Can we destroy a biological system which was once strong enough..

Using vaccines within human’s body is kinda alike using warfare within the human body..

But should this actually be a one size fits all..

Are there groups of individual’s which have biological systems which are simply different to one another..

Back in the day..

Before vaccines..

We’re there certain biological systems..

In which actually unknowingly possibly carried the human race forward..

Have we since now designed a world in which is simply a on size fit all..

Is this because we haven’t since then recognised that biological systems are possibly unique to one another..

Have we actually fully understood why biological systems actually vary..

But ultimately have we misunderstood why our biological systems..

Vary in strength in depth..

From one another..

Have we created a world which is a one size fits all..

When in reality only a percentage of people’s biological systems..

May need or not need added support..

To manage actual bacteria from the outside world..

If our bodies biological system had the right support from gut itself

All the way through our lives..

Our biological system possibly could manage bacteria from the outside world..

Much better..

But if we provoke a biological system..

In which already has strength in depth..

Can we destroy a biological system which was once strong enough..

To manage bacteria from outside world.

By interfering with the biological system which was once fit enough and strong enough..

To actually manage how the outside world actually invades the human body..

Is it possible that if we use what we think should be used as a one size fits all fix..

On all biological systems..

Is it possible that if we interfere with every biological system in the same way..

That we unnaturally could have turned the tide from back in the day..

Which possibly has made those biological systems..

Which we’re actually once strong possibly weak and the biological systems..

Which we’re weak possibly strong..

If this was the case and we understood why this was occurring..

We could possibly then create supreme biological wealth in everyone..

Instead of possibly one or the other..

I’m not not saying vaccines aren’t good tools..

But what i am saying is there could be a better approach in how we research..

The diversity of the biological system..

For instance..

If vaccines create a biological system in which once had strength in depth possibly now weaker..

Can everyday contamination from unnatural substance possibly also create the same impact..

In which suppresses the welfare of the individual’s biological system..

Before the biological system manages..

The biological system simply needs preserving and what better way..

Is there to support our biological system..

Than to have the wealth of the gut in which doesn’t suffer resistance to chemicals..

In which could help the gut dig deep enough and allow human’s to preserve..

Their biological system..

Because the gut which doesn’t suffer chemical resistance is the gut which doesn’t suffer from unnatural suppression..

Unnatural gut suppression simply intoxicates the biological system..

Because the gut is trying to support it’s biological system at the same time as the gut suffers degeneration..

So understanding this knowledge throughout one’s life would be a great protection..

To support individual biological systems..

In later life..

One thought on “Can we destroy a biological system which was once strong enough..

  1. Yes, there is diversity. Could you be right? Possibly. Could you be wrong. Possibly. Would people interpret your comment as an excuse for avoiding vaccination. Likely. Will some people die by that choice. Likely.

    Your essay is conjecture and should be clearly marked as such, with no data to support it. However, there is hard data against it.

    We know the coronavirus can live in the gut. Medical examiners have found it there. As long as it lives in the body, it has the potential for causing additional damage long after the tests go negative. In fact, in the case of my wife and one of my clients, infection by the coronavirus lead to destruction of the gall bladder. In light of that experience, simple reliance on the gut to protect against the coronavirus seems at best naive.

    There is diversity, and not all diverse forms survive. Ask a dinosaur. That’s pure Darwin. No one is guaranteed or entitled to live to a certain number of years. Humans do what is best for the group to survive, but that doesn’t mean every individual will.

    To me, the coronavirus is one of a number of things happening now that will reduce the headcount of humans on the planet by the end of this century. In Musk’s early commentary on his ambition to build a Mars colony was the notion that the human epoch on earth is coming to an end. His stated desire was to have a small, select few survive elsewhere while the rest of us die. My guess is that you and I aren’t part of that select few. His time frame for the end of the human era was within 10 years of today.

    So, there are more serious problems than the issue of whether to take the vaccine or not. All of the hard data supports getting the shot, and there are far more serious issues on which we need to focus.

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