioter, healthy gut microbioter simply helps regulate maintain how well our body stay functional strong..

Healthy gut bacteria is a kind of a building block too how we help create and understand our inner bodies sustainable health..

I believe vascular depression forces gut depression, which then directly suppresses and causes gut malfunction..

Gut malfunction directly creates gut spasm which creates increases unatural gut acidity and an unatural toxic gut environment in which healthy bacteria simply cannot thrive in and sustain itself in..

I believe we actually create our own unatural gut environment in which actually wax and wanes depending on the amount of chemical synthetic strain in which our vascular tree can manage..

Each nasty chemical synthetic bare weight down through our bodies vascular tree until the strain becomes to much and then the straw that breaks the camel’s back actually creates breaks the health and wealth of how well our gut can then naturally support our bodies beyond the gut..

Eradicating unatural substances from within or around our bodies, all we doing here is simply allowing our bodies vascular tree to blossom and establish itself again from the root..