The life we live becomes more about strain, confusion and conflict than life itself when gut creates activity, in which is unnatural activity..

We must learn how delicate and precious and sensitive our gut is we must fully understand the importance of protecting the human body and gut from contamination..

We could control the quality in which we live through life by learning how we control the nature of what forces gut suppression..

We can also learn how we study the guts unnatural aggression and learn how we represent a bench mark for the quality of life..

Which we live in a lifetime, imagine how the human body lives and breathes this is only a small part of how our human mechanic’s live within ourselves..

Now imagine the gut, this is the part of you, that regulates you now imagine consuming alcohol as you drink alcohol, alcohol will slowly but surely, take over..

The gut sustains a similar fate to that of alcohol, but gut depression overtime can force our human body to become emotionless..

Gut suppression crushes the life within our gut, this is well before our gut has the chance to support our human body..

Now imagine how we contaminate human body, over long periods, day’s, months, year’s, the gut is hard wired to our vascular system..

The gut the vascular is one and live together as one, work together as one..

What occurs as we contaminate our human body over long enough periods is, we suppress the life in which supports the life within our life..

In which simply damages the way we live through life, as gut becomes degenerative we fight an unnecessary fight from within ourself..

As body crumbles we consciously constantly manage the effect that underlying damage has within..

Our body creates unnatural activity, when unnatural substance damages our gut..

As we contaminate our human body we suppress our gut which can permanently damage the way our gut performs, when gut reacts to unnatural on a daily basis..

This became the degenerative condition which occurred through out time, which we now left to manage..

The guts underlying damage creates intrusive thoughts, when gut creates unatural activity, this simply offsets reality, in which alters how we manage, life we live..

Well before we involve ourselves within the world around us, we repetitively repeat the same unnatural cycles, which damage the gut..

We then eventually struggle to cope as human body has no alternative, other than tolerate unnatural, day in day out..

The human gut has no way out..

More we contaminate, the greater the gut malfunction, which inturn creates our bodies hidden toxicity..

When the human gut is suppressed, the gut will also struggle, to break food down in which we eat..

My gut suppression started, with me suffering mood and emotional issues, but as this occurs, human behaviour also stealthily alters..

Behaviour is the reflection of how our gut is suffering suppression..

How on earth, do we expect our kids to waid through their life’s events with little to no experience of living life with, reality or logic..

How on earth do kids manage themselves within a human body with unnatural activity..

Young kids have to manage themselves through their body in which is ill supported, when their gut suffers suppression..

It’s total madness, especially when kids are unaware of the quantum physics, which forces their human body to create, it’s own unnatural activity..

What we struggle to recognize about degenerative conditions, is that these conditions are caused when gut no longer, supports body properly..

Which is also why we end up opening up the human body, to infection..

Gut suppression increases the likelihood of length of time taken by the gut to recover the body gut takes longer to recover body, any how with age..

Guts unnatural activity simply ages the natural age of the body this creates a snowball effect of self decline in which withdrawals us from reality..

Then mind loses touch with it’s body, gut becomes the straw in which gradually breaks the body..

We don’t realise contamination slowly breaks the gut, before the body, but as we contaminate human body we slowly suppress the gut, until we kill off the gut..

The gut sets the foundations beneath the life we live contamination simply prevents the gut from living, doing the job of supporting body..

The life we live becomes more about strain, confusion and conflict than life itself when gut creates activity, in which is unnatural activity..

We become sucked and embroiled

2 thoughts on “The life we live becomes more about strain, confusion and conflict than life itself when gut creates activity, in which is unnatural activity..

    1. There’s a whole host of goodness which is provided at our disposal, but this goodness cannot fight the fight, from within our gut..

      Yes there is goodness, which can be provided to our body, but the gut, gets to decide how the food we eat is then broken down..

      the problem we have with degenerative gut issues, is we create gut suppression, when we contaminate the body, we create this either overtime or suddenly or both..

      This then becomes straw which breaks the camels back, the gut is the forefront of the life we live..

      Gut and Mind are one, as we damage the gut we simply then damage way the work together, as one..

      When we damage gut slowly or suddenly to a point of no return, what occurs, is our gut us put on the back foot, everytime we contaminate body..

      So, food we eat is only part of the bigger picture my friend, gut decline will create our bodies ailments, but when we protect the body..

      We in turn protect the gut from further contamination, which relieves our gut suppression and allows our gut to live with, better health..

      Before the gut digests the food in which we eat, what i’m trying to say here my friend, is gut will only digests food we eat as good as the health within itself..

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