It’s so easy for a functionally well equipped individual or a stable individual to say you shouldn’t be doing certain things..

I’m not trying to say i am the cleverest individual in the world..

But I have learned how to understand how unnatural substance actually hits us from within as individual’s..

In the fucking face..

We cannot buy patience we cannot buy concentration and we certainly cannot buy consideration.

All these attributes are actually naturally free only if we allow natural functional we in turn actually create functional wealth..

When we live as individual’s with impatience..

Our mind symoutanosly has developed an unnatural lapse in concentration..

It’s the relationship we have from within ourselves..

in which naturally determines how we actually now own our actually own self self..

What we actually do to the human body actually determines how we own our natural self self..

It’s that simply but actually so misunderstood..

In which simply makes all the difference to how we as individual’s either develop with patience or have little no patience..

In which unnaturally allows us as individual’s to suffer with much less focus and consideration..

From within ourselves..

So individual’s who actually struggle to cope may unnaturally struggle to cope..

It’s that simply..

Because of how there inner body actually suffers and develops with unnatural activity..

This will now in effect flow through our mind unknowingly as an individual..

It’s so easy for a functionally well equipped individual or a stable individual to say you shouldn’t be doing certain things..

But when the shit hits the fan and same functional individual now becomes actually also functionally unfit..

The actual functional self decline of the same actual individual will now actually change the course to how there own mind achieves clarity with direction..

Functional superiority is a natural gift only if we can hang on to it but any individual at any time..

May unnaturally suffer the fate of functional decline over night or overtime..

Then any individual as an individual will struggle the very same fate unknowingly and naturally struggle to live with a self decline..

In which will leave any individual with little no choice other than to cope with own actual functionally unfit self self..

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