If the life that certain individual’s maybe forced to live wasn’t bad enough what if these individual’s did get judged off the back of a hidden underlying condition..

When we struggle unknowingly every day can be challenging this especially shows going to and from a comfortable environment to an unusual environment..

This added pressure in which exists which overwhelms us isn’t always to do with environment..

Our human body to mind the reaction the experience we receive when we find ourself going to and from comfort zone to an unusual environment is what turns nothing to violence..

When individual’s are unknowingly trapped within a broken body this creates brokenness because underlying condition which exists gut to mind no one can see..

The hidden condition forces and pushes individual’s to suffer but only individual’s who struggle can feel sense the hidden condition, ultimately these individual’s suffer alone..

When gut overwhelms mind the hidden condition stops the individual enjoying the life the were given the environment isn’t always the problem but the added pressure of environment could tip the individual over the edge..

It’s the fact unnatural suppression body to mind may force body to mind to be out of touch with reality that is the problem this may even force struggling individual’s to feel the need to commit suicide..

If the life that certain individual’s maybe forced to live wasn’t bad enough what if these individual’s did get judged off the back of a hidden underlying condition..

Which cannot be seen or heard which forces certain individual’s to possibly end up in prison when these individual’s eventually lose control of themselves..

Is there any wonder why repeat offenses keep on repeating themselves from generation to generation this maybe through no fault of their own, unnatural substance is simply not a one size fits all..

Certain individual’s may lose control because their body is out of control if body pushes out mind until mind is overwhelmed these individual’s may well be fighting a fight from within themself which the eventually lose..

The then lose control but losing control isn’t always about the little things tipping us over the edge what about the hidden condition..

In which forces individual’s to over react in the first place it’s wrong that individual’s have no choice, than suffer live this way..

It’s wrong, imagine if genetics are creating underlying illness and hidden ailments are so so misunderstood are individual’s eventually made to believe that everything is their fault..

When the underlying condition pushed their boundaries from day one..

When body overwhelms mind every action taken body to mind can leave trail strain in mind and creates nervous disposition which interferes with self conscious..

Hidden actually forces the individual to cope like a fish out of water when underlying forces individual’s to struggle the individual eventually will lose control of themselves..

Hidden condition may slowly drive certain individual’s to become mad within themselves from beginning of time all because the individual lives aside a much more sensitive body in which overwhelms their mind..

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