Thanks tishgirl for this award, your a star..

Liebster Awards

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Hello! I would like to thank tishgirl for this award and i would also like to thank my followers, this journey hasn’t been easy for me to transform my experiences, from experience into word’s..

As i was illiterate, before i started this blog i also struggle to maintain focus enough to read for any length of time and if you ever wondered why i edit my posts, from time to time this is because when im having a bad day, i struggle to find words to represent what im trying to say..

Biggest plus to my knowledge is im the algorithm, but my algorithm is kinda lock in side, I’ve had to struggle to represent myself, I’ve had no choice but to do this on my own, i need help to represent myself if you no what i mean..            

Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.

Answer the 11 questions given to you.

Share 11 facts about yourself.

Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.

Ask your nominees 11 questions.

Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post.


Answers to tishgirl questions..

1 What is was your most challenging moment? not having enough knowledge to help me understand how my disfunction controlled me before my disfunction destroyed me..

2 What do you do when you’re frustrated? when i get frustrated these day’s it’s mostly because of what I’ve done to upset my body, in which offsets my bodies true natural self state..

So i kinda backtrack over thing’s which I’ve applied around my body and also with the things I’ve put my body, i use prune juice to relieve my gut bowl malfunction, this helps alleviate my hidden toxicity waste, i also now use inulin and cbd which helps condition my gut and control the damage within my gut..

3 If you have to choose another planet, which will you prefer? none im afraid im alike a fish out of water on earth at it is..

4 What’s your best fashion label? fashion label don’t bother me it’s more do with how well my body looks before i fit into clothes..

5 Which do you prefer: calling or texting? this simply depends on the nature of how serious the call is, i like to have fun and fool around these day’s so if it’s like my boss i prefer to text nothing against my boss i don’t like serious so i tend to let my work do the the talking there, i call my other freinds to talk shite basically lol..

6 If you have the opportunity of going back in time, what would you change about your past? Nothing because the way the world is going the knowledge I’ve gained is second to none, if i did change my past i wouldn’t have been able to provide the help to change the future for other’s alike..

7 What’s the one thing that reminds you of school? i was bottom in class to everything even though i tried i simply couldn’t keep up with the more functional..

8 Two positive and two negative things about yourself 🤝? Two positive things are: I like to think of myself as empathetic, and able to understand and sympathise in difficult situations and i don’t mind being the leader. two negative things are i struggle within myself so this inturn effects the way i read and write..

9 What inspired you to start blogging? my journey through my struggles in my early life and what i’ve done to naturally overcome these struggles, is what simply inspired me to do this blog..

10 Politician or activist – which would you rather become 🤝? I would rather be an activist, since I would be able to fight for the cause(s) I believe in. Along with others, I would be able to influence laws and rights, and bring about much needed change.

11 What is friendship to you? friendship is someone who helps and doesn’t judge the things you understand..

11 facts about myself..

1.. Im from uk co durham

2 i am 1 of 3 child

3 favourite subject.. mathematics 2+2 makes more sense to how something comes together..

4 I’ve learned how to gain true spirit by learning what provokes my body..

5 I’ve always been mechanically minded..

6 i have 2 boy’s age 13 and 9

7 I don’t have a particular taste in music, but im slightly lean towards chilled. I enjoy other types of music too.

8 my dream holiday would be to around the world and help other’s create normality..

9 in early stages of my life i struggled to comprehend but as i unravelled the mistory behind how my subconscious body struggled, this actually helped me enable away to clear the way to create a way to comprehend..

10 i believe i could help create natural stability, by helping other’s alike create their bodies natural true self state..

11 my mental state simply relies on my bodies true natural balance..

My questions for above nominees

1 Why do you blog

2 what’s most challenging thing you’ve had to overcome

3 what’s your favourite food and why

4 what’s your favourite hobby

5 do you suffer any underlying conditions, what work’s for you

6 what’s your thing, you use everyday

7 do you think your age is just a number

8 are you mechanically minded

9 what helps you keep a good spirit

10 life is challenging, but what motivates you, when times are hard

11 i believe mental health issues come off the back of strain which develops through the bodies underlying struggles, do you suffer any underlying struggles and what do you do to for yourself, which may help other’s alike

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