Does gut suppression get in our way and disrupt how well our guts healing process naturally works comes together..

Vascular is a direct route through to our gut brain and when our gut brain is suffering a progressive stage to our already existing gut damage which either increases in time or suddenly.. IE ptsd..

Does unnatural substance suppress vascular then slowly suppress and damage gut brain could sudden impact of unnatural substance force irreversible damage to gut brain..

But is the straw in which breaks the camel’s back what turns mood emotion and distress to behavioural disorder an early stage to another progressive stage in which damages the way our subconscious body then functions with brain brain..

Without our conscious self sensing strain developing subconsciously if dysfunction is apparent yes we have a further progressive stage of our existing condition which existed in our gut..

Vascular depression may force existing gut brain to rupture by witnessing traumatic event our human body could develop ptsd because of fight or flight..

But could gut suppression at same time as our traumatic event kick in fight or flight and rupture already existing gut brain damage which is caused by unnatural suppression..

Which forces irreversible damage to gut brain so can recovery rate with ptsd be measured in length of time it takes for our second brain in time to naturally recover the rupture on it’s own and if this is the case..

Can we spead the gut brain recovery process up by learning how we understand how to reduce unatural substance in which helps reduce gut brain suppression during recovery of ptsd..

Vascular depression suppresses gut brain and as gut brain over exerts itself during flight or fight it ruptures itself because stress fractures in which already existed force our second brain to rupture more easily..

Could we create a human circuit breaker which allows our body not to be overloaded by unnatural substance during recovery of ptsd after a traumatic event..

Which could possibly allow gut brain enough time to help aid it’s natural recovery by releasing unnatural strain we release unnatural suppression from gut brain which also helps aid natural recovery ..

Gut brain rupture during traumatic experience, this rupture may only heal on it’s own naturally overtime..

Could best intervention be to not allow vascular depression to force gut suppression during second brain recovery..

Does gut brain rupture have to naturally heal on it’s own a little alike any other rupture but does amount of vascular depression force unnatural gut suppression..

Is gut suppression enough to get in the way and disrupt how well our guts natural healing process comes together, works..

3 thoughts on “Does gut suppression get in our way and disrupt how well our guts healing process naturally works comes together..

  1. On Thanksgiving 2012, ya suffered a compounded right anke fracture. A young man assaulted I; ptsd? I am still in gut brain recovery. Funny thing, I was just thinking about ya subject! Eerie how life mirrors our deepest concerns. Ya post? So apropos!🙏🐕♒️🌈☮️🗳🇺🇸

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