Yes chronic dis-ease and pain is on the rise but aren’t we taking far to many unnatural risks..

When cannabis is fully grown from start to finish only then is this strain of cannabis..

Which is naturally grown effective with all individual’s across the board..

Only if mankind understands the make up with what supports the strain of cannabis..

Will mankind fully understand true extent to the cannabis benefit..

Chronic pain is unnaturally caused when gut is suppressed unknowingly by chemicals..

So any chemicals human body further detects in cannabis when cannabis is used..

Will further induce existing gut suppression..

Guts will, will actually counteract any strain of cannabis which is unnaturally grown and contains chemical feed..

Once chemical feed is held within the cannabis plant no amount of flushing out the chemical feed..

Will naturally reform this plants original natural self state..

Flushing any plants with water never mind cannabis plant when chemical feed has induced the growth of the plant..

Will never allow plants for human consumption to be as effective as the plant should be..

To counteract disease this also includes fruit n veg..

Any natural benefit the cannabis plant has on human body when it’s grown with chemical feed..

Diminishes chemical feed simply counteracts any benefit the plant has especially on vulnerable individual’s..

It’s that simple..

Water no matter how long water alone tries to counter chemical feed..

Once feed is embedded chemical feed stays embedded and water alone

Will never bring back the natural property to any plant never mind cannabis plant..

Going back to chemicals..

Chemicals have for some time now been responsible for unnaturally destroying the nature of mankind..

Which is why many individual’s in the modern world unknowingly turn to cannabis as a restraint..

To try and control their human self decline..

Because chemicals unknowingly target and damage the actual gut itself..

This is why chemically induced cannabis is only as good as the first smoke of same strain of cannabis..

If cannabis is grown with chemical feed each time this actual same cannabis is further smoked..


When cannabis is contaminated with feed this soulfully is why same cannabis counteracts any benefit..

Cannabis only works as a super herb if mankind understands true nature within mathematical conclusion..

Only then can we fully understand true benefit cannabis actually has on disease if every eventuality has been fully taken into account..

Especially if cannabis has been unnaturally grown to be fair this cannabis is actually no use for disease..

Because chemically induce cannabis will counteract what is naturally beneficial to the individual..

In which is like I said no use for disease..

But individual’s who use cannabis won’t understand when cannabis is more threatening to their human body..

The cannabis reward in cannabis with how cannabis worked as it should has now simply been lost off in time..

In which has gone by..

Through history cannabis was more understood than cannabis is today..

But more individual’s may now be relying on cannabis as a restraint for why the human body suffers self decline..

Humanity has itself to blame with misconception because humanity differs on many different levels to one another..

Without true understanding..

But if we actually could learn how we fully understood long term effect that everyday chemicals have.

We could reverse dis-ease without the need to combat dis-ease..

Chemicals are responsible for why humanity in modern world contains the long term effect of dis-ease..

Only when mankind understands how the put to bed how the human body suffers self decline..

Will mankind prevail in preventing dis-ease..

Believe me we could actually learn how we hold onto ourselves and preserve long enough to naturally understand..

How we prevent the suffering of those who had no choice but suffer for generation’s upon generation’s..

In which suffer same fate as one other with how the human body got court up in a slip stream of how the body suffers unnatural decline..

Believe me we can also naturally understand why so individual’s are containing chronic pain dis-ease..

If we allow ourselves to understand one another in more detail..

Especially if we understand the algorithm to why dis-ease starts to form we inturn can understand why chemicals destroy lives..

Prematurely in the moment in the modern world..

Yes chronic dis-ease and pain is on the rise but aren’t we unnaturally taking far to many unnatural risks..

Than past generations..

Mankind has actually allowed themselves to take this path of destruction..

In which will sooner or later ruin them..

If we strip back how chronic conditions form actually way way back back we actually can make sense of the unknown..

Which obviously wouldn’t be easy to do..

But when humanity actually stands tall enough the see above the flaws which exist in humanity..

With life we live in the moment as human body unnaturally suffers self decline..

Yes cannabis can soothe chronic pain and helps chronic disease in which is unnaturally occurring..

But if mankind cannot see enough to know enough in the moment with what is responsible for why chronic disease and pain is developing..

We cannot see why chronic disease and pain is on rise..

But if we betray human body with unnatural substance then we also lose touch with ourselves..

Chemicals betray body allows body to self decline..

If we cannot see how we foresee we cannot see how body self declines..

How do we no human body is suffering self decline..

This is why human self decline is a mystery to mankind only when mankind actually works out what mankind is doing wrong..

On so many different levels will mankind really realise what a mess the have made of the lives gone by..

When mankind is challenge by the unknown and if the cannot see to comprehend quicker enough the unnatural activity takes mankind..

Mankind will keep on perusing the same unnatural fate..

Because no one individual in today’s climate can quite fully answer truth behind actually experience..

In which so many individual’s in the modern world are having to contain in the modern world today..

Hopefully I’ve had strength and will within myself to help answer most of those unanswered questions..

For those who actually suffer unknowingly from chemical suppression..

Hopefully i have started to answered a whole host of unanswered questions..

Which may also help answer as to why humanity speeds up the human body clock..

Is there any wonder why humanity is speeding up their own self decline..

When the bodies clock is on fast forward and is there any wonder as to why mankind’s relationships with one another only lasts short term..

When everything which is unnatural is simply speeding up how we as individual’s suffer own destruction..

But if we aren’t fully aware of what is happening in the moment..

We are now left behind with real time with not enough time to actually see how the future should unfold..


With what should be occurring in the moment because what actually occurs in the very moment doesn’t naturally make sense in real time..

Which is why humanity differs on so many different levels with how humanity should naturally understand one another from within themselves..

Because humanity hasn’t yet understood why the simply have to unnaturally manage within themselves..

This is because mankind cannot see past the last mistake enough to see and foresee an individual’s needs..

One’s frame of mind with those who think are in charge doesn’t naturally fit everyone’s problem..

One size doesn’t fit all shelf life led to mankind thinking the could go onto actually using chemicals willy nilly..

But long term effect to this is that mankind contains a whole new world of suffering in silence..

Certain people say why do people take the easy way out by taking one’s life this is not an easy exist..

Taking one’s life isn’t done overnight it’s thought through overtime by how the actually suffer alone..

With no break from how their inner self is functionally on the decline

This is why these individual’s suffer alone..

Do more functional individual’s to this day take unnecessary risks in which the cannot foresee..

Which inturn in time simply ill effects more vulnerable when the individual is less functional..

Which is why individual’s who are more vulnerable stay vulnerable..

Because one size with what we think we are getting away with simply doesn’t fit all..

4 thoughts on “Yes chronic dis-ease and pain is on the rise but aren’t we taking far to many unnatural risks..

  1. Very clear and realistic. Even something that should serve as a medicine, it is no longer. Today’s world in the race for profit uses both legal and illegal chemicals … I have a lot of respect for your work, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my friend mankind doesn’t realise the human body simply soaks up chemicals..

      But cannot spit them back out..

      Which is why the gut supporting the human body gains more and more resistance to chemicals..

      Which opens human body up to dis-ease as the human is ill supported..

      Your work is incredibly edible and actually preserves human function because we are what we eat..

      But the gut has too be preserved to be at the top of it’s game and this is where my work comes into play.. πŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ‘

      Liked by 1 person

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