Can human body naturally aid gut itself by naturally protecting gut against chemical suppression..

Is all that naturally stands in the way to how the gut creates chemical resistance possibly the actual..

Flesh beneath our skin..

Does actual flesh beneath our skin naturally act a little alike a sponge..

Inorder to actually protect the gut from actually creating chemical resistance..

Is there any wonder as to why certain individual’s possibly struggle to keep there weight down..

Especially if individual’s human body is possibly struggling with obesity..

When the actual human body of certain individual’s actually may potentially be trying to create an extra barrier of fat..

Beneath the individual’s actual skin between flesh and gut to actually naturally protect the gut itself..

Could fat naturally create a natural conductor to actually absorb chemicals before gut actually creates chemical resistance..

Does human body naturally aid the gut itself by protecting against guts chemical suppression..

Chemical suppression which once this actually penetrates through human body..

This is why gut is actually forced to create it’s actual resistance to chemicals..

Does the barrier of fat which possibly absorbs chemical possibly now create autoimmune disease..

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