The key is to decompress unnatural gut activity in which allows human body to function as it should..

I helped myself rediscover myself By using prune juice to understand how i could reverse my gut suppression..

Which helped me gain the right support..

To support my gut without my gut concentrating toxicity during gut malfunction..

Prune juice helped me to understand..

How i could change the course of how my gut was unnaturally behaving..

In which helped me recover my gut degeneration before my gut degeneration..

Possibly destroyed my human body..

Because my gut was now actually concentrating toxicity..

So my hidden toxicity was now flooding my body with poisonous methane..

Which must become lodged within faece during when the gut suffers chemical suppression..

As my gut was degenerating prune juice actually helped me hold off..

My gut degeneration..

Long enough to gain the knowledge to determine how i could naturally create a natural intervention..

I basically tuned into myself and learned how i could create intervention..

By most likely reversing the same procedure..

Which damaged my gut in the first place..

This intervention was actually understood..

Over the course of about 20 year’s for how chemicals suppress and destroy the gut..

The gut supporting body simply now has chance to intoxicate body..

In which ultimately finishes the body off..

When gut has had to manage chemicals..

The gut unknowingly is forced to suppress from how gut has had to manage chemicals..

It’s that simple..

The year’s which now go by with how the gut has been forced to suffer chemical suppression..

Are the same year’s which have gone by..

In which gut has unnaturally gained it’s resistance to chemicals but once gut builds it’s chemical resistance..

This resistance is actually now irreversible..

This is the point of no return when chemical resistance simply now overrides gut..

In which increases guts unnaturally activity which now takes body out..

Chemicals target gut then when chemicals breach will of gut guts will will suffer..

With own self decline..

The mind which struggles to control it’s body is actually the mind which is now losing control of itself..

Because guts intoxification damages pathways back and forth from gut to mind..

Chemicals suppression creates guts self decline which destroys body..

Longer gut sustains chemical suppression, bigger the resistance in which eventually unfolds..

The key is to decompress unnatural gut activity in which allows human body to function as it should..

But if we don’t intervene chemicals will keep going against guts will..

Which creates resistance and 20 year’s resistance is actually now a huge gut malfunction..

Which is irreversible..

So 20 year’s of chemicals interfering with the gut, gut now is starting to be controlled by chemical resistance..

Which creates our gut malfunction in which intoxicates our body..

Through digestive system..

Gut becomes alike a blocked sewer but the toxicity intoxicates body by re-entering body..

In which simply destroys how we now function from within human body..

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