You see 45 but you vaguely remember 54, the way the brain is processing simply is a little screwed up = dyslexia..

You see 45 but you vaguely remember 54, the way the brain is processing simply is a little screwed up = dyslexia..

Which kinda force’s the brain to create a mirror image, which in effect shows itself also in written word’s, because our body creates motor body to motor brain distortion..

Functional individual’s out smart disfunctional, we either functional or we disfunctional, but is our bodies natural reaction to unatural substance what creates the fuel which fuels the fuel to how our body creates disfunction.. absolutely..

This is our Subconscious ability in which logically guides us through life how well we feel before we manage is simply our soul’s soul mate and companion, in which we test each time life becomes challenging..

Does disfunction create individual’s to carry an unecessary burdon, rather than a companion.. absolutely..

Disfunction obstructs the way we feel in the moment, disfunction forces mental strength decline and interferes with how we feel before we manage which simply gets in the way with how we interact with one another..

But can functional individual’s misunderstand how a disfunctional individual has to manage their disfunction as an actual behavioural condition.. without a doubt..

Most of my behavioural issue’s only exist in me, when i allow my subconscious body to struggle, other wise I’ve learned to cope quite well..

Excessive behavioural issue’s form when we force the human body to struggle on it’s own, this simply upsets our subconscious bodies, natural rhithym..

When we force our subconscious body to struggle, we inturn force our conscious self to struggle = well-being..

How the body manages during it’s disfunction, may force the human body to self create it’s own underlying health condition..

Disfunction directly causes unatural strain, which we have no alternative other than to manage, which simply gets in the way to how well we manage..

The body fills with tension and our brain loses it’s creativity we become dulled down, which creates life to seem, a little overwhelming, it’s that simple..

Inulin and probiotics, cbd, actually helps Condition our bodies, vascular tree..

Inulin probiotics and cbd actually helps to revitalise the way the gut naturally operates especially for those who chronically suffer, but these only help penetrate through the guts existing strain, the aren’t a cure..

But when we learn to rid the body of unatural substance, by decompressing unatural substance, long enough..

We simply reverse the strain within the gut, which helps eleviate, as to why the human body creates disfunction in the first place..

When we understand, how the human body self contains unatural substance can we understand the knowledge to help our body reverse this whole procedure.. absolutely..

When we rid our body of unatural substance, we inturn change the intensity to how our subconscious body suffers from disfunction..

When we decompress the body over a few day’s, our body creates a reverse chain reaction which helps eleviate unatural strain within the body.. it’s that simply..

Decompressing unatural substance, also reverses, what creates gut spasm which helps releave release nasty trapped toxicity and gas which becomes lodged in the digestive tract..

This unhealthy toxicity and gas, simply intensifies our everyday tension and stress and increases anxiety..

Our guts performance, directly changes how our gut maintains and supports our subconscious body with good enough nutritional goodness..

We simply cause gut depression when we overload our bodies, with unatural substance..

Functional individual’s hold their natural self so much better than those who are disfunctional, it’s that simple..

Existing theropy is through the eye of a more fuctional individual..

I’ve simply allowed myself to understand that unatural substance destroys the way our subconsciousness body runs, I’ve created a decompression technique which simply helps reverse change and control disfunction..

Could functional individual’s actually see through the eye of a disfunctional individual, of course not,..

But could someone who turned around their adversity, from disfunctional to functional, help those who govern, gain the right support for those who are in need.. absolutely..

So we allow functional individual’s to understand what’s really going on and what it is going to take to help disfunctional individual’s, actually unclip their wings..

Understanding how decompression techniques actually work early enough may even help prevent mental health conditions even occurring and further more help prevent dis-ease and ultimately bring a divided nation, closer together..

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