How long can the human body hold on to it’s TRUE self, Before gut degeneration destroys the wealth within the human body..

Human degeneration starts within the gut by prematurely aging body as gut becomes degenerative gut passes it’s degeneration to body..

chemicals suppress vascular to gut and these chemicals eventually damage gut to a point of no return..

Gut which is forced to go on it’s back foot kinda becomes lifeless and eventually will break so will now ill support human body beyond gut..

How long can the human body hold on to it’s TRUE self, Before gut degeneration destroys the wealth within the human body..

Imagine land fill which traps unnatural gas underground, gut which is degenerative becomes like that land fill which traps the gas..

Degenerative gut now supports body with less goodness more toxicity gut suffering suppression will react to food rather than food be digested..

Because hidden gut suppression alters how gut naturally breaks down food as gut malfunctions gut reacts to food..

Because gut isn’t stable enough to digest our food, this is why gut suppression creates more intolerance to processed food soft drinks and sugar..

When gut becomes unstable bodies self decline will now open up human body to infection..

The digestive system has it’s own exhaust system which supposed to release gas from food as the food is broken down..

When gut degeneration occurs gut now is intolerant to food and gut spasm traps unnatural gas within digestive tract a little alike land fill..

This is why when we decompress chemicals vascular to gut along with a combination of prune juice and inulin this helps break down fetus..

By releasing toxicity and gas from food which passes through digestive tract, gut produces toxicity and gas as food reacts to guts instability..

This unnatural gas contributes to functional instability..

We take antibiotics to help relieve our body of infection but does unnatural create a deathly cycle which keeps on reoccurring..

Due to gut now poorly supporting human body gut degeneration forces gut to create unnatural activity which simply ill supports our human mechanic’s beyond our gut..

The way the gut once digested food is now broken, gut was forced to malfunction, the gut did not choose to suffer malfunction..

When gut malfunctions, this occurs when chemicals are force against will of human body which in effect shuts down the gut our human bodies supports system..

Chemicals which suppress body indirectly damage natural gut function, chemicals force gut to malfunction gut forms spasm..

We must learn to understand how gut degeneration is created because unnatural gas toxicity has no place within our human body..

Does unnatural gas toxicity force body to have reoccurring infection is this why if we tackle infection with antibiotics, the infection reoccurs..

When gut degeneration ill supports human body do we miss interpret how gut degeneration creates bodies degenerative disease..

When gut ill supports it’s human body are antibiotics only part of how we able to help human body prevent infectious disease..

By understanding how we interpret the gut we learn from why body is forced to manage unnatural activity in which potentially forces body beyond gut to become insecure..

Which potentially creates infection..

Can we learn how we reduce the guts unnatural activity then in theory we could help human body help itself to manage infection and prevent disease and disorders..

When we learn how to tackle how our human body starts developing self decline, we learn how we reverse degeneration..

Which allows human body best chance possible to pull itself through the thing is with gut degeneration is gut degeneration will now ill support human mechanic’s beyond gut..

But if we learn how we understand how the human body ticks we enable oneself the power to preserve how our human body performs..

When we reduce unnatural gut activity body receive more goodness as we defuse unnatural gut activity..

Which also calms gut down and helps stop the gut force breaking the human body down beyond the gut and may help control why body suffers reoccurring infection..

Which could help the human race not be as reliant on the use of antibiotics, we blame antibiotics for disturbing bacteria..

But is gut degeneration responsible for why human body depreciates then opens itself up to infection..

When human body is forced to manage unnatural activity we consciously struggle with mood and delayed emotion at same time that bacteria suffers in it’s environment..

Our guts eco system relys on our biological health our guts bacteria first forms as body is still young and strong but as we force unnatural pressure vascular to gut..

This unnatural pressure eventually creates our bodies self decline beyond our gut but as we damage gut function..

This damage forms with gut suppression, which with the correct understanding we seem to be able to release pressure of gut suppression..

By relieving our human body of chemicals, gut suppression isn’t easy to measure nor see, gut suppression is the progressive stage of a hidden condition which forms overtime..

Gut suppression eventually breaks our gut unknowingly which also damages the environment which gut bacteria once thrived in a ecosystem with natural gut environment ..

Sustainability of gut bacteria changes when we unknowingly damage the home environment in which gut bacteria depends on for it’s survival..

When we learn how to reduce gut suppression we gain back natural gut function by default which helps gut create original gut environment..

The original gut environment which we had before gut suppression helps create a natural environment which bacteria can thrive on all levels..

Our gut microbiome has natural environment which we interfere with unknowingly as we suppress gut we unknowingly alter damage guts bacteria, eco system…

Which helps maintain how gut bacteria thrives, yes antibiotics relieve infection but what if guts underlying suppression disrupts human body beyond our gut..

Underlying is responsible for why the human body eventually opens itself up to infection, but when we use antibiotics we don’t actually see why bodies infection starts..

When gut degeneration forms this unnatural activity will keep creating our bodies unnatural activity until gut breaks our human body..

Because we unnaturally provoke human body we simply then disrupt way our body runs on it’s own and gut will now also struggle to sustain healthy bacteria..

During gut suppression gut suppression forces a deathly cycle and when there’s to much unnatural gut activity this spills gut to body..

One thought on “How long can the human body hold on to it’s TRUE self, Before gut degeneration destroys the wealth within the human body..

  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ I Have NOT!! Eaten for a Fortnight EveryOne; rest assured if My “Gut Degenerates and I Die y’all will be The First to Know

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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