Can the bodies hunger create a destructive personality disorder..

More we feed fix our bodies hunger bigger our feed fix hunger impulse becomes do we need to disperse the bodies hunger in a sensible manner to overcome our bodies demons..

Our bodies may have a different level of consciousness red amber green which may also signify create a different level of hunger too..

Is the bodies hunger simply responsible for what eventually forces individual’s to break their own body by impulse, impulses which are greater for red to manage resist than the are for green to manage resist.. i think so..

Taste ultimately creates power’s our bodies hunger..

Why on earth, have we introduced food enhancing agents is beyond beyond our child cannot see past their taste which simply cause children to cope with early onslaught of addiction..

Drink drugs also create a mechanism which creates a coping device which interacts beneath the mechanism beneath the mechanics of where our troubles exist, this is why i believe individual’s may self medicate..

Decompress the source the origin to where our bodies troubles originate from, you inturn eliviate control create and manage you and not you and some underlying condition which negatively coincide with you..

But drink or drugs aren’t sustainably because our body reacts rejects this is why our bodies need time to recover which also become a viscious circle cycle of self destruction..

Red creates a hazed tunnel which inturn seams never ending and amber green creates less hazy tunnel which shows light at the end of the tunnel

Self medication kinda turns red to green momentarily but after effects of drink and drugs ware thin, this can kick your underlying troubles back in with evengeance..

We really haven’t fully understood how underlying health conditions form in the first place..

Do we need to understand how underlying health conditions form to understand where underlying health condition originate from.. i think so..

Can we understand the human body a little more so we understand where our mood emotion and behaviour actually originates stem’s from.. i think so..

Can we understand that interfering with the bodies hunger simply changes our mood emotions and behaviour in the first place..

This is our bodies subconsciousness in which we have no alternative other than to manage which we playing Russian roulette with..

When individual’s persist on feeding their bodies hunger..

Can individual’s create destructive personality disorder which creates a trail of destruction, which actually originated from how well individual’s manage resist during their bodies hunger.. i think so..

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