We treat our vascular tree as though it is a weed..

Inulin helps relax and condition our gut-brain-mind-alliance

Healthier the gut, the brighter our smile..

I finally may have enough knowledge, to help support how the vascular tree actually lives, in which could natural help able and support our bodies well-being and naturally help realign our brain mind alliance..

Healthy gut healthy mind, our whole body and all it’s vital organs relys on our gut health condition, we must condition our bodies, through how we condition the gut to help our brain and mind alliance to stay sharp and in good condition..

I’ve spent 21 years not knowing i had a condition 5 years completely broken and the last 18 years helping myself understand how to create an understanding for as to why i suffered in the first place..

Coping with a unknown condition is soul destroying working out a conditions is another thing but trying to get your message across is equally as hard..

We could all be living with unnecessary stress within our bodies, which interrupts corrupt and off sets how functionally well our body and our brain mind alliance works..

I have learned to condition the body and the mind through how i condition the gut..

I believe when we eliviate the friction in which exists between the gut brain axis, this naturally can help support create alliance with how well our body our brain and our mind can naturally function..

When we contaminate our vascular skeleton one day then we contaminate our vascular skeleton with same thing the nxt day our bodies reaction is twice the reaction from the previous day = gut depression, our body needs well over 24 hours to recover from the initial reaction..

If we take care of our vascular tree this helps eliviate gut depression and helps the gut keep everything else in check, the gut also helps support how well our vital organs naturally work with precision, when our gut suffers everything else seam’s to faulter..

Including the bodies natural defence, the bodies natural defence may fail to actually act as good as before because gut depression may cause gut spasms to harden up how well fibre proactively works during gut bowl malfuction spasm, to keep the gut healthy..

Inorder to help the body stay fit and healthy we must help support our bodies needs, we must help ourselves understand, where the body goes wrong..

I believe if we decompress where the body suffers we actually learn why the body suffers, can chemical synthetic vascular decompression techniques systematically help reduce gut depression.. i think so..

We treat our bodies vascular tree as though it is a weed, the vascular tree is key to what we must understand first inorder to understand how the gut can naturally help support our body beyond the gut..

How functionally well we in control of our mind over matter is realistically how functionally well our body and our mind actually live, this can transport and interfere with how well we feel we can perform from within one’self..

My old friend prune juice helped me understand how to create a tool in which i could use to intervene with my chemical synthetic vascular load depression..

I did not understand how chemical synthetic vascular compression actually caused gut depression straight away..

This was some year’s later when i was suffering more and more with low mood and constipation, i used prune juice to help relieve constipation, in which then kinda helped me relieve release my hidden gut bowl malfunction..

I then noticed this helped me to reduce and relieve anxiety and depression, so i gained a tool to fight a fight from within myself..

It was only when i studied myself further more indepth, that i noticed when i reduced my chemical synthetic vascular load resistance this symomtamously helps me reduce the the amount of prune juice needed to manage my constipation and low mood..

So yeah prune juice is the tool responsible for actually helping me turn the tide from a broken man to who i am today..

My vascular tree is my bodies support system and my tree is basically a little more sensitive towards against chemicals synthetics than some and because of this my body has been consistently bogged down..

I am going to introduce to you my new friend (inulin) inulin helps the gut support our vascular system..

I believe inulin helps further condition the gut spasm damage which may have formed over year’s and year’s of chemical synthetic vascular abuse pushing down through the vascular skeleton, within the gut and simply helps the gut condition the bodies vascular tree of life..

I understood, first hand how difficult it is to look past an existing progressive condition, you simply cannot look past it, you can only accommodate it the best you can, the condition takes over..

When we learn how to decompress our vascular tree and we help support and condition our vascular tree roots (the gut) what we actual learn is how we give back to our body it’s natural status it’s natural vital rhythm, the bodies natural self and control..

16 thoughts on “We treat our vascular tree as though it is a weed..

  1. ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ I Totally Accept ALL of This and I AM Grateful that Folk ARE Willing to Share Their Wisdom, as SomeOne with Multiple Mental Health Conditions I Was Offered a “Blue Pill/Red Pill” CHOICE!!!…the “Red Pill” is Pharma and Herbal; the “Blue Pill” is My AutoImmune System, The Energy of The Entire Universe…so, unsurprisingly to Me Now; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I Eventually CHOSE!!! the “Blue Pill”

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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  2. Eating Sugars i feel intuitively bad for my
    Health but i indulge
    And Go ‘Cold Turkey’
    After Thanks Giving
    Week.. Hehe… the Greatest Health Benefit i find Is Reducing Fear Out of my Mental Diet To Almost Zero Percent… And Keeping All the Love…
    On Average some Science
    Studies Show our Thoughts associated
    With Emotions that
    Are Stress Flavored
    With Anxiety of Fear
    Comprise 80 Percent
    Of our Conscious Thinking
    Existence… Free Dancing
    Regulates Emotions.. Integrates Senses and
    Writing 100,000 Or so
    Positive Words of Free
    Verse Poetry on Average
    Each Month With 166
    Miles of Dance Literally
    Wires me From Head
    To Toe As A Christmas
    Tree With Ever More
    Colors of pleasant
    Lights from Head
    To Toe More…
    To Give and
    Share Freely too…
    True.. not easy to
    Eliminate all Fears
    As A Continuous
    Practice of Life But
    When Fear Does Go
    Away Human Potentials
    In Arts and Sciences of
    Life Reach a New Dimension that Few
    Folks ‘See’ Where Almost
    The Entire Experience
    Of Life is one of Love
    Without Fear.. Yes.. Bliss
    Nirvana.. Metaphors
    Unlimited for this
    Rare yet Common
    Experience reported
    Cross Culturally in
    ‘Autotelic Flow’…
    Smiles.. some people
    Believe it is a ‘Welfare
    Gift’ they Get Free after
    A Dirt Nap for repeating
    A Few Verses in a Book…
    These People May be
    Easy to Subjugate
    And Control their
    Entire Life Now…
    Whereas A Person Who
    Generates Their Heaven
    Within Is impervious
    To the Desires of others
    To limit their Freedoms
    In Life… Smiles.. Few People Are Willing to Actually Seek and Find Heaven Now… And Keep up the Work Required to ‘Staycation’ in Heaven Within Across an Entire Lifespan Now… When they Do They are still often ridiculed But ‘The Fool’ enjoys ‘Their’ ‘Eternal
    Christmas Tree Reward’ Now… Yes.. the Health
    Benefits are just a Side
    Effect of the Fountain
    Of Youth Too as Science
    Shows just ‘Standard
    Meditation’ Will
    Provide that
    ‘Side Effect’ too…
    That Said.. i Ate my Last
    Piece of Pie Last Night NoW it is Cold Turkey’
    ‘Till Christmas.. Imagine
    A World With no ‘Thanks
    Giving’ Or ‘Christmas Day’
    No Need for Pie or Material Gifts… Just
    Lighting our ‘Christmas
    Trees’ New Greater Colors Continuously Now Giving
    Sharing Those Colors Now Free… Yes.. Money is A Glitch… i lived in Hell First
    To eliminate that
    Need From my
    Diet too.. Hehe..
    Anyway… so many
    Paths to ‘Light’…
    This one Works
    For me for Real
    Now… Best Wishes
    For Your Path
    My FRiEnD..:)

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  3. We treat our vascular tree like a weed…this is so true Craig. Like killing a weed we are poisoning ourselves with chemicals and sugars causing ripple effects throughout our whole system. What an excellent way to describe how we treat our bodies. Some weeds are more resilient than others however in excess the end results are always the same. Well written..😀😃

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  4. I’ve just eaten white chocolate, drank coke and eaten white bread…I feel fine at the moment the caffeine has given me a lift. In about 1 hour I’m going to feel tired sluggish and probably irritated….We are what we eat…I need to be stronger willed

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  5. Since we are affection for propaganda, our food is conditioned to all the products that wreak havoc on the body. Junk food is our greatest weakness and the cause of the greatest damage to health. Your article is an invitation to change our eating habits. Natural medicine is what we need to live longer. Thank you for your input. A great article.

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