Hibernation.. obesity..

What if, the amount of fat, in which our body stores today, simply depends upon the health and wealth of our digestive system and to how well the digestive system actually functions..

How functionally well our bodies digestive system works performs may actually help control the amount of fat, which our bodies are able to control, before fat is absorbed and stored within our body..

What if chemicals synthetics simply suppress interupt and interfere with how well our gut can naturally perform and work..

Could chemical synthetic intolerance create certain individual’s body to create similarities to animals, which put their body into hibernation..

What if, we’re allowing the human body to create a chemical synthetic resistance, which mimics creates human hibernation, which may force the body to store fat, weeken the bodies natural resource and opens the door to how our body struggles to fight infection..

Could chemical synthetic vascular decompression, help obesity.. i think so..

3 thoughts on “Hibernation.. obesity..

  1. I have been watching so many documentaries on the same topic, lately regarding health for myself. And, It is really eye-opening.
    These are the documentaries I’ve watched lately on Netflix.
    1 – What The Health
    2 – Game Changers
    But, I have to say that you’re on point. Thanks for writing this.
    Happy New Year!

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    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡

    β—‡ So We THINK!!! Things WILL!!! Be Different by Changing Our Environment (Relationships, Jobs, Location et al); how Foolish a Failing of Us to Fail to Recognise Evolution Adapts to Environment because We Carry Our Mental Baggage with Us to Different Environments and Fail to Evolve…so, is it Nature or Nurture; please Share Your THOUGHTS!!! EveryOne, PLEASE!!! πŸ€” ?

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    …for example a change of perception from bellowing “SOMETHING WENT WRONG!!!” to ‘Right Thing, Right Time, Right Place’ means Review and Analysis can take care of Any Improvements Required; instead of Beating Up and Berating OurSelves along with Others while looking for “WHO TO BLAME!!!” as long as it is NOT!!! OurSelves…

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    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡

    ♧ Clubbing – Kicked in My Guts – Clubbing
    β™‘ Butterflies in My Tummy; nervous but HAPPY!!!
    ♀ Sick to My Stomach; outraged and DEBILITATED!!!

    …ALL Encapsulated in a Childs Simple Statement; which is “My Tummy HURTS!!!”…there ARE So Many Different Reasons for Our Physiological Responses EveryOne; which is Why Doctors Often Get Confused, Prescribing Random Pharmaceuticals in Hope rather than Wisdom with Phrases such as “Take this twice a day then attend the surgery in a weeks time for review and assessment.” hmm, very interesting as a “Kiss it better.” may well work better than Pharmaceuticals for a “Tummy Hurting”…

    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡


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