The mind is three way circuit but the human mind is not a one way circuit but mind to sensory is a one way circuit..

Friction exists when vascular damage suppresses subconscious body to mind which creates mental block when vascular suffers suppression mind manages bodies suppression which creates tension..

Route taken by mind when mind interacts with body through body body to mind becomes damaged when body become intolerant to unnatural substance of year’s gone by..

Unnatural substance damages vascular, vascular damage damages suppresses gut brain gut brain suppresses mood emotion creates stress in body tension in mind..

Gut brain damage creates friction mind to body which disturbs how mind interacts with body pressure builds body to mind which disrupts how well mind maintains control of body..

Unnatural strain which exists body to mind overwhelms mind which creates sensory delay..

Mind absolves conscious information from eyes ears sensory to mind sense of smell connects through body to mind..

Underlying Friction disturbs body body creates tension in mind tension in mind disturbs how mind controls body which in effect is functional wealth..

Mind tension disrupts how mind connects mind to sensory friction in body creates tension in mind mind tension creates sensory delay..

sensory travels one way to mind where as memory interacts with mind which creates imagination memory is only as disturbed as the mind is distorted in which creates the memory.. anxiety..

Mind controls body but body interacts with mind this is how mental health issues form body overwhelms mind..

In which disengages how well mind connects itself sensory to mind and disturbs how mind interacts memory to mind mind to memory..

Human Body controls tone of thought Sensory adds logic to thought thought is our mind thought creates memory memory supervises mind..

Which is why tension which already exists body to mind distorts sensory to mind and how well memory plays ball with mind..

Unnatural damage body to mind creates tension overwhelms mind then mind struggles to interact back and forth to body to mind..

The mind is three way circuit but the human mind is not a one way circuit but mind to sensory is a one way circuit..

Mind interacts with memory and mind interacts with body in which creates feelings thought and ability in mind, mind controls body while gathering thought from memory, both are two way circuits to mind..

We think we are taking advantage of whatever the advantage is at the time only to learn down the road that the con unnaturally caused irreversible damage to human life which outweigh the pros..

Was there a risk assessment done on unnatural substance possible risking damage to wellbeing during lifetime..

The mind interacts with body inorder to control body but when unnatural suppresses vascular we damage how well body interacts with mind mind to body..

Unnatural = damage when we interfere with body the human body will interfere play games with us because when subconscious body interacts with mind the body creates tension stress in mind..

Vascular connects body to gut brain gut brain interacts through body to mind when body derails mind, mind struggles to interact with body which creates dysfunction..

When body creates dysfunction unnatural activity within body actually preoccupies the mind..

When mind struggles to play ball with body this maybe because unnatural activity in body over stimulates mind..

Damage sustained in body when unnatural substance interferes with body to mind suppresses mind which creates tension in mind enough that sensory to mind suffers from same delay as body to mind..

Damage sustained by unnatural substance damages vascular vascular damages gut brain gut brain damage create gut suppression which forces gut to malfunction..

Which may intoxicate body creates discomfort, dysfunction isn’t just a thing dysfunctions a significant sign which suggests our subconscious body suffers unknowingly body to mind, mind to body..

Human experience body transcends back and forth to mind state of mind state of play eyes ear are conscious sensors which are attached sensory to mind..

Gut controls mood emotion in which creates feelings vascular depression changes how gut brain expresses itself from body to mind..

When mind interacts with body and sensory connects to mind and memory supervises mind and mind gathers thought from memory this creates consciousness..

Body to mind, mind to body, sensory travel’s to mind, memory to mind thought to memory everything attach to mind creates awareness..

State of body creates state of mind state of mind depth of thought creates tone of memory which is influenced by body to mind..

Sensory gets caught up in tension which already exists body to mind body disturbs mind before experience negative chain of thought is created by flow of thought flowing through negative mind set..

Regulation of mood emotion stress exists in body to mind and creates efford taken for mind to digest body to mind which creates state of mind..

Sensory has to travel through state of mind to create thought tone of thought is only as good as health in the gut which supports the mind..

Underlying condition in body tension in mind = state of mind depth of thought which exists sensory to mind, mind to memory memory to mind..

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