When actual neurological damage within the gut becomes prominent Within the gut itself..

This may seem unlikely..

But is chemical suppression actually responsible for destroying nature of our human nature..

From deep down within the human body..

Correct me if i’m wrong..

But isn’t there more neurons in the actual gut than within our brain..

So surely to god..

The gut is responsible for motor body then brain is responsible for maintaining control of the human body..

Brain also memorises the precision movement of the human body..

If spinal cord becomes damaged the human body loses it’s feelings and brain also loses control of it’s body..

But do actual neurons within gut actually now become damaged when chemicals unnaturally provoke the gut..

Can guts unnatural activity actually now create intensity towards it’s own neurons..

In which possibly now damages our actual neurons within our gut..

In which then damages how gut play’s ball with neurons within our brain..

Our gut brain axis lays within spine..

Alike mistory of sciatica and how actual pain now develops travels down leg..

the damaged neurons Within our gut may possibly now create actual activity..

In which travels through the mind..

When the actual neurological damage within the gut becomes prominent..

Within the gut itself..

Have we actually damaged the natural pathways in which the brain actually uses to communicate..

Through our body too within body..

If we provoke the human body with unnatural suppression from vascular to gut..

over long enough periods..

We slowly damage neurons within our gut..

But let’s say we now also drop a bomb within the gut with the intensity..

With the impact co proximal had on me..

Can we now create further damage with the guts neurons within the gut..

As we create a secondary intoxication of the gut.. absolutely..

Listen when we unnaturally put gut on it’s back foot this may allow our gut to loose control of itself..

In which possibly is responsible for how the gut actually burn out it’s own actual neurons..

Does the unnatural strain in which develops deep in the mind of individual’s actually occur as guts unnatural activity..

Peppers guts neurons..

In which now possibly unnaturally damages creates guts neurological damage..

Is the destruction of the guts actual neurons..

Actually now possibly responsible for why motor neuron disease starts to develop..

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