Could we create and learn the algorithm, to which could decompress chemical synthetic resistance, within the vascular skeleton..

I would like to help create a possible algorithm in which may start revealing how we better understand..

Just what we need, inorder to help better understand how we control chronic mood, chronic dis-ease..

Could our vascular skeleton be key to how we learn to actually decompress our bodies inner suppression by way of understanding what we need understand within the dangers of how we repetitively breach our bodies chemical synthetic load or our vascular immune systems load..

Can we understand what we need to understand inorder to reverse change chemical synthetic vascular immune suppression.. i think so..

Can we tune in within the mechanisms beneath the mechanics of a chronic mood, chronic dis-ease condition, by actually learning how to use chemical synthetic vascular decompression techniques.. i think so..

Can we learn how to protect the vascular skeleton enough, inorder to allow individual’s the power to turn back the bodies clock and actually allow individual’s the power to turn the tide to how we understand and learn just why chronic mood and chronic dis-ease may start to develop through how our vascular skeleton react to chemical synthetic overload.. i think so..

Rag immune response system, i believe is a way of showing, the strengh and resistance in which naturally exists within how well our bodies vascular skeletons are and to how our vascular skeleton is genetically and hereditary set in stone..

The strengh in which the body actually tolerates the bodies chemical synthetic load, before the strengh and strain of your chemical synthetic load, becomes detrimental to the health to within, how well our bodies inner body can naturally perform and function..

Your chemical synthetic load can directly push down and change how healthy our vascular skeletons are before our vascular skeleton is over powered, which unaturally forces a dead end gut suppression, in which creates a double edged sword = greater intolerance towards unatural food..

In which also directly alters how functionally well our digestive system allows our vascular skeleton to circulates it’s fuel to or around the bodies vital organs..

The strength in which the body actually reacts towards against chemicals synthetics, directly suppresses the vascular skeleton, our vascular skeleton directly suppresses and forces our gut to spasm in which directly forces gut bowl malfunction and gut bowl malfunction directly causes our inner bodies toxicity levels to rise..

Gut bowl malfunction increases the bodies inner toxicity, in which directly creates our bodies inner depression, a double edged sword = chronic dis-ease..

One thought on “Could we create and learn the algorithm, to which could decompress chemical synthetic resistance, within the vascular skeleton..


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ As I Was Raised I Got Used to being YELLED AT!!! “DO AS YOUR TOLD OR ELSE!!!”, Was Gifted Many Beatings and Became Timid and WithDrawn which many saw as Being Anti-Social; now, 50+ Years Later, I Gift My Parents and Others Healthy, Psychological, Soulful Beatings 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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