So please remember dysfunctional are only less equipped Because the actually struggle to stay tuned in real time with functionality of other’s..

Is gut degeneration..

As misleading as sciatic

When a nerve becomes trapped in the spine..

In which now creates pain which occurs in leg..

The difference with gut degeneration..

Is we actually feel our guts distress from our gut degeneration..

within our mind..

Guts distress occurs within our gut but actually disturbs our mind..

But the actual distortion within our mind actually occurs within our gut..

Distortion within our mind actually takes place within our mind because the gut and our mind are interconnected..

Gut degeneration actually damages the same pathways in which alcohol and drugs simply takes effect..

This could well be reason as to why a drug addiction possibly now becomes an addiction..

Because individual’s are unaware what creates gut suppression..

In which simply then creates their gut degeneration..

So individual’s are unaware of what is stealthily damaging their vascular system..

So the individual is also unaware of what the are trying to actually overcome and manage..

Gut depression creates unnatural pressure which simply now has an unnatural impact on one’s life..

Someone who creates an addiction is possibly the individual who takes matters into their own hands..

Because drugs and alcohol has the power to override unnatural feelings momentarily..

The individual’s feed fix situation possibly just gets out of hand because the more the individual relies on a fix..

Bigger the fix problem becomes..

When the individual suffers from a chemical suppression..

This chemical suppression is what inturn is eventually responsible for the hidden gut suppression..

In which now simply disturbs the gut which inturn unnaturally creates why the individual’s has to manage his or her distress..

A hidden unnatural distress in which individual’s simply now have no true real understanding about..

Which can actually leave the individual with no choice other than ride their bodies unnatural activity..

Unless the individual finds a solution in which helps them alleviate the actual root cause to why the body creates distress..

The individual will just keep on trying to actually find their own solution for dealing with their bodies distress..

The transparency of our bodies distress is why individual’s actually take matters into their own hands..

But imagine if we could help struggling individual’s actually understand how a feed fix situation came about..

We can then possibly help struggling individual’s actually understand..

How the could then naturally reduce their guts unnatural activity..

Which could help the individual reduce the risk of developing a feed fix situation..

If we learn how we reduce our guts unnatural activity we inturn learn how we reduce..

Why the human body develops hidden distress..

Which could help struggling individual’s to apply an early intervention..

In which may also save the individual from not creating their own feed fix situation..

Which unknowingly forces certain individuals to unnaturally get caught up in a feed fix situation..

Is our bodies unnatural distress possibly the main reason why struggling individual’s eventually become addicted..

Hidden within the gut itself is simply a developing degenerative condition..

In which actually is responsible for creating disruption to human function and why our body creates distress..

In which individual’s unknowingly have little too no choice other than manage..

On a day to day basis..

If we reduce what actually created our bodies unnatural impact..

We can inturn reduce why the human body unnaturally creates it’s unnatural distress..

Then we help alleviate why certain individual’s actually take matters into their own hands..

Then each and everyone of us as individual’s..

Can actually understand why certain individual’s may have a different approach to how the lead a difficult life..

Especially in the eye’s of the individual’s who are functionally better equipped..

Which unknown to them are simply blessed with superior natural function..

This is why functional disorders are so misunderstood..

Because disruption to human function is transparent..

Dysfunction needs to be fully understood..

Because dysfunction is disruption to human function..

We must fully understand disruption to human function so certain individual’s don’t have a disregard towards other’s..

What is occurring within certain individual’s is that certain individual’s become a disruption towards other’s..

But is this..

because the individual is actually already managing unnatural activity..

In which simply already is unnaturally overriding their human function..

In which unnaturally disrupts how the individual can actually be themselves..

As an individual..

Disruption to human function is simply what the individual manages..

Before the individual actually manage anything else..

Invisible conditions are simply transparent..

So please remember dysfunctional are only less equipped..

Because the struggle to stay tuned in real time with the functionality of other’s..

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