Intrusive thought occurs as guts unnatural activity forces mind on back foot, mind cannot understand how we indirectly disturb our mind..

When life takes us on a journey to brink of destruction what’s important is how we learn how we stay in control of ourselves during the aftermath of adversity..

We can learn to control self control by understanding how we simmer down guts unnatural activity..

In which aggravates how gut, plays ball with mind it’s hard to stay in control of ourself when there’s so much getting in the way of how we stay in control of ourself..

Way we feel within oneself is detrimental to ourself, our bodies existing negativity energy reels in dangerous activity..

When unnatural suppresses gut, gut eventually breaks, then life we live becomes more about self conscious than subconscious..

When subconscious body is damaged this damage starts to override our conscious self..

Conscience is studied by default which is neither to much good nor to much bad, natural state body to mind is responsible for default..

Gut damage forces mind to manage through our suffering body, which in effect ill effects how we cope..

Conscience becomes negative as our gut is crushed, when unnatural substance forces gut to brink of destruction this gut damage is now irreversible..

What happens now is our gut now manages it’s unnatural resistance differently, because our gut has been indirectly broken..

How human body controls unnatural resistance, has now been damaged, the gut has no choice but manage, but our gut now creates a hidden resistance..

When we unnaturally suppress vascular to gut over long periods we suppress how gut lives to support our human body, which indirectly destroys how we experience life..

This indirectly interferes with mood delays emotion and also increases stress how good or bad we feel is a reflection to how our gut manages body, during gut suppression..

Gut suppression occurs when unnatural substance suppresses against the nature of what supports our human body..

Unatural indirectly provokes our gut and gut then suffers suppression as gut suffers suppression this forces disruption in opposite direction..

In which forces gut suppression which forces gut to indirectly go on it’s back foot..

when we contaminate the human body this contamination has to be met or managed by the gut which supports the human body,..

Our gut naturally supports vascular and body but as we directly interfere with our vascular and body..

we simply damage how gut supports human body, when gut is already suppressed..

Is the straw, which breaks the gut because we create added pressure, in which we produce when we apply pressure within gut as gut is already suffering unnatural suppression..

Can synthetic drugs create the straw which breaks the camel’s back when gut is already on it’s back foot..

Surely something will eventually give, especially when gut isn’t supposed to be under unnatural pressure..

So when we religiously put our gut under unatural pressure, each day is a extra day in which our gut shouldn’t be put under pressure..

What i’m trying to say here is do we unnaturally suppress our human body until gut becomes damaged..

If so do we create a straw which breaks the gut are drugs medication responsibly for targeting the heart of our gut existing suppression..

Which may break gut to a point of no return in which could make the difference to how we eventually manage disease or chronic disease..

Self control is how well we cope from within ourself, guts unnatural activity is the fight which we fight whilst we try to gain self control..

Which unknown to our conscious self we manage our bodies subconscious stress, i wouldn’t say i no better, but i could say i do no whole lot differently..

I enabled myself to work within myself enough to understand why degenerative conditions form..

Mind creates thought but as body is in motion our thought diminishes, this is why when human body suffers, this creates mental illness..

The strain which is present before motivation creates incompetence in which is formulated as gut suffers ill health, gut to mind..

When unnatural gut activity becomes to much the gut can force the mind to create attention deficit..

As mind suffers mind loses touch with more than just our body the food we eat during unnatural gut activity inturn turns attention deficit to hyperactivity..

Same theory when mind controls hyperactivity could also be responsible for how headaches and migraines first form..

When mind creates thought, at same time as when gut creates unnatural activity, the mind creates intrusive thought..

We cannot see how guts unnatural activity disturbs mind, but as mind manages guts unnatural activity, this disturbs how mind creates thought..

Intrusive thought occurs as guts unnatural activity forces mind on back foot, mind cannot understand how we indirectly disturb our mind..

The relationship, when we first meet each other, we get to no each other, through how we manage spontaneously, from within oneself..

By indirectly disturbing the mind we indirectly disturb how mind manages the life, which corresponds with mind which manages body..

How ablely well mind copes during guts unnatural suppression, mind is forced to manage, guts disarray..

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