When our bodies subconscious body struggles this offsets our conscious self which unknowingly forces our human consciousness to become less in control of the same body or life..

When we help our body release hidden friction could we fuse realign our mind our body and our soul back together as one..

When we remove subconscious friction in which interferes overrides consciousness and also interferes with the quality of our life overtime..

We may enable a straight forward direction which our human body could travel if we eleviate the way our subconscious body creates it’s underlying struggles this helps eleviate conscious disability..

When our subconscious creates our conscious disability this slips in one’s life unknowingly what im saying is our conscious benifits and strengths slowly slip away from beneath us..

When our subconscious body offsets consciousness this unknowingly forces our conscious self to be less in control of the same body or life..

I suffered a sudden overnight impact in which forced my bodies second brain the gut to suffer irreversible damage..

When the human body is forced to slowly suffer can the impact of unatural substance cause strain within our human body in which goes unnoticed.. absolutely..

Does our human body break itself down overtime unknowingly of cause it does but what may eventually happen is the straw in which breaks the camel’s back..

Which is a sudden increase of unatural substance which simply overloads our human body on top of our bodies already existing everyday unatural substance in which simply further destroys damages our human gut brain..

This overload allowed enough time for me to subconsciously work within myself and allowed the time i needed to consciously work out my bodies already existing damaged..

Before my damage in my gut destroyed my body beyond the gut my vital organs if my body had not suffered an overnight sudden impact..

I believe my gut could have suffered the same fate but this same fate would have slowly taken over my gut..

My bodies second brain gradually anyway because human’s try to cut corners and take advantage of unatural substance..

Human’s simply try and take as much advantage of unatural substance as humanly possible but do human’s take disadvantage of unatural substance serious enough..

How are human’s supposed to foresee long term effect that unatural substance has on one human life and does unatural substance create gut spasm in which slows our metabolism down..

Human’s suffer self decline as we live our life our human body suffers broken body syndrome as we live our life which in my case would have slowly fazed into my life overtime.. it’s that simple..

If my body hadn’t suffered a sudden unatural impact would my human body have gave me enough time and the chance to sense my hidden damage within my gut before my damage in my gut inturn destroyed my bodies vital organs beyond my gut..

My self decline could have been alike so many other individual’s today and not had any transition at all from gut damage to body damage..

So my body would have slowly gone with the flow with my gut damage which would have forcefully forced my human body to unatural suffer a full blown self decline..

When our human body takes 24 hours to recover this prevents damage occuring beyond our gut but let’s say our human body fast becomes less of the body it once was..

Our human body may now have an unknown underlying issue which is a human body which may now take 48 hours to recover..

The reason been for why our human body now takes 48 hour’s to recover instead of 24 hour’s is what we seeing here is the actual impact unatural substance has on our human overtime..

But what occurs as our human body suffers self decline is our human body filters itself now through existing damage in our gut in which force’s our human body to be poorly supported by our gut in which overtime may cause underlying illness..

What may prevent our human body recovering quite as well as our body did before is the fact that our second brain became damage in our gut so what we see in underlying conditions is the damage unatural substance has on our gut brain overtime ..

Which forces our human body to fast become entwined entangled and lost in the madness of where it all went wrong in which simply allows our human’s body to go with the flow of our bodies underlying struggle..

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