This post is for you ooi zao may.. hope this helps..

Picture the film men in back, the little alien inside the robotic human who says prevent war this is alike a symbolic symbol of how our body actually needs a healthy gut microbioter, healthy gut microbioter simply helps regulate maintain how well our body stay functional strong..

Healthy gut bacteria is a kind of a building block too how we help create and understand our inner bodies sustainable health..

I believe vascular depression forces gut depression, which then directly suppresses and causes gut malfunction..

Gut malfunction directly creates gut spasm which creates increases unatural gut acidity and an unatural toxic gut environment in which healthy bacteria simply cannot thrive in and sustain itself in..

I believe we actually create our own unatural gut environment in which actually wax and wanes depending on the amount of chemical synthetic strain in which our vascular tree can manage..

Each nasty chemical synthetic bare weight down through our bodies vascular tree until the strain becomes to much and then the straw that breaks the camel’s back actually creates breaks the health and wealth of how well our gut can then naturally support our bodies beyond the gut..

Eradicating unatural substances from within or around our bodies, all we doing here is simply allowing our bodies vascular tree to blossom and establish itself again from the root..

15 thoughts on “This post is for you ooi zao may.. hope this helps..

  1. Smiles.. I’ve already eaten too
    Many Christmas Cookies.. too
    Much Sugar takes me out of
    Emotional Balance too..
    Overall .. We Eat fairly
    Natural but Restaurant
    Buffets do not always
    Provide the Same…
    i saw a Rainbow for
    Christmas made it feel
    Like Magic Brought the
    Balance Back to the Light
    Force Again.. Science Shows
    If We just visualize getting
    Stronger in imagination
    Empirical Measures of
    Strength Physically
    Grow.. i’m not waiting
    On Science to prove the
    Rest of our Hidden Mind
    Over Matter Human Potentials…
    i will innately instinctually
    intuit them first in Seek and
    Find like the Spiral Dance
    That Brings a Healing
    Chi Light Force to me
    Holistically from
    Head to Toe.. True
    Emotional and Sensory
    Balance Naturally Heals
    From Head to toe All Forms
    Of Mind And Body Meditation
    For Balance the Science proven
    Real Fountain of Youth now too
    For what used to be described
    As Woo.. Yet this a Real
    All Free Christmas Gift
    To practice across the
    Lifespan for Great Health…
    Keep up the Great Work
    And Merry Christmas
    My Friend who
    A Seek and Find too..:)

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      1. Poor gut health, simply is a little alike having a trapped nerve, in which creates sciatic, only poor gut health creates negative emotion in stead of pain..

        This upsets the monkeys behaviour..

        We all ficated on how we create well-being but are we missing the point of how powerful gut emotions actually are and when a third-party like the bodies vascular tree..

        Is suppressed and interfered with over long periods this actually directly nips and cause true emotion to become negative..

        The key to how we understand and learn how we control everyone’s true emotion could lay within the strengh and response of how much your vascular tree actually upsets your roots (the gut)

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  2. β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡

    β—‡ The Key is Balance EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I No Longer Subscribe to Recieved ‘Wisdom’ aka ‘DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!!!’ instead I Actively Listen to My Body…for example it doesn’t matter what I Ingest; if My Body Demands it I Eat or Drink it just like a Child does as I Have Divested MySelf of a Lot of ‘Education’ and Returned to The Purity of My Childlike State…many ‘Fit’ People, especially elite athletes, ARE Dropping like flies; so while I Have the Utmost Respect for a BOK (Body Of Knowledge) I Remind MySelf of Leeches used by ‘Knowledgeable’ Doctors of Old to ‘Bleed Out Bad Blood’ and The Difference Betwix Being Knowledgeable and Being Wise

    β—‡ – Diamond Hard – β—‡


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  3. Thanks, Craig White…thanks for the timely reminder.
    I am trying to eat more natural, healthy food. And it has been two days since I have cut down my 5mg Olanzapine to just 2.5mg. I will listen to my body and try my best to train my mind as well. Merry Christmas!

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