Inner piece inner harmony may create a world full of choice..

Im someone who struggled all there years as a child a teenager and a young adult..

Im someone who learned himself a small enough understanding inorder so he could allow himself to grow himself within himself..

A small noticeable change which blossomed and allowed me to tune in within myself and over time allowed me to learn from within myself what actually triggers progression inorder so i could gain the knowledge from within by tirelessly trying to understand myself within myself..

Im someone who unfortunately suffered ptst but fortunately allowed himself time, to tune in and learn within the condition, the quantum physics behind actually what fuelled his condition..

Im someone who understands his condition enough inorder to retune the actual mechanisms beneath the mechanics and change the whole structure within his condition..

I’ve helped myself change the force of strain to how i now manage the condition.. by actually learning from what fuels the fuel to within the underlying health condition..

Chemical synthetic immune suppression kinda spasms and revs up the gut, this allows toxicity to build up within ourselves, instead of allowing toxicity to pass out the body, toxicity enters within the body..

When chemical synthetic immune intolerance creates gut spasms, i believe fibre cannot penetrate beyond the actually spasm..

We need to reduce the bodies chemical synthetic immune resistance inorder to reduce the actual gut spasm, paralysis..

If we lower resistance towards chemicals synthetics, we naturally create reverse and change gut spasm paralysis, this i believe symomtamously allows fibre to proactively penetrate the gut and naturally help the bodies digestive system stay healthy enough to support the body beyond the gut.. 

There was a time when my mood actually won and over powered me a place in time when tention and stress undeniably already existed within me..

This is a time when i didn’t no anything about a potential health condition, never mind an underlying progressive health condition..

Looking back now, was my immune system forcing me and my body to be in a race against time.. before my immune system actually created a condition from within my gut in which actually slowly breaks down the body from within one’self..

😑 when we contain an everyday mood such as this, surely this mood is detrimental to how well we enable ourselves to challenge life beyond ourselves in the real world..

    Could our initial mood possibly be..

Clue to how we better understand why underlying health conditions exist, your mood set’s a tone and if your mood unaturally exists in a negative default mode, for no apparent reason..

Most of the time if not all of the time, this may well be the first signal in which we need to understand inorder to understand..

The depths we need to go inorder to understand the clues, to how underlying health conditions actually form, before the underlying health condition actually becomes an everyday chronic version of a condition, in which first showed itself, within the mind..

If we actually learn how to understand how we understand,how our immune system revs up and spasms the gut and we could learn how to reverse this action, i believe we could then enable ourselves the knowledge to learn how our immune system boggs down the whole body beyond the gut..

When our bodies are exposed to chemicals synthetics our immune system forces gut suppression in which directly interferes with natural gut bowl function..

If we can learn and understand the origin to where the actual underlying health condition originates in the first place and we learn to reverse this whole process..

Beneath this is a possible key to how we not only soathe and control our own needs but ultimately we can all learn how to enable ourselves the knowledge we need to learn to what it’s going to take inorder to reverse change social unrest in which exists within society today..

8 thoughts on “Inner piece inner harmony may create a world full of choice..

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