Mind which cannot concentrate creates why the individual cannot consider anything in real time..

Those who new me when i was a young will truly only know the actual individual i once was ..

There are so many different levels to actually why we suffer the way we do unknowingly..

Before i recognised how to balance my mind by actually reducing my guts unnatural activity..

My mind unnaturally existed but the best way to describe how my mind existed..

Is to actually imagine living with a hangover without the alcohol and suffering unknowingly without no reason..

Is this type of mindset actually responsible for why certain individual’s struggle more within themselves..

In which could leave struggling individual’s prone to alcohol or drug abuse even gambling inorder to soothe, inner demons..

But who understands the algorithm to there struggles enough to strip back back the unknown..

I was actually fortunate enough to sense patterns due to my autistic traits..

I read into why my gut disturbed my mind and then learned how to alter how my gut disturb my mind..

I understood i had to cope with how my mind was hung over from how my gut created my minds hangover..

Once chemical resistance builds this changes the diversity within the gut itself..

This then forces mind to struggle when gut creates it’s unnatural activity..

Unnatural gut activity actually prevents the mind naturally operating as it should..

In which is why we struggle as individual’s with the actual hangover effect within the mind..

I understood what triggered my mood then i understood the patterns related to mood and chemical suppression..

I slowly started to realised why i was once the individual i was..

It just so happened that at the very same time that when i understood how to dissolve low mood..

I symoutanosly in turn also cleared the fog behind the glass i then also reduced the hangover effect within my mind..

We distort the mind by disturbing how the gut supports the mind..

In which blurs how the mind of the individual operates..

Minds blur is actually the mental block..

Minds blur simply now dissolves how much of the picture the actual mind of any individual..

Can actually digest in real time in the moment..

Mind which cannot concentrate creates why the individual cannot consider anything in real time..

In which paves the way to why the individual who struggles actually makes poor decisions in heat of the moment..

Decisions in which are based around minds own impairment..

But if we understood why the individual’s mind impairment actually takes place..

We possibly could curb as to why so many individual’s unknowingly struggle..

This is why if another individual naturally weathers the storm the shouldn’t be ignored..

It only takes one person to actually shine the light upon what the next generation needs to understand..

To prevent the next generation from suffering the same fate..

It’s that simple..

If i never found a natural way to weather dysfunction by reducing my guts unnatural activity..

My gut would have unnaturally taken out my mind..

If i hadn’t came up with my own solution to naturally counteract my bodies own unknown activity..

This is why when the individual hasn’t no actual way of knowing why the underlying disruption forms..

The individual will simply be left wanting trying to tackle the actual unknown..

The individual has less chance..

To now understand what needs to be understood to weather the emotional storm..

Because when our bodies functional self isn’t actually it’s real natural self self..

When the actual mind struggles to concentrate how on earth is the same individual’s mind supposed to be considerate..

We actually portray struggling individual’s as actually been inconsiderate but how unfortunate are these individual’s..

If the mind is impaired the mind cannot concentrate and when mind cannot concentrate..

The individual will now struggles to consider other individual’s..

Because why would the individual who unnaturally struggles with the unknown..

Naturally want to put someone else first before themselves..

Certain people are not ignorant there mind is actually impaired..

If we disturb how mind engages itself through it’s body..

The mind systematically becomes impaired but the individual who struggling won’t understand why the mind is impaired .

The struggling individual is just left wanting with a struggling mindset..

The struggling individual cannot see what is responsible for impairing their mind..

The individual who struggles simply has no choice other than to manage within a human body..

In which is actually functionally unfit in which in turn now disturbs the mind..

This is why individual’s who actually suffers disruption to function..

In turn then unknowingly suffer with an actual impairment within their mind itself..

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