Has mankind simply getting wrong what the think is best solution for the human body..

What if we could actually learn how we naturally look past what we think we can unnaturally do..

Inorder to help support how our human body suffers the fate of it’s actual own self decline..

What if we could naturally learn how we actually preserve human body before human body struggles..

Can we naturally help ourselves alleviate why human body starts to struggle..

Before the human body has the chance to unnaturally struggle prematurely..

Could we learn how we naturally prevent why the body unnaturally struggles by itself.

In which could naturally help the human body manage to support itself by itself

When we allow unnatural substance to take over our gut we shut down how our human body supports itself by itself..

Do we as individual’s allow our human body to become unnaturally deficient..

What actually makes mankind naturally believe the best solution for how body unnaturally suffers it’s own self decline..

Is to actually add synthetic substitute to naturally try to reestablish natural balance..

If what i believe in is true and chemical suppression unnaturally destroys natural balance..

If we think about this and if what i believe in is true..

It’s totally mad to think if we broke how the human body naturally supports itself by itself..

Is because we induced the human body with unnatural substance..

What naturally makes humanity now think the can actually recreate natural balance..

By trying to support unnatural balance within our human body by inhibiting synthetic substitute..

It’s total madness if we think about it..

If unnatural substance suppresses the human body unnatural now take over how human body now supports itself by itself..

So how on earth can we now replace how the body became deficient with unnatural substance..

With another actual synthetic substance and expect human body to now be supported..

As it should..

Especially if the chemical resistance actually is still creating suppression within the gut..

In which unnaturally creates why the human body suffers imbalance unnaturally overtime which is left to manifest..

Human’s simply just cannot see past cutting corners using unnatural substance..

But if mankind could see how the actually understood how mankind possibly starts to suffer..

Mankind could naturally learn how the individual’s human body depreciates and suffers the actual consequence..

If mankind naturally could understand how the unnaturally suppress..

How their own fucking human body supported itself..

Humanity could more than likely actually save many lives by restoring natural balance..

Before our bodies actual balance unnaturally played the part within the individual and destroyed the life unnaturally from within the actual individual..

Example if we chemically suppress how body is supposed to support how our human self naturally supports it’s self self..

Sugar for instance actually now becomes the problem but what does mankind do..

To now control what the actually think the need to do to reduce the actual risk..

I’m not actually saying synthetic substitute of insulin isn’t a good choice because synthetic substitute it’s amazing..

But the human body alone only regulates by itself when the gut naturally is able to supports body efficiently..

Without any long term unnatural disruption..

If we add a synthetic version of sugar to reduce sugar are we only keeping gravy train moving..

Absolutely we are not actually removing why human body actually suffers..

This is why we are also not going to answer the prayers of the individual’s vital organs.

In which are unnaturally suffering unnatural suppression..

This is why synthetic substitute will also never soulfully answer our bodies prayers..

When we struggle within ourselves as individual’s this is because of how body became less efficient..

It’s that simple..

The actual major problem with how the body became suppressed..

Is because of how we have actually overlooked chemical suppression which is left to manifest..

If mankind stepped back the could see how chemical suppression creates the unnatural activity..

In which derails how human body naturally supports itself by itself..

If we could actually allow ourselves the know how to naturally understand why human body actually became suppressed..

Mankind could naturally reinstate it’s natural balance from within the body..

Sugar was always a problem for the body to manage but did sugar unnaturally expose how chemical suppression..

Actually unnaturally did it’s thing and actually broke down the fucking body overtime..

Chemical suppression forces body to become degenerative as the body itself tries to manage sugar..

Has mankind simply getting wrong what the think is best solution for the human body..

With what the actually thought was the best solution for our human body during it’s actual needs..

If we think we can depreciate the human then just synthetictically add what the body is lacking..

We actually start to now learn how we understand how body doesn’t work like that..

This might look like the most obvious thing to do by adding what our body is lacking..

But this doesn’t naturally help rediscover why the human body became deficient..

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