The world around us strays in perspective when the level of our bodies degeneration wanes..

Does weed only reduce slow down progression to the cell itself which is degenerative..

Is weed responsible for reducing effect of functional strain..

Functional strain in which develops when cells become damaged..

by momentarily rebinding numbing the damaged to cell pathways..

Does weed grown with chemical feed further damage the same pathways, in which are already damaged..

There is so many different levels to how human body suffers which is so unclear to humanity..

That humanity cannot actually see why humanity is so divided on so many different levels to one another..

With how the human body actually suffers cell damage in first place..

Do human cells stealthily get caught up in the very same degenerative slip stream beyond the gut itself..

Is the long term effect chemical contamination has on the human body actually why mankind..

Has unknowingly volunteered themselves to be the very worst version of themselves..

If this is the case has humanity actually been forced to suffer unnecessarily on many different levels, to one another.

From within themselves..

Is this why there is a misconception which simply divides mankind..

Because we as individual’s cannot actually see why genetics start to become degenerative..

Is this why certain individual’s become more trapped than other’s..

With foul play..

Because a feed the fix method is actually a method which overrides disruption to human function..


Do certain individual’s unknowingly suffer underlying disruption to human function and now simply use a third part to overwhelm function..


We can bypass a car fuel tank by starting a car engine with easy start through an air box of a car..

Does smoking weed actually hit very same pathways as oxygen itself..

What I’m tryin to say here is if certain individual’s use weed are these individual’s who use weed only helping to bond damage cells..


Do human cells suffer degeneration when gut supports it’s human body..

With guts unnatural activity which creates, unnatural slip stream..

The actual slip stream in which follows the individual’s gut degeneration after gut suffer it’s own self decline..

There is a line within our human body in which should not be breached..

Which if we do breach will simply allow the human body to also slip in guts self decline..

It’s that simple..

This will simply create a secondary slip stream gut to human body..

Which further allows human body to degenerate beyond the gut itself…

Gut degeneration simply allows rest of human body to stealthily slip into..

In which will now offset the human body because human body is now caught up..

In the very same slip stream as gut degeneration..

Our bodies decline is a delayed response, gut decline then bodies deterioration

This is why we must acknowledge and learn to understand the true origin to why gut degeneration forms..

Well enough..

Inorder to help mankind actually counteract gut degeneration before gut degeneration destroys the human body of mankind..

Understanding gut degeneration before rest of human body stealthily slip into guts very same slip stream..

Of self destruction..

Weed possibly only helps bind the same receptors as gut degeneration destroys, benefit from weed..

Is only a small part of a much bigger picture..

But we frown at those individual’s who actually use alternative therapy..

But we overtime actually suffer on so many different levels to one another..

Which simply goes much deeper than any imagination of any individual could foresee..

We simply struggle as individual’s to actually see past ourselves as individual’s..

Because of this there are those who unnecessarily suffer with no real understanding and these individual’s..

Will keep on suffering and will keep on using same feed the fix solution until the self destruct we must learn to understand the true origin..

To why the human body slips before the human actually slips up and this would help those who suffer unknowingly manage themselves as the should..

The world around us only strays in perspective when the actual level of our bodies degeneration wanes..

In which unnaturally stealthily develops within the individual’s human body, unknowingly..

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