Can we fast track how the mind can naturally learn unnatural stages of our bodies unnatural rhythms..

Only way we possibly determine what is going on in the mind of a struggling individual..

Is to actually unravel the whole mess..

In which makes the struggling individual struggle from start to finish..

If we can understand the algorithm to how we reverse the struggle..

If this knowledge was ready available this would possibly show..

What makes the vulnerable individual possibly now vulnerable..

In which could help the individual’s who struggle understand..

Why the struggle..

In first place..

Which like myself could control the unnatural activity..

Which is unnaturally allowed to flow through..

Gut to mind..

On a daily basis..

If we learn how we defuse gut suppression..

We possibly then lower the long term effect that gut resistance has..

On human body..

This knowledge could create the awareness..

In which could actually keep on giving..

Which could help science clearly understand beneath origins to why disability and disease starts to form..

If we can see beneath human mechanics..

We could possibly foresee how we help prevent disability and disease developing..

By understanding how we don’t unnaturally..

Allow gut to unnaturally gain suppression..

Can chemicals force the gut to unknowingly stealthily become unnaturally wombded..

Which maybe responsible for chemical resistance..

In which possibly could create prevention..

For possibly why unnatural gut activity now slow cooks human function..

In which could be also why treatment for disease is needed there after..

To contain the actual long term effects of chemical resistance destroying..

Human function..

Can we understand disease dimensions in which are hidden beneath human nature’s quantum physics..

To how human degeneration starts to form..

By learning how we actually acknowledge my knowledge in which i’ve developed through myself..

Can we actually take advantage of my beliefs..

In which could inturn possibly save lives from been unnaturally destroyed..

Which could help create hope for other’s alike..

I’m willing..

To put my life’s natural resolve..

Into practice..

To help other’s understand how gut is responsible for actually starting..

A snowball effect..

In which can take it’s toll within human body by firstly creating suppression..

Which is stage 1..

Stage 2..

Is when chemical suppression forces gut to gain its chemical resistance..

Overtime overnight..

Stage 3..

Is when gut is unnaturally suffering it’s full blown chemical resistance..

Chemicals resistance takes over gut so much that guts unnatural activity..

Is now actually responsible for causing underlying damage within our human body beyond our gut..

Can we understand guts unnatural activity..

Which could possibly help diagnose disease before disease develops

Can we prevent degeneration before human degeneration starts to form into disease..

Could disease actually start to develop..

Through the unnatural progressive stage of guts actual chemical resistance..

Is chemicals resistance what eventually stealthily takes over the human body..

In which would limit time for natural intervention..

If this knowledge was available could this help control our bodies..

Underlying issue’s..

In which could allow human’s to actually understand how the can preserve..

The human body to naturally protect function of the human body..

In which our mind has no choice but manage..

Can we intervene within human body by acknowledging real life understandings..

Which possibly would have taken year’s of processing stats..

Possibly a lifetime..

To process reality in depth studies..

In which i’ve actually held in my hand..

Possibly long enough to watch how my bodies unnatural activity unfolds..

In which could naturally help provide..

Precision support..

In which could help slow down degeneration in which develops overtime..

In which could possibly create the blueprint..

To help save lives from suffering degeneration..

By acknowledging prevention methods..

Which could possibly save the human body..

Possibly suffering year’s of unforeseen negative activity from gut unnatural suppression..

By learning mind to understand algorithm..

In which could program mind awareness..

In which could help program the mind to naturally create it’s own diagnostic..


Create prevention for chronic disease..

Do human’s actually suffer pain from the way human body crumbles when guts unnatural activity..

Takes another step forward from suppression to resistance in which further damages human body..

Can we fast track how the mind can naturally learn unnatural stages of our bodies unnatural rhythms..

Which takes place..

Which possibly suppresses individual’s before disease develops..

Before disease possibly has the actually chance to unnaturally unfold..

5 thoughts on “Can we fast track how the mind can naturally learn unnatural stages of our bodies unnatural rhythms..

  1. πŸ’œ It’s NOT!!! The “Chemicals” EveryOne; it’s YOUR!!! Mind, so Clear YOUR!!! Mind then YOUR!!! “Gut” can Communicate with YOUR!!! Mind


    Liked by 1 person

      1. πŸ’œ Fair Enough SupaSoulBro let’s just Agree-To-Disagree with a Parting Shot each; when I Healed My “Mind” My “Gut” followed suit automatically and evolved…


        Liked by 1 person

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