Optimistic spirit vs narcissistic spirit..

Good spirit lay’s within our bodies natural balance, our bodies inner wealth is responsible for how we feel before we functionally operate or physically operate..

Our bodies inner wealth paves the way to how we learn our body to naturally function with natural balance..

Dis-ease free healthy gut simply helps create and shape a healthy brain..

Healthy brain = helps create..

Healthy brain mind alliance, healthy brain mind alliance actually helps create our bodies true spirit..

Our bodies vascular skeleton tree breathes life itself and has it’s own resistance and sensitivity which is closely connected and supported by the gut..

what im saying here is the gut can help reshape stabilise the way our brain mind alliance naturally operates..

Which helps reshape how well our brain mind alliance deals with pressure, so inorder to keep ourselves in good spirit, we actually need our gut brain axis to be pure, that’s no interference with one another..

More natural the gut brain axis is better the gut and brain can work in harmony with one another, which helps shape how good our spirits are..

When the bodies vascular skeleton tree struggles whilst carrying toxic chemical synthetic load, over long periods, this creates imbalance not only in how well we regulate our mood, emotions..

This interrupts, offsets, interferes with the bodies natural gut brain mind alliance, which inturn changes how well we connect, engage one’self in the world around us..

Gut = negative emotion, nip with negative emotions = tension..

Tension physically changes motivation and mood..

Our brain mind alliance actually focusses through the bodies negative transition..

At the same time as when we judge and focus in on the world around us = creates negative experience..

6 thoughts on “Optimistic spirit vs narcissistic spirit..

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