When unnatural suppresses gut viruses may piggy back on and off where gut suppression starts then with age sooner or later the virus infections may take us out..

Do viruses disrupt our gut in a similar way to how chemicals damage the gut does the human body manage both viruses and chemicals with same mechanic’s..

Chemicals suppress vascular to gut but do viruses and chemicals both force body to create similar response within the gut to one another..

Do viruses target gut as the virus tries to take over human body as this occurs gut creates similar unnatural suppression to that of chemicals..

This maybe why certain individual’s become more susceptible too because unnatural may weaken mechanisms beneath their bodies mechanic’s..

This underlying fight may indirectly interfere with how human body copes during virus infection..

Can viruses take advantage of existing gut suppression, if so are chemicals a greater threat to body as human body manages viruses..

Is this good enough reason why those individual’s who manage underlying became more vulnerable as the create a double edged sword..

When we suppress gut, gut will struggle to support body beyond gut as well as it should, which ill supports the life we live..

Which could allow viruses to penetrate the human body much easier, is same human mechanic’s actually responsible for managing viruses and unnatural substance..

Does existing gut suppression already weaken body and force human body to suffer vulnerability, especially with age..

Which would allow viruses to penetrate human body more easily as body is already run down because gut suppression ill supports our body..

Because existing excessive gut suppression forces unnatural gut activity which disrupts gut to body..

Then viruses may suppress human body, much easier do we suppress the same mechanisms beneath the same body mechanic’s..

The mechanisms beneath bodies mechanic’s are the foundation of life which supports our human body during ill health..

So everyday chemicals simply indirectly forces gut to malfunction this gut malfunction eventually then disrupts, body beyond gut..

Viruses may piggy back our bodies existing damage, unnatural damages vascular then vascular indirectly suppresses gut..

Then gut disrupts how our bodies natural function behaves, in which changes how we behave..

When the gut which supports the human body malfunctions this offsets body from the mind which helps to control human body..

Then life becomes challenging..

The virus takes over gut then body then mind, now allow yourself to reverse this process and your conscious self struggles to cope..

Mind has to stay on same page as body when gut disrupts body the fight which human body has against bacteria diminishes..

This could be reason why viruses have a better chance to take over body, as gut becomes damaged..

When body is ill supported by gut our gut health simply reinforces our bodies strength as viruses attack our human body..

Viruses go through gut and possible reason for this is gut is key to our bodies wealth our support system..

When gut becomes degenerative human body beyond gut becomes run down and overtime becomes ruined beyond repair..

Which effects how viruses impact our human body as gut suffers unnatural suppression viruses may take over human body much easier..

What covid-19 may have done is expose how we religiously suppress human genetics on different levels to one another..

Covid-19 has certainly gave us a different angle to look from with how we learn how we start the process to prevent disease..

The experience we experience when gut is forced to malfunctions creates negative experience this experience is different experience to one we should have..

When unnatural suppresses gut viruses may piggy back on and off where gut suppression starts then with age sooner or later the virus infections may take us out..

One thought on “When unnatural suppresses gut viruses may piggy back on and off where gut suppression starts then with age sooner or later the virus infections may take us out..

  1. ♡ Virus and Bacteria Seek to coexist with The Host; basically Symbiosis and Mutuality like the Rest of This Planet; most of We Humans ARE too Arrogant To Be Cognisant of This Simple Truth


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