Our frontal lobe is simply our bodies virtual reality control system, which relies on the health of subconscious body to motor brain to have superior function..

Can the human brain actually pick up on our bodies gut disfunction and when our brain does pick up on our bodies gut disfunction can this simply disturb how well our brain functions.. absolutely..

Enough to simply disrupt how well our brain naturally operates and does our brain kinda operate in two halves.. absolutely..

Does our subconsciousness only operate correctly when our subconscious body actually play’s ball with our motor brain..

Our conscious mind the frontal lobe, i believe can only operate well when our subconscious motor brain is in good health..

Mental health issues are formed when we create strain within our subconscious motor brain, this strain we create within the motor brain..

Simply forces out and disrupts the way the conscious mind can stay connected and in sink to within the subconscious motor brain..

This is why healthy gut creates a healthier motor brain in which simply then creates clearer concentration which inturn creates our bodies superior body to mind experience..

When our frontal lobe struggles to stay connected to our subconscious motor brain..

We simply disrupt how we feel before we manage, so we create how our body distorts which directly then creates our mental health issues..

When we disrupt how the brain naturally function we simply overwhelm how well our frontal lobe stays connected with our motor brain and it’s hard drive..

Gut depression unknowingly dulls us down with a overwhelming negative force which pushes through the body which inturn forces us to manage a broken mind because we’ve simply broken the way our body subconsciously runs..

Our bodies soul is how well we subconsciously feel and fit into one’self..

When we allow the subconscious body to naturally run without disruption we help free the shackles from within one’self..

Each unatural substance carries weight so when our body creates resistance to unatural substance from the start, what damage do you think the end result will be in say 20 year’s from when we first introduced our body to unatural substance..

Are we living in the same world but have we change how well we feel before we fit into the world.. absolutely..

Could the human brain and it’s brain mind alliance act a little alike a rc car does when the rc car loses signal from it’s controller, the rc car becomes disfunctional..

Our frontal lobe is simply our bodies virtual reality control system, which relies on the health of subconscious body to motor brain to have superior function..

Can our brain actually lose the bodies sense of direction and make the human body disfunctional in a similar way to how rc car loses it’s direction when something interferes with the rc car’s control signal.. absolutely..

Does vascular depression cause gut depression and does gut depression force gut malfunction to suppress brain function in which eventually interferes disrupts brain mind alliance = possible link to ms.. Parkinson’s dis ease and dementia..

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