To the generation of today, each day month year, you don’t contaminate your human body, you possible create extra year’s ahead..

Broken gut is always going to stay broken from this day on it’s all about how we prevent further provoking what’s already damaged..

I wash myself using only using water and i scrub and exfoliate my human body, this now stops unnatural substance..

Further penetrating through my body to existing damaged within my gut which allows my gut to come back to life, we must preserve our human by not suppressing our human body..

When the human body is on back foot this is because we contaminate the human body this damages the support system which supports our human body..

We manage the unnatural activity which we create, which simply suppresses the gut as gut becomes degenerative, gut spasms creates malfunction..

The food we eat becomes lodged, possibly within the small intestine..

Food we eat when gut is in it’s unnatural state creates toxicity which lurks within our digestive tract, which creates unnatural gas..

Unnatural gas becomes trapped which is likely why the human gut becomes leaky, because when unnatural gases build, unnatural gas is result of a suppressed gut with a spasm..

Gut is struggling to keep itself above board when gut already struggles the gut will symoutanosly struggle to digest the food we eat..

It’s simple, we just struggle to see through, past the unnatural damage we cause, mood, emotion, stress is first sign, gut suffers suppression..

This then manifests as the guts unatural activity starts disrupting the way body runs we are now at the stage where gut disrupts functional wealth..

This is the progressive stage of the same condition but the underlying condition has spread we suppress the gut then guts unnatural activity damages bodies performance..

As gut snowballs human body the mind struggles to stay in control of it’s body and body suffers that much from within itself, that we lose touch with reality..

As gut spasms, gut malfunctions gut creates it’s own spasm when we provoke how the gut lives, we can only control guts unnatural activity if we do not put our gut on it’s back foot..

Washing human body with water allows our gut to live without suppression, gut supports our body as it should..

But as we contaminate the human body we simply reaggravate whatever existing gut damage we have..

To the generation of today each day month year you don’t contaminate your human body you possible create extra year’s ahead..

In which help you preserve your body which in turn helps you save yourself from mental health decline.. happy new year..

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