If we lack in knowledge and try to overwhelm existing elivated mood emotion stress with a third party we become dependent on the third and the third party can become our bodies addiction..

Mind controls body, thought creates memory, memory and thought supervises controls mind, unnatural substance suppresses vascular, vascular suppresses gut, gut damage creates dysfunction..

When we try take advantage of unnatural substance we simply need to understand risks before we able to measure advantage because when we force our subconscious body to struggle unnecessarily..

Unnatural substance forces our subconscious self to disconnect and derail itself from our conscious self by allowing subconscious body to contain unnatural substance ..

Subconscious body in time struggles to maintain it’s connection to mind because body becomes infected and body suppresses connection to mind from body which disturbs how well our mind connects itself to body..

When the human mind takes extra effort inorder to take charge of our human body this is because gut suppresses and therefore forces mind out mind struggles to connect itself and take charge of our human body, this isn’t natural..

Is brain relying on subconscious wealth to allow mind to operate efficiently process reality does mind need to be the same wave length as thought inorder to turn reality into thought does strengh of thought create quality of memory..

Can brain only comprehend quality of information which exist and filtered through mind to create thought to create memory..

Is memory only as good as the mind which supplies transfers the information to memory is depth in imagination only as deep as experience is mind structure only as well as our functional wealth is in our body..

Mind stability to motor body creates ability and ability is only as accurate as health of the mind in which takes control of body we only manage behaviour when the relationship suffers with mind to body ..

We only as wise as power in which supports the mind we only as smart as our mind interacts with thought our mind must connect itself to thought inorder to create intellect..

Human judgement is based on how we feel in the moment about someone or something but does how well our human body connects itself to mind change how well we feel before we judge.. absolutely..

What we need to grasp is human’s are only in control of our conscious self and our conscious only manage itself as well as subconscious self naturally manages to run itself..

Contamination creates vascular damage in which damages the way gut brain runs the human body our conscious self only is in control of existing mood emotion stress..

Our conscious self cannot regulate mood emotion nor stress in which exists already human’s consciously damage their own subconsciousnes..

We damage subconscious body our subconscious body doesn’t damage itself our consciousness actually manages damage we cause in our subconscious self..

Our conscious self manages the damage we do to subconscious self human intervention is based on what conscious self thinks best conscious self create a solution..

Which is totally lacking knowledge conscious self cannot see into depth of damage that unnatural has had on subconscious enough to reveal damage of year’s gone by..

If we don’t understand the true origin to underlying damage we won’t fully understand how suppression exists we go around in circles from within we try to manage our bodies elivated mood emotion and stress..

Which creates why the human body eventually creates it’s addiction because we never allow ourselves to tackle suppression head on by eliminating why our body manages suppression..

When we try overpower overwhelm existing stress to control stress mood and emotion with a third party the third party becomes our addiction

If we lack in knowledge and try to overwhelm existing elivated mood emotion stress with a third party we become dependent on the third and the third party can become our bodies addiction..

Underlying struggle keeps coming through so human’s use what the think is best option for them at the time but ultimately this won’t tackle subconscious suppression head on

11 thoughts on “If we lack in knowledge and try to overwhelm existing elivated mood emotion stress with a third party we become dependent on the third and the third party can become our bodies addiction..

  1. I dare say that ya Mind is the most powerful weapon of all. The mind holds storage of past experience; it is ya vault holding data that ya don’t even know is available. The mind, part brain and part common sense keeps ya from baseball errors, mental; in the streets of Da Boogie Down; fatal! Forlorn Folsom Prison Blues, Joe Biden in the house or is it Johnny Cash singing about ya Boy Named Sue! Waited for his Papa, Sue, to ask Why ya name me Sue? The answer Surprising!

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  2. β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡

    β™‘ Co-Dependency; reliance on others rather than self
    ♀ Physiology; same sensation for different reasons
    β—‡ Wisdom; correct application of “knowledge”

    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡


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