In 1996 coproximal pain killer’s along with one ecstasy actually took my human body on a journey to the brink of my mind’s destruction..

Little did I no this actual left behind an actual chemical suppression..

In which actually followed the actual experience..

I had that night..

Which inturn has actually destroyed how my gut now manages chemicals..

Yes my human body actually had an overnight sudden impact in which my gut may simply never forget..

But because I have possibly enabled myself to work out how my gut actually has a memory..

In which my gut will actually never forget..

By understanding how my gut possibly creates memory when my gut is further fretened by chemicals..

I have simply allowed myself to work this out before my gut possibly destroyed my human body..

Beyond my gut itself..

The chemical suppression which actually unnaturally crushed my gut to brink of it’s own destruction..

Which has actually irreversibly scared my gut in which is possibly why my gut will never forget..

But i have actually understood if I don’t allow my gut to resonate any chemicals, my gut won’t remember..

In which symoutanosly allows my gut to naturally support my human body without intoxicating my human body..

This systematically allows me to actually naturally turn my guts unnatural activity on and off..

Which inturn allows me to turn on and off how my body manages my guts unnatural activity..

Which in turn allows me to actually study the effects my human body has as i turn my guts unnatural activity on and off..

What I mean by this is when i turn my guts unnatural activity on i manage how my gut provokes my body..

But when i turn my guts unnatural activity off i can also study reversal to how my human body breaks free from my guts unnatural activity..

So my guts unnatural activity as I turn it off allows my human body to faze in how my human body should naturally function as it should..

Which simply allows me as an individual to actually interpret and possibly predict the direction my human body would obviously go..

If I wasn’t actually fully aware of how I could naturally turn my guts unnatural activity naturally off..

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