does guts natural recovery coincide with minds experience does the gut determine our mind’s actual experience..

Does shock simply collide with gut suppression..

At same time as when the gut actually suffers unnatural suppression..

When shock collides with the gut at same time as the gut suffers chemical suppression..

Does the actual impact which shock has on the gut which is unnaturally suppressed now rupture the gut..


Mind naturally communicates with human body through the gut itself…

But when chemical suppression actually suppresses the gut at the actual same time as shock..

Does shock simply now rupture the mind’s communication system within the gut..



Does the extent of the destruction within the mind actually now develop post shock..

Because of the extent of the unnatural suppression creating the rupture within gut during shock..

In which now simply exists within the gut itself..

In which now creates our mind’s disruption…

Mind’s underlying damage simply now develops after shock..

Due to the nature of how our gut suppression actually ruptures during shock.

Our guts chemical suppression is soulfully responsible for why gut develops suppression..

In which simply now ruptures the gut during shock..

The length of trauma..

In which unnaturally unfolds there after..

Will simply now depend on the length of time the gut naturally takes to heal it’s rupture on it’s own..

But bare this in mind..

Chemical suppression created the guts unnatural suppression..

In which was responsible for actually creating the rupture in first place..

So we have two main factors we have the chemical suppression and we have the rupture..

In which has occurred within gut itself..

So how do we give the gut the best chance to heal it’s rupture..

We simply relieve the gut of it’s chemical suppression..

In which kinda allows the gut to actually be in a reduced state of suppression..

In which simply allows the gut the best chance to naturally heal itself by itself..

Mind’s projection will always be in the shade of the gut..

What i’m portraying here is how the mysterious events unfolds..

If chemical suppression suppresses the gut at the same time..

As when we actually suffer shock..

Does the gut simply now damage itself by tearing itself by possibly rupturing itself..

When chemical suppression now creates the guts unnatural spasm..

The spasm which now ruptures at the very same time as we suffer shock..

Could extent of the damage which forms a rupture now simply depend..

On how much the gut was suffering from chemical suppression..

At the very same time as when human body actually goes into shock..

Does chemical suppression create the unnatural gut suppression which now creates hairline fractures..

Within the gut actually during shock..

Which is now responsible for disease, disability and multiple mental health disorders..

There is two thing’s in which we actually need to take into account here..

The chemical suppression..

In which tenses up the gut before creating the initial gut spasm..

Second is the extent the shock which actually dead ends itself within the gut…


But when chemicals unnaturally create the unnatural gut spasm at the same time..

As when the human body actually dead ends it’s shock within the gut..

Something simply had to actually give and our gut tears itself internally..

Now by taken these two thing’s into account..

The extent of chemical suppression and the actual shock in which dead ends itself within the gut itself..

This unfortunately creates the unforeseen circumstances which now unfolds within the mind itself..

The size or depth of the actual rupture in which unnaturally develops..

During when gut suppression creates the unnatural gut spasm which now ruptures during shock..

Within gut itself..

The extent of the rupture which forms within the gut will now simply determine the length of time the gut actually takes to heal itself..

If we don’t allow the gut to heal the mind inturn simply won’t follow suit..

Which will determine the road to recovery the actual experience the individual has whilst the mind waits for the guts to heal..

Gut can only naturally heal itself by itself..

The gut is the tale end of the brain and unnatural activity within the gut itself..

Shouldn’t be occurring..

Because if unnatural gut activity starts occurring we simply now play Russian roulette with the mind..

The experience our mind has on it’s road to recovery back is simply a very similar journey back..

To how human body recovers from bruising..

Only difference is the bruising which occurs within the gut..


Determines the lengh of time mind is actually out of depth with itself..

This is why if we were to understand how we create chemical suppression we also prevent how the gut..

Possibly creates guts unnatural ruptures which especially occur during shock..

If we understand what creates the unnatural rupture..

In which only has one way to healing that’s simply naturally by itself..

We also learn how we relieve the unnatural suppression..

In which simply prevents the gut from naturally healing itself by itself..

Which could be actually used for a tool for the gut if the gut ever suffered ruptures..

Which is kinda alike actually creating a reduced coma within the gut..

In which actually reverses guts unnatural suppression..

Which possibly allow the gut the best opportunity to actually heal any ruptures within itself by itself..

Shock during gut suppression could unnaturally bruise or rupture gut at any time for any length of time..

Up until the gut can put itself right naturally..

does guts natural recovery coincide with minds experience does the gut determine our mind’s actual experience..


It may have taken me 40 or so year’s…

To kinda fully understand how i could actually come back from my underlying disruption..

Which has plaqued my life all my life..

The unthinkable began..

When i became aware of how i could learn to understand manage how i could come back from the unthinkable..

The 10 to 15 year’s..

In which simply followed that my mind has simply just been able to actually process..

The unimaginable..

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