Is the way we’ve change the way we live challenging the strengh of the fight within our body which inturn changes the will within our body, to how we servive..

Have human’s created a international culture shock within the modern and self created a league table of self decline..

Which directly changes how well our bodies lift us through the hardest time’s..

Is the way we’ve change the way we live inturn changing the fight within our bodies and changes the will within ourbody, to how we servive..

Can we smothered the way our body naturally runs on it’s own and overwhelm our bodies own natural resources, when we need them most..

We are certainly seeing these differences within different races today so is the way our subconscious body struggles, what ultimately can bring our bodies down when the going gets tough..

Our bodies genetic hereditary background always shows our bodies weaknesses..

But if we we’re able to understand our bodies underlying weaknesses so much better, could this help us support our bodies subconscious body during our hardest time’s.. absolutely..

11 thoughts on “Is the way we’ve change the way we live challenging the strengh of the fight within our body which inturn changes the will within our body, to how we servive..

    1. I hope someone grasps exactly what I’ve understood my friend..

      What I’ve wrote, i can put in place for other’s, the most devastating impact for our human body is smothering the way the human body naturally runs on it’s own..

      Each and every one of us does this on a Dailey basis, when using unatural substance, our human body takes longer than 24 hours to recover, once damaged..

      Our body may have had a good chance to recover in 24 hours in early stages of our bodies self decline, but once damaged this simply changes, because we provoke existing damage..

      So the 24 hours becomes 48 and so on until our body is totally broken, we need to understand how our body becomes damaged so we can reverse the damage and allow everyone to live without self decline.. πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ™

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      1. Absolutely true my friend, this isn’t a trend anyone should be following, anymore..

        I don’t say this just for the goodness of my own health, i say this for everyone and anyone who suffers premature self decline and even those individual’s who don’t think the suffering, the are..

        All the year’s i was working within myself i was simply trying to ease my own pain the reason why I’ve learn so much about myself..

        Is because i cannot cure my self decline but i can stop progression, because i caught my self decline and worked with it for many year’s but i can hounestly say we all caught up in such mess it’s unbelievable.. πŸ™πŸ’™πŸ™

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      2. And Craig we are all in this decline together. Look around. It appears to be a cause and effect ordeal. We must holdup our own selves to holdup and assist the next person. Those holding responsible positions who cannot uphold themselves, brings failure to his community. In other words, these are some precarious times…individuals and everything are falling down. I believe it is more deep than premature. And more than physical, it is spiritual.😞

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