Can chemical suppression at a tender age of a child actually rupture the gut of a child especially when a child has a tantrum..

Is mmr jab possibly a little to much for certain children to manage..

Are combined vaccines away of fast tracking vaccinations which possibly creates to much of an unnatural strain..

Which in effect increases intensity of tension within a child’s gut itself..

Are combination vaccines actually overloading a child’s gut the actual communication system which a child’s mindset naturally uses..

Could mmr vaccine be responsible for overloading a child’s gut which inturn forces a child’s gut to spasm..

Which symoutanosly may cause a child’s gut to suppress up until the actual response of mmr vaccine wares thin..

Are vaccines unknowingly responsible for how a child’s body indirectly forces strain indirectly upon a child’s gut..

Unnatural strain upon a child’s gut which could rupture especially if a child’s gut suffers suppression as a child suffers a tantrum..

I don’t condemn vaccines by the way but do certain child’s genetics possibly need reduced strength of vaccination..

Do children also need a rest period from activity up until vaccine suppression possibly wares off..

Are certain vaccines possibly stealthily exposing a child’s genetics on different levels to one another..

Does the vulnerability of a child’s unknowingly manage the unforeseen when their body is vaccinated..

Has mankind ever actually had this theory to actually take this fully into account..

Can the unforeseen actually damage human function by targeting the vulnerability of a child’s gut..

Can vaccines force a child’s gut to potentially rupture itself if a child has a tantrum..

A rupture in which possibly maybe actually irreversible is a child’s gut tender at such a young age..

Could this possible be a link to why certain children are possibly now left to suffer unknowingly with disruption to human function..

In which possibly could leave a child with permanent functional damage..

If the gut of a child actually now suffers irreversible damage..

Which simply interferes with the mind of a child unknowingly..

It may only take an unnatural suppression within a child’s gut to actually rupture then the child’s life possibly suffers rest of the lives..

Especially if a child over exerts themselves within themselves..

Could the mmr vaccine apply indirect pressure within gut itself in which possibly creates the straw in which breaks the camel’s back..

A child may actually show the first signs the are becoming vulnerable with mood suppression..

But is a child’s mood disruption the unforeseen with how chemical suppression suppresses a child’s gut itself..

But if a child’s gut unnaturally ruptures is the child now potentially left with permanent functional damage..

Is the child’s actual mood first thing to be tested before a children copes with the long term damage..

The effect of disruption to human function..

Once dysfunction sets this ends up getting the better of the child are certain children vulnerable at very same time as the have mmr jab..

Can mmr vaccine symoutanosly overload a child’s gut with an unnatural gut suppression..

Which now potentially could rupture the gut of the child..

Which had recently been vaccinated and this child may potentially now be left with a disadvantage..

In which no one quite actually understands..

In which may actually hamper the child for the rest of their lives..

Believe me i understand as to why we believe certain children may need early immune response..

But are we actually trying to trigger an actual immune response with a one size which we think fits all..

Especially with children..

We may actually need to understand that children are possibly more at risk of unforeseen risks than we could have ever imagined..

With how we unnaturally provoke a child’s gut itself..

Especially in the early stages of a child’s life..

Can chemical suppression at a tender age of a child actually rupture the gut of a child especially when a child has a tantrum..

Especially if the child unknowingly suffers mood problems directly after been vaccinated..

Are we possibly playing Russian rullete with a child’s gut do vaccines interfere with a child’s gut..

Do children unknowingly suffer unnatural suppression within the gut itself..


As a natural response when the have been vaccinated does a child gut simply contain an unnatural chemical suppression..

Which indirectly now provokes a child’s gut could this actually be as damaging to a child as shock which is possibly sustained in an adult..

When an adults gut suffers chemical suppression at very same time shock hits the gut during gut suppression..

Which may symoutanosly now leave an adult individual with actual irreversible gut damage..


In which now offsets the mind from the human body..

Because the communication system the mind relies on to communicate with the human body is broken..

There are hidden dimensions to superior functional wealth but does anyone understand if we brake how mind communicates with it’s body..

We inturn actually brake the relationship the individual has with themselves..

In which is soulfully responsible for how we as individual’s manage the world around us and actually bond with other individual’s..

Could we have ever imagined how a child’s gut could spasm in which ruptures during a tantrum..

Could this rupture actually be responsible for why a child is now possibly left to suffers life long change with functional damage..

Due to how chemicals unknowingly suppress the gut of a child during a tantrum..

Once a child’s gut ruptures we now possibly create the weakness which chemical suppression targets for the rest of the life of a child.. autism..

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