is how we struggle with our consciousness a little more divided than we have seen in recent year’s..

Could human nature be a little more divided than in recent year’s due to the effects and lack of knowledge that repetitively contaminating the body with unatural chemical synthetic substance has on the body..

Are we slowly slipping beneath the clutches of the unknown, aren’t we creating a human league of disfunctional health..

When we can’t see degenerative disease how are we supposed to no learn how we understand what triggers and creates our degenerative dis-ease..

Imagine chemicals synthetics slowly suppressing the soul to the point in which creates depression, the soul is forcefully dulled down, which unaturally creates a different level of unatural consciousness..

An unatural level of consciousness which forces unatural negative feeling which also lowers our mood and emotions which leaves us no alternative other than to control the bodies distortion..

The bodies distortion which unaturally exists inturn lowers creates our bodies negative feelings which creates our bodies unatural positivity, which we have no other alternative other than to control within the bodies consciousness..

This also can cause tension which directly can change one’s facial expression, which other’s individual’s are left unknowingly to judge and interpretate as behaviour issue’s when really we are actually struggling from within..

Can the body show it’s underlying struggle through disfunction long before we actually seek help..

Yes.. i believe our body can show its negative self through the form of actually how the body starts to show disfunction and tension..

The human body is not designed to manage unatural substances for long periods and you only manage your bodies unsafe load, of unatural substance for short periods of time..

When we use unatural substances for long periods of time, this is abuse which is directly why our body shows disfunction tension in the first place..

The bodies deterioration needs time to regroup, inorder to recover we live around a 24 hour system..

But when the things we do to the body start to take longer than the 24 system which we originally give the body in time to recover..

What im saying here is that our body only manages chemicals and synthetics because the are unatural so in time our body will slowly deteriorate, in the gut first then the gut will slowly cause sclerosis to develop around the body which simply destroys the way our body naturally functions second = our bodies inner wealth..

Which also directly interferes and slows down the lengh of time it can take our body in time to naturally recover and heal..

When the body is new to intolerance the body has no damage but when our body is stealthily confronts unatural chemical synthetic substances our bodies will slowly break..

The strengh which the body responds towards against these unatural chemicals synthetics may change 1 year 2 year’s 3 year’s in and massively changes in 10 to 20 year’s which directly suppresses natural gut function and causes our bodies toxicity levels to rise, which slowly destroys our bodies inner wealth..
What if individual’s could learn to measure and control chemical synthetic resistance by integrating a red amber green system which could inturn be used as a measuring stick to control how their body responds with aggressiveness towards how their body may react to unatural substance..

If progressive conditions are triggered by a third party, what if we could control and turn down our bodies reaction strengh response..

What if our body is simply trying it’s best to manage the bodies chemical synthetic load during the time in which our body carries it’s chemical synthetic load..

If the body can only manage a chemical synthetic the best it can, in time something ultimately is going to give or break..

The body only ignors a chemical synthetic load on basis of the strengh which our body feel’s comfortable with = red amber green is our bodies strengh reaction response..

Red = vulnerability..

Amber = borderline..

Green = little to no chemical synthetic intolerance, but dont let green fool you into thinking chemicals synthetics are ok to used..

I have lived through the eyes of the red and gradually became amber and now i am virtually living through the eyes of the green..

Can we learn to understand, that if a red amber green system was in place which could clearly show unatural chemical synthetic vulnerability upon packaging, this could symomtamously created a tool which strugging individual’s could then use to monitor their bodies chemical synthetic strengh response, which also could help individual’s create a level of positivity above their consciousness from the one the are use too today.. absolutely..

One thought on “is how we struggle with our consciousness a little more divided than we have seen in recent year’s..

  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ There ARE plenty of natural poisons and toxins too EveryOne; so all we can do is be alert and not eat anything, whether it is synthetic or natural, that is poisonous and/or toxic…people have died from too much of a “Good Thing” like Water Toxicity; please be careful and also Listen to YOUR!!! Body NOT!!! Other People

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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