Thank you so so much  (see jaynes run) For nominating me for this award..

I’ve came such a long way since i was a boy in the early 90s when i would go with me mum after school to visit my dad whilst he was ill in hospital..

I still remember taking home little smiley face souvenirs from when my dad had electroconvulsive shock treatment..

My dad worked on a farm when he was young and came into contact with a whole host of chemicals whilst on this farm..

I now believe these chemicals, in which my father came into dailey contact with may have been responsible for speeding up an already existing genetically hereditary immune system chronic condition..

I started this blog, not long after maybe the day after when the news broke, that my father had cancer, last year..

I have a great passion a burning desire to share my dossier of great knowledge, in which i have personally gained, whilst breaking down challenges throughout my own struggles and experiences, i simply would like to enable the right help to create the right intervention for what could be a natural treatment for a safe resolve..

About Me

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1. What were the first symptoms you experienced?

Early onslaught or struggle with mood and disfunctional disorder or an unaturally dulled down suppressed awkward version of my true natural self..

2. Do you ever struggle getting out of bed in the morning and having to face a new day? If so, how do you manage that?

NO i dont struggle getting out of bed these days.. but i can remember back in the day of my struggles with ptsd, i couldn’t sleep and eventually when i did sleep, i would wake up in shock, as though i had just falling through the bed..

I believe inorder to break the code to my ptsd, i somehow had a race against time to solve and find my own intervention..

I’ve basically helped myself reduce toxicity, in which i believe has helped me stabilise myself, by possibly reversing the fuel in which may have started my condition in the first place..

I now believe the same fuel that fuelled the fuel to my ptsd, during shock, may well be the same fuel in which fuels the fuel to other chronic dis-ease and chronic pain conditions, beyond the gut..

3. Does your diet play a significant role in how you feel or manage your condition? If so, what foods are significant? What foods have you had to erase from your diet?

Yes my diet play’s a significant role because my body needs to take away goodness from the food in which i eat my body is then left to dispose the remainders of my food..

Unatural food and chemically enhanced food and drink, i believe simply speeds up our body clock, i believe this could be because the gut bowl tract simply cannot dispose disperse high level toxicity within time, before hightened levels of toxicity enter beyond the gut..

We need to understand how our immune system intolerance actually causes muscle spasm within the gut, relaxing gut muscle, i believe is crucial inorder so we can learn how to reduce unatural gasses and toxicity, before toxicity and unatural gasses actually enter beyond the gut..

I’ve swapped farm meat for small fish and i try to eat as much veg as possible..

I try my best to eat as little processed food as i can, i also stay well clear of hot sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, especially the sugar free stuff as i believe chemical substitute for sugar is only adding to the existing chemical synthetic intolerance..

Immune system gut bowl malfunction, actually changes how well the gut can brake down food and turn food to fuel..

I believe immune system gut bowl malfunction, can also increase unatural levels-of -toxicity in which then enters within the circulatory system, beyond the gut..

Chronic dis-ease and mood disorders i believe are illnesses that are probably caused as a result to damage within the circulatory system beyond the gut..

Immune system gut bowl malfunction, i believe maybe responsible for what simply fuels the fuel to the condition beyond the gut, if we learn how to put the actual fuel in which fuels the fuel to the condition in reverse, we may have the answers to what we need, to understand how to help prevent or control our chronic dis-ease and chronic pain..

4. What have you learned about yourself that you hope others with chronic illness will learn..

The gut supports the mind the body and the soul, if the gut is unhealthy..

The rest of the body slowly breaks..

Before i was aware i had an underlying condition, i would have to cope with the condition, i have now taken stock of the condition and turned the condition on it’s head..

5. How do you spend a typical day? What denotes a good day? Will you describe a bad day?

I drive a single car transporter at the moment, all over the uk..

this has allowed me to focus a little on my own resolve, im now simply trying to put the theory to my resolve into words..

Inorder, so i can try to help create better strategies, methods for a safe resolve for other’s alike..

6. How do you maintain your voice in the world

I maintain my voice by learning to tune into my bodies adversity, this allows me to be the very best version of my natural true self and has allowed me to cope and deal with the pressure in which the outside world throws my way..

My Questions:

1 Mental health shouldn’t be seen as a weakness, but if we could create a better understanding towards what actually fuels the fuel to the condition beyond the gut, could this understanding help create superior health care.. what do think..

2 chronic dis-ease breaks the body over time, what does this tell us..

3 could meds be naturally reinvented..

4 could the strengh in how an individual’s immune system responds to nasties, possibly be responsible for interfering with to how well the gut can naturally support power to within the mind the body and our soul’s..

5 what is the best theropy, that works for you..

I realize that awards, while exciting and celebratory and as well-intentioned as they may be, may not always be convenient. No matter. I celebrate you. I find joy in your blog. I admire your fortitude. If you are unable to receive, I completely understand. There is no acceptance limitation. The award is yours at any time. Should you, however, accept this mission, I kindly ask that you honor Georgina’s rules listed above. Cheers!
My nominees are a great group of bloggers who regularly post in this niche and if you haven’t stopped by for a visit recently, now is the perfect time to like a post, say a quick hello, or settle in for a longer reading and commenting session.
And the Disability Blogger Awards go to…drum roll please…

Elganspo concinaitaly.. ilona madam easy diet blog.. Maribeth baxter at amasing wholeness.. diary of a student nurse.. wifeblah..

15 thoughts on “Thank you so so much  (see jaynes run) For nominating me for this award..

    1. Thank you and i no it seems a long shot, in how I’ve achieved what i have achieved, but believe me it’s real..

      I live with this fight each and everyday, all i have achieved, done is calm the storm..

      Which has simply enabled my true former self to shine through a little alike the sun shines through when the storm lifts.. 😉👍🙏💙

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Coucou toi, mon Ami, Amie
    Je viens déposer
    Le soleil dans ton coeur
    Ma douceur dans ton âme
    Un ciel étoilé dans ton regard
    Lorsque ton coeur
    Parlera à mon coeur
    Nos âmes brûleront ,d’une douce chaleur
    Lorsque je viens te rendre visite
    Il me semble que je prends ta main
    Afin d’être unis d’une grande amitié Céleste
    Agréable journée ou soirée belle semaine
    Gros bisous Bernard


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