The individual who finds themselves struggling struggle to keep their head above board feeling withdrawn is different to how we feel fatigue..

There’s two sides to the spectrum when we explore our spectrum one end tells tales of destruction we’re as the other end tell tales of those of who seem stronger..

This maybe because their human body stayed in control of itself, can there be genetics which are better equipped to manage excessive amounts of unnatural..

Unnatural simply abuses humanity..

Once gut becomes damage year’s which go by there after maybe enough to force certain individual’s to lose control of self control..

This is a disadvantage which is hidden beneath the mechanisms beneath our bodies mechanic’s within the human body..

When gut supports body as it should  mind stays reserved and maintains positive this is because underlying struggles are less prominent..

This tells a story of opportunity..

Underlying conditions may start when gut is forcd to go into submission and the gut is eventually forced to go on it’s back foot..

This is a point of no return hidden conditions become neurological damage which interferes with how the body self maintain itself..

Can we unnatural create a chemical chain reaction which starts when we unnatural create gut suppression..

Which starts a further chemical reaction in which occurs gut to body this process slowly disrupts body as gut loses it’s will to unnatural..

Chemicals force gut to go on it’s back foot until gut breaks gut is forced until gut breaks forms malfunction..

Gut malfunction is more prominent stage which now starts to carry unnatural ctivity from gut to beyond gut to body..

Unnatural substance has always been the hidden threat which we never new would come back and haunt so many individual’s..

By slowly shutting down their gut we create gut suppression when unnatural travels vascular to gut..

Chemicals travel vascular to gut create stage one of a progressive condition stage two is when gut becomes degenerative overtime..

Gut suppression forces individual’s to manage within themselves more than anything else..

There must be individual’s who like myself who have to try and manage a poor version of themselves most of the time..

When unnatural targets gut we start a chain reaction gut to body if we use third party chemicals let’s remember we use these chemicals against guts will..

As we suffercate vascular what occurs to gut whilst gut malfunctions is unknown to us, our conscious self is forced to manages guts unnatural activity itself..

By not knowing where our initial response occurred this paves the way for why the gut is eventually forced to malfunction..

The gut can cope only up until the gut starts to break then guts unnatural activity simply snowballs our human body beyond our gut..

This could be good enough reason why human body starts to become degenerative when unnatural gut activity forces neurological damage..

When gut manages unnatural resistance for year’s and year’s the underlying damage forms over time but the extent of our gut damage..

Only becomes prominent when unnatural gut activity further disrupts the way our body functions on it’s own, without intervention..

When gut is suppressed this simply interferes with way gut digests the food we eat this unnatural activity in gut creates intolerance to food..

Not food intolerance when we prevent gut suppression we prevent gut malfunctioning and gut tolerates the food we eat so much better..

The gut is only on it’s back foot when we unnaturally provoke the human body so we create gut suppression..

This is where stage one becomes stage two as gut looses it’s robustness, gut loses it’s self control against it’s fight against unnatural..

Which simply ages gut as gut unknowingly fights a fight against it’s will, which unnecessarily applies pressure to conscious self..

As we suppress gut our gut can only support it’s body as well as gut stays in control of itself..

The environment which covers or surrounds our body is crucial to how gain spiritual growth..

There is seriously far to much contamination which stealthily disrupts our human body..

Which indirectly interferes alters how human body runs on it’s own we may have certain individual’s who suffer disability..

But it’s hard to find the right treatment because we cannot see what provokes the mechanisms beneath our bodies mechanic’s..

Without inner vision, inner vision may help to interpret how our degenerative disease starts to form..

The other end of the spectrum will simply struggle to visualise past beneath their own genetics, which is their own experience..

Where as those who struggle may simply struggle up until the can interpret what’s disrupting what which helps reverse self decline..

By learning how we naturally control progression this is the start to what may create prevention as we reveal the bigger picture..

Is human body as sensitive as the gut which supports the body, human genetics are hard wired within gut..

Which creates guts underlying damage the hidden condition in Which gradually takes over our human body as we provoke body..

Does the human body break down differently from each another but do we all lose track as this occurs..

We can soothe underlying by understanding what creates guts unnatural activity..

but when we learn how we control what provokes underlying this may also slow down progression no human should be managing their bodies unnaturally gut suppression..

The individual who finds themselves struggling struggle to keep their head above board feeling withdrawn is different to how we feel fatigue..

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