When the gut isn’t really fully in control of itself the mind inturn really isn’t fully in control of itself either..

I’ve spent all my life struggling on the actual wrong end of the spectrum..

I spent all those year’s through school trying to develop..

If there was knowledge to acknowledge in the hands of the right individual’s..

This simply wouldn’t unnaturally be still occurring today..

People say we need to talk more about problems..

But i’m sorry to say gut suppression simply unnaturally withdraws the mind..

When the individual suffers emptiness due to the unknown how can this individual simply speak the truth about how he or she feels..

When the actual words really don’t exist to actually describe the unknown..

When the individual suffers emptiness the mechanic’s behind mind’s mindfulness..

Did once exist within the wealth of our gut..

Which inturn simply supports the mind..

When we not quite sure how we unnaturally interfere with how the gut..

Creates our minds disruption..

Chemicals suppress the gut itself so what occurs within struggling individual’s..

Is the suppressive state simply exists within the gut itself it’s human’s..

Who actually may not have quite understood this enough to fully understand this..

I wouldn’t even try and go against what’s what with how the human body should function..

But dysfunction has been apart of my life all my life..

I’m still an apprentice to myself and i’m going to gather the knowledge..

In which simply needs to be acknowledge..

Once the gut suffers chemical suppression for any length of time guts will, will create resistance..

Which forces the gut to malfunction in which inturn forces the gut to poorly support body and mind..

The human body is the human body for good reason..

But if we destroy how the gut supports body and mind by inducing human body with chemicals

The gut which supports the body and mind..

Manages all the strain involved when chemicals suppress human body..

Gut now isn’t fully in control of itself before gut supports body and mind..

This is simply the next stage to when gut degeneration and vascular degeneration..

Warps our mind..

The early signs that guts creating it’s unnatural activity can be seen in the individual’s.


Most individual’s who struggle unknowingly would prefer to be alone..

This is possibly only because the individual’s body and mind simply struggles to cope in the moment..

Especially around other individual’s..

If the gut isn’t fully in control of itself the mind will struggle to manage..

In the moment..

But if gut isn’t fully in control of itself gut can also flood our body and mind..

With negativity..

The main problem most struggling individual’s will have is when the mind is unknowingly warped..

The individual loses focus concentration what i mean by this is the individual is disturbed..

The loss of focus and concentration isn’t anything to do with how the individual needs to put more effort into how the focus and concentrate..

Because guts unnatural suppression disruption is responsible for warping the individual’s mind..

The individual’s focus and concentration levels simply deplete..

So the individual is trapped within a cyclone of unnatural activity..

In which will simply destroy them..

When the gut isn’t really fully in control of itself the mind inturn really isn’t fully in control of itself either..

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