The unnatural pressure from unnatural activity destroys the individual..

Are we actually testing own relationship with one another to brink of destruction..


Especially our closest relationships with one another..

Do close relationships become to much for those who struggle when these individual’s carry an unknown struggle..

In which unknowingly plaques the individual from actually within themselves.

The relationship we have within oneself simply determines how we manage one another..

If those who struggle unknowingly struggle from within themselves with the unknown..

The unknown entity is what now creates the struggle..

In which prematurely destroys how the individual copes with unnatural strain..

If we as individual’s unknowingly are left unaware with as to why we suffer from within we now take out how we suffer on one another..

Is disruption to human function from within the same unnatural cycle changing a natural cycle..

In which now destroys natural function unknowingly from within the individual..

In which is our very same inner relationship we actually judge each other with


How functionally well we are as individual’s determines how much another individual does our heads in if you no what I mean..

Has mankind totally got it wrong and unknowingly allowed themselves to sleep walk into the unknown..

Unnatural substance stealthily takes over how well the human body functions then mankind unknowingly suffers..

We tear strips off one another when and lose patience when disruption to human function occurs..

This occurs unnaturally actually before we have chance to manage anything else..

We actually manage with our own self self before we actually manage anything else..

So we as individual’s are unknowingly actually put under pressure within ourselves unknowingly..

By actually allowing our self self to fall foul of the unnatural suppression chemical suppression causes..



If we don’t actually no why we as individual’s actually suffer..

How on earth are we as individual’s supposed to manage our self self Beyond ourselves.

Before we as individual’s actually manage beyond ourselves we as individual’s actually manage ours self self..

This is all day long week after week and year after year..

But when we as individual’s actually have close relationships..

The struggle within the individual slowly becomes how the individual becomes trapped..

From within themselves and the other individual..

In which we should have a close relationship with actually becomes intense..

Because worst version of two individual’s start to clash..

It’s that simply..

When gut is put under chemical suppression this creates unnatural activity..

In which now prematurely targets how we as individual’s naturally function..

The poor version to how we should naturally function destroys the longevity with the bonds between two people..

More rapidly over time..

Individual’s who unknowingly struggle from within are possibly struggling..

With unnatural suppression from within..

Before the individual actually struggles the individual’s body is unnaturally owned by unnatural suppression..

Because chemical suppression now creates unnatural activity unknown to the individual..

In which starts to actually take over them and unnaturally now own them..

In which indirectly amounts added pressure within any individual from within themselves..

In which disturbs the individual before the individual naturally has a chance to understand..

Because the individual unknowingly struggles from within..

But the individual who struggles doesn’t understand this is actually unnaturally occurring..

From within..

The unnatural pressure from unnatural activity destroys the individual..

Before the live or live with each other within the modern world..

Sad but true..

The road to my recovery was a lonely one but this was because i had to work out the unknown..

But hopefully the road to my recovery has actually been a worth while road to help other’s..

In which will now help other individual’s actually intercept how their own body creates unnatural activity..

Before the bodies unnatural activity destroys themselves and every relationship the also have with one another..

The relationships in which always did mean so much to the individual before the we’re possibly prematurely destroyed..

From within themselves..

There is possibly enough time to regroup if we understand how we struggle beyond ourselves our bonds with one another can be reunited..

By actually cutting out chemical substance altogether..

The best way for any individual to do this..

Is to wash with only water and help the gut..

By detoxing the gut..

By using prune juice and inulin to preserve the gut by reducing hidden toxicity within gut..

By helping our gut by preventing our gut creating unnatural activity which intoxicates natural balance of how we naturally function..

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