Can virus infections be gainfully gaining too much ground on humans are virus infections evolving so much faster than human’s, because human’s suppress the way the human body naturally support itself, on it’s own..

Viruses infections are unbelievably strong but can we work with our body and simply increase our chances of fighting virus infection.. absolutely..

Are we interfering with the strengh in which the human body fights when we change the health of how well our gut support our bodies vital organs.. absolutely..

Can the wealth of the gut change how well our body manages during virus infection.. i think so..

If we learn what helps the body create our bodies inner sustainable wealth can we directly help our body create our bodies inner strengh.. absolutely..

Finding a solution in which fulfils all our bodies needs cross the board could naturally help create, what we need to understand so we learn how to work side by side with our subconscious body..

We need to learn our conscious self how we support our subconscious self, so our body not only feel’s good but operates to it’s best..

Can we help our bodies vital organs create the bodies sustainable inner health.. absolutely..

Our bodies inner wealth helps create our bodies inner strengh which self creates our bodies inner health..

Which inturn can self change how well our subconscious body self manages itself, during when our body fights, contains, virus infection..

Cutting corners, by way of using unatural substance, in the modern world eventually suppresses natural gut function and increases our bodies inner toxicity which has to increase our bodies vascular dis-ease, which simply changes the way our subconscious body naturally runs on it’s own..

What if we understood the whole process behind the way the human body first created gut depression, can we learn how we work out that our bodies intolerance is what actually creates unatural gut function.. absolutely..

Unatural gut function, could simply be how the human body creates underlying health conditions and disfunction, over time..

Healthy gut, simply creates our bodies wealth, which self creates how our bodies vital organs naturally run on their own, to full effect..

The wealth which we regularly gain from our gut, creates how naturally well our subconscious body can naturally run on it’s own..

Which simply creates natural power that i believe certain individual’s naturally gain which allows certain individual’s the power to be more functional as a individual and rain superior over other’s..

So for those individual’s who are more functional well equipped to say to individual’s who aren’t functionally as well Equipped, you shouldn’t think like that you should think like us.. is barbaric, total madness..

If only the could step inside their shoes..

So learning those individual’s who do struggle to stay mentally strong, those individual’s won’t regain their mental strength by forcing them to be alike someone who’s body is better supported by their gut.. it’s impossible..

We need to establish a way to regain natural balance from within those individual’s, we need to eleviate the strain those individual’s have subconsciously to allow those individual’s a chance to gain equality..

Which will allow a disfunctional individual’s the power to become more functional, as an individual..

Our bodies wealth creates our bodies health which inturn can self create whether or not you are functional or disfunctional, which also creates how well we feel before we fit into our lives, we either have unatural strain or we dont have unatural strain..

The wealth and health of your subconscious body simply provides the health and wealth of our conscious self which is a game changer..

That you feel from within one’self and is our companion whilst we experience life.. it’s simple as that..

By understanding what creates vital organ suppression, can we simply help create equality.. absolutely..

Can we learn ourselves to understand what creates sustainable nutrients which flows and passes through the body more frequently.. absolutely..

Can we also help our bodies vital organs sustain the fight in which our body has whilst our body sustains it’s fight against virus infection.. absolutely..

Our body is reliant on quality nutrients to pass through our body on a regular basis to naturally support and sustain how well our body lives our immune system is simple part of this, fixture..

Restrict the flow we restrict how well our body naturally runs we also restrict the fight which we have left in the tank, in which we need, to fight third-party, adversity..

Virus infections try their up most to take over the body and depending on how well our bodies inner strengh works, actually changes how well our bodies, contain virus infection..

Our bodies subconscious fight could rely upon our bodies inner wealth to actually support our inner health..

First-hand and then the actual velocity and the impact a virus infection may have on the body maybe managed better from within..

Can virus infections be gainfully gaining too much ground on humans are virus infections evolving so much faster than human’s, because human’s suppress the way the human body naturally support itself, on it’s own.. absolutely..

7 thoughts on “Can virus infections be gainfully gaining too much ground on humans are virus infections evolving so much faster than human’s, because human’s suppress the way the human body naturally support itself, on it’s own..

  1. Truthfully, I hadn’t had a reading as uplifting as reading your lecture. It seems like I would have attended a master class on my body health and also how to improve my relationship with my inner “me.”
    All his concepts are assimilable without any difficulty and this shows his great knowledge of the subject.
    I am pleased to have been able to receive and also acquire knowledge that will improve my way of life.

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  2. Bonjour

    Pâques est un moment fort dans l’année, surtout lorsqu’on se réunit en famille pour une belle fête chaleureuse
    Cette année sera différente avec la propagation de ce virus qui nous sépare de nos enfants , petits enfants et amis ( IES )
    Et pour tous ceux qui sont touchés par cette maladie
    Ceux qui ont un proche à l hôpital
    ceux qui en ont perdu un membre de la famille ou un ami
    Toutes les personnes qui ne pourront être auprès de leurs enfants qui seront au chevet des malades et autres
    Je vous souhaite, à toi , à vous et à vos proches, de passer de très belles fêtes de Pâques
    En attendant des jours meilleurs

    Bisous Bernard

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