If the human body became disturbed by unnatural what chance has synthetic substitute have to balance aid recovery long term..

Growing up we don’t see the writing on the wall so it’s crucial we learn  more about human Sensitivity to unnatural and synthetic substance..

Because when something seemed beneficial down road this wasn’t worth the paper it was written on..

Could we learn what aggravates vascular leaves neurological damage behind which becomes a permanent fixture, the human body is easily aggravated once damaged..

Can we concentrate on neurological damage in which may scar vascular create vascular dis-ease we need to understand what ifs and maybes..

10 year’s contamination 10 year’s damage 10 year’s progression 10 year’s of body saying what the fuck are you doing to me..

Once body says enough is enough the damage is done we easily provoke progression on a daily basis which provokes extent of underlying damage..

We need to be extra careful in how we stimulate human body because body rejects what at times seems beneficial overtime..

Synthetic maybe beneficial short term use medication drugs impact body but after stimulation human body takes time to recover..

Drugs medication which are used to override what we believe is natural self state maybe fight a losing battle..

Do drugs medication manage our bodies natural self state or do drugs medication try to intervene with bodies unnatural pressure in which suppresses how body runs feels..

Somewhere between stimulation and recovery is how subconscious body is so much cleverer than we could ever have imagined..

Subconscious body knows it’s own natural balance lays within a human body which has nothing in which destabilize way it should run..

When unnatural substance suppresses body unnatural destabilises, body struggles what’s left is a body trying to adapt..

How long can a body tolerate before body struggles and once unnatural disrupts natural balance the way body runs itself by itself, natural balance may essentially break down..

Modifying bodies balance by trying to fix underlying condition with a synthetic substitute generic version of what body should be producing itself to maintain itself..

When we suppress body, body lags and years which go by force vital organs to suffer, natural resource becomes inefficient..

Understanding suppression wouldn’t be an easy task which anyone could monitor from outside looking in because it’s virtually impossible to detect unless we live in the moment..

We’ve taken eye off ball which has damaged way our gut now runs our human body bit by bit when vital organs suffer our natural resource become insufficient and possibly under active or over active..

Does synthetic balance what we think is needed or is synthetic substitute a smoke screen which stops us from seeing what’s wrong before body balances itself..

If we take account of what most unnatural is for isn’t unnatural mainly used to control bacterial isn’t this exactly what unnatural does to our human body..

Unnatural takes natural control away suppresses bacteria unnatural is cute stealth we must learn how to resolve this because human body is forced to become insufficient..

When natural resource become under active over active inorder to resurrect resolve natural balance..

Is synthetic good alternative when natural resource is destabilising in the human body for a reason synthetic has no brain balance alike natural resource..

Synthetic may seem a good choice idea but does natural balance become more damaged as time goes by when we ignor what creates natural balance..

Synthetic won’t reestablish balance longterm body manages suppression this provokes existing damage and when we don’t suppress body this buys human body a little time to recover..

This theory shows itself if we wash with just water over a few day’s..

Synthetic is only as clever as the mind in which creates synthetic solution but if mind could observe a struggling body from inside out..

Staying in the pocket long enough in the moment the mind can Harness weakness and ultimately create a strength..

The mind alike my mind could learn how to cut short what creates the entire entity of human body to struggle..

We must understand how we interpret how we create suppression to enable mind to learn how to understand why body lacks natural balance, we need to enable the mind to understand the algorithm..

Which turns our bodies imbalance around our human body is more sensitive than we could ever have imagined so last thing body needs is to be provoked..

Controlling underlying damage by synthetic substitute after years gone by may have unnaturally caused the underlying damage seems a little barbaric..

We must understand contamination and when we misuse unnatural we create suppression and unnatural activity in human body..

Controlling underlying by learning what provokes body we learn what aggravates creates underlying damage and we learn how to control underlying damage without the need to add synthetic..

If the human body became disturbed by unnatural what chance has synthetic substitute have to balance aid recovery long term..

Short term maybe but long term only way body may have chance to reestablish bodies natural balance back is working with body by not suppressing body..

The human body has will when we allow our mind the time to work out our human body our mind is capable of resolving our bodies chemical synthetic suppression..

When human body has enough time away from unnatural, suppression subsides then mind observe takes in how body counteracts imbalance..

Mind imagination observes imbalance when natural resource kicks back in natural balance when natural comes in play this allows normality to come back in play..

What we want is what we see what we need is how we feel but how do we see what our body needs instead of what our body craves wants..

When we understand what body needs instead of trying to solve what body wants Craves the mind experiences what we experience in body in which changes clarity mind receive from outside looking in..

By alleviating suppression we revitalised human body and natural resource come back in play..

The trend with what body craves isn’t good because what body craves is the start of an addiction we need to be careful how we prod response from within..

Because hunger greed will destroy take over we need to know how we learn to understand unnatural damages creates sensitivity body to mind mind to body..

11 thoughts on “If the human body became disturbed by unnatural what chance has synthetic substitute have to balance aid recovery long term..

    1. The question is rather why do we feel the need to up our brain’s melatonin to override and put to bed our bodies unnatural sleep patterns..

      Our bodies unnatural activity may eventually disturb amount of melatonin pineal gland produces has or how much melatonin is needed extra to put our bodies unnatural activity to bed..

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      1. Yes, see I have wondered about that. I have trouble sleeping so I have been taking ten milligrams of melatonin at bedtime. Sounds like it isn’t a good idea. Any idea how long it might take me to be able to sleep without melatonin? Thank you so much for your response. Love ❤️ Joni

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      2. I would say melatonin would mellow your brain but we have to ask ourselves how easy we switch ourselves off from reality..

        Say to yourself why isn’t my body not allowing me to sleep is unnatural actually suppressing body and is this possibly what’s wiring me before my sleep..

        Unnatural activity in body is caused by such as deodorant shower gel shampoo toothpaste mouthwash every day products like furniture polish washing up liquid household cleaner..

        What I would advise my friend is to wear gloves whilst cleaning and soak in hot bath without bath soap and wash with water only exfoliate..

        Remember our body takes time to recover once we contaminate our body body reacts then takes time to calm down, set time taken for body to calm the bodies storm..

        Depends on amount we contaminate our body in any given day i use prune juice on a day to day basis i no when something is suppressing my body..

        Because prune juice doesn’t allow gas to break free from poop lol if unnatural is damaging your natural sleep..

        By cutting your body off from further unnatural may help you solve your sleep problems..

        Prune juice detoxes but water allows human body to naturally run on it’s own my friend.. 💙🙏

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      3. Oh thank you very much. How sweet of you. I really appreciate your taking the time to give me this advice. You are very gracious. This is helpful. Thank you. Love and hugs to you. 🤗💕❤️Joni

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      4. Oh that is so sweet. Meanwhile I will back off of the melatonin. I also like the flavor of prunes myself. We are big water drinkers in this house. Thank you dear friend. Love and hugs Joni 🤗💕❤️💖🙏

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  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ My Body Deals with EveryThing EveryOne; because My Mind Has Corrected ItSelf

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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