Judge mental if everyone everything seams to bother us is this not because the will of body suffers unknowingly..

By protecting body from chemicals we protect will of human body from suffering chemical suppression..

We need to learn how chemical suppression starts as will of human body is pushed inward..

Impact chemicals have longterm penetrate body and as will is forced will goes on it’s back foot dead ends itself within the gut which supports the human body..

Long term damage chemicals have is simple to understand because whole of human body from back to start is now overwhelmed by chemicals..

We become aware of underlying damage as invisible progression becomes more prominent..

What human’s fail to recognise about human body is when body is in distress we suffer low mood delayed emotion heightened stress levels..

The signs we’re always their to tell us the human body was in distress but by creating invisible illnesses which penetrate human overtime..

These invisible illnesses start at the will of human body and we don’t see wood for the tree’s how neurological damage takes over body overtime..

Ignoring why body is in distress and trying to fix mood delayed emotion and distress by applying synthetic substitute.. 🤦‍♀️

When chemicals initially cause human body to shut itself down is there any wonder why uk citizens are the worst hit by covid 19..

We can learn how we recover human body by learning to stabilise will of the body then we recover how human body suffers chemical suppression unknowingly..

If we suppress the will of human body for 10 year’s, that’s 10 year’s of bodies will slowly been destroyed until gut supporting body is pushed more and more on it’s back foot..

Which fast became 10 year’s of bodies will been on receiving end of chemical suppression which gradually becomes 1 to 10 year’s of human degeneration..

Why human body became insufficient as we suppress will of the human body we indirectly suppress gut supporting body..

Until gut is forced to break this is a point of no return when 10 to 20 year’s of will of human body managing chemicals..

This is enough to self destruct the human body chemicals push will of body until gut supporting human body becomes degeneration..

We break human body when as we overwhelm the will of the body will of body is a measuring stick to how body manages chemicals..

We must defuse how we  suppress bodies will before body starts to self destruct which creates our bodies  inner self to become inefficient..

Can we use will of body to measure bodies inner self and understand better what provokes will creates foundation to support wellbeing..

Will derives from gut but does chemical suppression indirectly suppress force will of body to dead ends itself as gut suppression..

When body resists chemicals will of our body is tested by how human body resists chemicals..

Which indirectly forces gut to retreat suppress and then human’s manage depth of existing strain which exists during bodies chemical suppression..

We force body to control chemicals repetitively against will of human body and by doing so we channel a chain reaction genetics control..

When we repetitively contaminate human body we simply force human body to manage chemicals until human genetics fold..

Damage develops through human body because we don’t recognise what forces human body to become unwell in 10 to 20 year’s..

Consequence of not been able enough to see enough to identify chemical overload is because we have to fit in our human body..

Our body doesn’t always fit in with us when we struggle the human body is simply more aware of what we shouldn’t be doing to our body..

Long term damage develops when chemicals force genetics to fold because chemicals indirectly suppress will of human body..

We aggravate human body and disturbs relationship we have with ourself because genetics which suppress easier get in the way of how long we hang onto ourself..

Which is why we give ourselves a hard time within ourselves because if we break will of body foundation to life now crumbles..

Journey of life through life now became painful we must work with genetics by not suppressing genetics and help ourself create then own our own foundation to youth..

Judge mental if everyone everything seams to bother us is this not because the will of body suffers unknowingly..

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