When kids cover ears, is this not a sign to a much bigger health condition..

If kids cover their ear’s are kids physically trying to reach out and tell us about their underlying struggle..

is this an early sign that a child’s gut could be over loading how well a child’s brain manages sound..

What if vascular depression caused unatural gut function which directly created unatural brain function which further disrupts the child’s brain mind alliance which causes sound to aggravate the childs already existing hidden condition..

natural brain mind alliance is essential, especially for children who have cognitive issues and behavioural issue’s..

Our children may miss behave because the struggle unknowingly, do we interpret their behaviour issue’s wrong..

Do we give our kids a hard time..

When behavioural issue’s are a clear sign that a child has underlying struggles..

do we simply add to how the child struggles, when we get on to them..


Do we need to get back to the drawing board and understand that our kids struggle with underlying behaviour issue’s for a reason..

We need to understand why behaviour issue’s form so we understand using force won’t support the children, this only further disrupts upsets how the child behaves..

How well kid’s deal with themselves actually helps shape the childs path in which the walk..

Can we help pevent why kids struggle by understanding what fuels their struggles.. i think so..

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