Doesn’t mother nature get straight to the point with how it allows humanity to pull up it’s socks..

Doesn’t mother nature have a funny way which allows humanity to no when to pull up it’s socks and allows us all the power to actually pull ourselves together.. shock..

Can we create our body to have inner believe which somehow can create a placebo effect, which simply shakes up and jump starts where the subconscious body actually struggles momentarily.. absolutely..

Can we learn how to recreate and revitalise the human body, enough to directly lift how well we feel from within one’self, during our bodies subconsciousness.. absolutely..

Can this allow individual’s who do struggle, the power to naturally regain the very best version of themselves, their true physical and mental natural self state.. absolutely..

When the things we do to the human body takes longer than the 24 hour system, which we have in place..

This is why what we consciously do to the human body matters, because the amount of unatural things we do at any one time, over time..

Simply then increases the length of time which our body takes in time to manage the damage, which we cause to our subconscious body..

Which simply then forces our body to do more work subconsciously than ever before inorder to replenish our body..

When we restrict the flow we restrict how the human body naturally runs and we suck the life out of what’s left..

When our vital organs repetitively try to replenish our body, this creates why the human body becomes unwell..

When we increase the lengh of time it can take, in time for our body to replenish itself, we actually systematically create how our body subconsciously struggles, whilst trying to maintain itself..

2 thoughts on “Doesn’t mother nature get straight to the point with how it allows humanity to pull up it’s socks..

    1. Everything needs a little guidance my friend 😊👍🙏 especially us human’s, how many times do we need to learn the hard way, keep safe 😇👍🙏


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