When we stop forcing our gut to go on the back foot, this helps our conscious self achieve a whole new lease of life..

Here’s a life hack for those who struggle, those who unknowingly could have a damaged gut..

Instead of trying to find next miracle cure for our bodies ailments we could help our gut support our body as it should..

The only chance our gut is allowed a natural break from how we consciously contaminate our human body, is when we actually rest our human body overnight..

This is only time we consciously refrain from indirectly interfering, with our body, for any length of time..

When we wake, what our human body needs is for us to change our same old routine, this is what the human body doesn’t approve of..

Let’s say we use the same unnatural product religiously, as we use these same unnatural products, what we do is we create the same viscous cycle..

This cycle suppresses the gut before the gut damages the human body which indirectly damages the quality of life which we live, within our human body..

The way we feel is a direct reflection to how our gut will either support or ill support, our human body and mind..

What we need to do after a night sleep is take advantage of the rest period the gut has during sleep..

What i mean by this is we must try to extend the length of time which the human body, has had in time, from contamination..

We manage the way our gut creates it’s suppressed state from within ourself unknowingly, but when we don’t create unnatural gut suppression..

In theory we inturn wouldn’t unnecessarily be forced to manage why the gut forces the mind to manage, during our bodies unnatural activity..

Unnatural suppresses gut more easily through out life, as gut malfunction, this offsets, the body from the mind, which controls it’s body..

As we sleep we rest and gut is allowed 8 or so hours break this is uninterrupted rest, from how we consciously contaminate the human body..

What we unnaturally do when we wake up, really matters on a morning and as we brush our teeth with highly toxic fluoride toothpaste..

which also contains a whole host of other, toxic chemicals, we also wash human body with chemical induces products..

Each time we brush teeth and we wash human body with chemical induced products, there’s a natural reaction, in our gut..

In which i call gut suppression so every 24 hours when we contaminate we religiously suppress how gut functions, gut suppression takes 24 hours or longer no less..

Before our gut fully recovers from the initial gut suppression, but then we repeat same vicious cycle over, over again..

So what we do daily religiously is force ourselves to manage the way, gut suffers from, unnatural suppression..

Gut suppression will eventually break gut down until body crumbles, which also opens up our, human body to infection..

We must allow the gut the necessary time it needs to recover itself, gut suppression kinda forces paralysis within our gut..

Which takes at least 24 hours or so for our gut to naturally come back from if we wash human body with only water and exfoliate we don’t, contaminate our human body..

So we inturn don’t have to manage the way our gut creates it’s own unnatural activity..

The gut symoutanosly doesn’t induce, body and mind with how the gut increases in toxicity..

When we carry gut through the day from the previous night without further contaminating our human body..

The gut gains an even bigger well deserved break, in which we carry through to another day which helps replenish the human body from within itself..

Without unnecessarily contaminating, human body we help our gut maintain it’s connection with mind and body..

When we stop forcing our gut to go on the back foot, this helps our conscious self achieve a whole new lease of life..

In which we naturally feel from within our conscious-self, by allowing, guts unnatural activity to come back down to earth..

we simply allow the mind in which controls the body to interact with body, as it should..

12 thoughts on “When we stop forcing our gut to go on the back foot, this helps our conscious self achieve a whole new lease of life..

  1. Larry Hagman of Dallas fame on Sundays never ate or spoke to help with gut suppression I now guess and understand! Ya gut is a thermometer and barometer for ya overall health and we must do everything to keep it healthy! Vaya! Good job 😎

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely, gut suppression stays suppressed until gut eventually breaks unless we intervene my friend..

      Mind will then struggle to stay in control of a lifeless body until we lose our mind a guess.. πŸ™πŸ‘Œ

      Liked by 1 person

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